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I am so confused……..

I just don’t know what to think y’all.  First of all.  Y’all know I love jewelry.  I love good jewelry.  I love when good jewelry happens for good people.

So today this was all the buzz.


Jenny McCarthy Engagement Rings

Jenny McCarthy and New Kids bad boy Donnie Wahlberg are going to pretend to get married over the next year or two.  Then break up.  We know how this goes.

But in the meantime.  This is her ring.  It’s a yellow sapphire.

So yellow sapphires go from 750.00 a carat (roughly) to up to 18,500.00.  It seems that most of them come from India.  Who knew?

I on one hand think this is impressive.  On the other hand I feel like this ring is the equivalent of when this girl I knew wanted to get engaged (at 19) and kept saying how badly she wanted an amethyst.  Girl. Please.

This ring of Jenny M. is massive.  I mean I am just intrigued!  I think they have only been dating for 9 months.  It seems so fast.  I guess they do have a lot in common.  But, we shall see how this goes.

I personally just wish I was friends with her so I could try this ring on.  I mean, don’t you wish you could?


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Kiki Is Getting Married

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

The groom to be is wearing Leopard print Keds, Skinny jeans in a light acid wash.  Black hoodie and a t-shirt that has the hand covers that reminds me of what us girls can buy for yoga.

Kiki is wearing pom pom fringe on a dress in navy with black boots.  Silly me I had just said you can combine the two colors.  Kiki has proved me wrong.  And when did wearing pantyhose come back into fashion while wearing open toed?  I sworny!

It’s like she’s trying to be a matador.  Maybe she is?  She is marrying Kanye after all and we all know he’s like a bull in a china shop with the way he acts in public.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like to sit at a table with him at dinner.  I imagine lots of foul language, the conversation HAS to be about him, and he picks his teeth.  I guarantee I’ m not far off on this!


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Easter’s on it’s way…..

I am bursting at the seams.  First of all, last night we saw one of the girls I use to babysitte for like…………too many years to add.  She was in town with her boyfriend and I swear I just about had the ugly cry I was so happy to see Laura Anne.  She was a mini me for many years.  I don’t think that was always said with joy from her mother.  But, she has grown up to be such a beautiful, kind, funny, well spoken, responsible, lovely girl.  I felt like a piece of my heart had been missing for years (since I have not seen her since my wedding day.)

It was funny to see Priss watch LA with such admiration.  LA and her family went to church with my family (still do) and then of course I went on to be a nanny for other members in the family.  I forget how all those children really made me the mother I am.  I had to laugh with LA said “Oh my gosh your mother use to say the same thing to me when I was 8!”  I guess I have not changed?

Easter is this week.  Although we have snow on the ground I am excited about the weekend ahead.  I have a list a mile long.  The Easter bunny will not be bringing a ton of junk this year.  I’m pretty excited about that.

In other HILARIOUS news.  I was shopping this week and in the candy aisle at Target.  There was a mom next to me and we were both talking about candy, baskets and secretly cursing the plastic Chinatown junk.  She said she had decided after following a blog for years that she would be giving up the plastic Easter grass this year and buying things that were to do, eat, wear or read.  I said that sounds like a good blog.  Who is that?  She said this blog called RSVP Shindig.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why yes!  That would be me.

The funny thing is that I remember blogging baskets years ago.  So she has been following a very long time.  It was so interesting to meet someone that reads your blog and could ask about Priss, Bubba, a vendor and my  house at the same time.

With that said baskets in this house are strictly eat (candy) do (art activities and crafts or say a jump rope) wear (clothes.  The daisy dukes due to long legs on Priss have got to go!) read (books.  Oh how we love books.)  I think I knocked it out this weekend.  Last year the baskets were over the top.  I am trying to make sure we dial it down!

Happy Monday!  I am off to order new stationery!  I am so excited!

Bunny S'mores perfect for Easter!

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This and That and then some of this….

I realized yesterday we are only a week away from Easter!  With the weather being in the 70s this week, I am crossing my fingers for an Easter Sunday where my children really get to enjoy being outside for an egg hunt and playtime with friends.

pink cabbage filled with eggs...lovely spring tablescape

Easter Decorating with Pink Kale....

I am busy thinking up menus, table decor and how to balance bunnies and Jesus.  I am officially an adult.

Y’all probably didn’t know that growing up I collected bunnies.  At some point I got just a little too bunnied out.  I told my mother to just stop with all the bunnies.  Of course I now have to swallow those words and say…..hey I kind of like all these bunnies.  So Easter for me gets me super excited when I see ideas like these

I'd take the eyeball out or paint it.  The blue is creepy!  #easter #silvereaster bunny cake!


I wouldn’t do a centerpiece with a creepy bunny eye though.  Oh my!

We’ve started our resurrection eggs and Priss is way into this year.  Bubba follows the lead of his sister.  Hooray!  Last night he was not listening (which has started to get old.)  Finally we turned the light off and told him good night.  He sobbed for a while.  I went up and he, gasping said “but I just want to say prayers with you, daddy and Tearoline.”  Let me tell y’all he needed prayer at that point!

This week we had someone come and listen to me run on and on about what I wanted to do in my yard.  I think it’s safe to say I am over whelmed.  I have this list.  And I do not want to spend a single dime in our yard if it’s just going to be ripped out three years later.  I’ll live with dirt and bland if I have to.  I want to make this yard live up to it’s full potential because in all seriousness it’s way more than we ever thought we’d find in terms of space.

I keep laughing because after careful consideration and walking around the architect finally said to me and Hubby that he would like to sum up our yard in one word.  I waited in anticipation to hear what this man with an eye for detail and a supposed understanding that I want English garden would say.  His word?  BULLDOZE.  It’s so funny because once he said it I was like….RIGHT?  The only thing worth keeping is the pond in HIS opinion.    Which is good and bad.  Good because he said it and we didn’t ask for it.  Bad because cha-ching on that one.  We have a fence that hinders a bulldozer coming through.  So as you can guess that fence may be removed.  The win win for Bubba is that one day he will look out the window and see his own live bulldozer right up against the house.  It’s like we have too much dirt and apparently drainage issues galore.

I think we plan to just live in our yard this summer and see how we live in it.  When the landscape architect was leaving I told him that anytime he felt as if he was leaning towards a Colorado design……..then he should reverse and remember to go against that grain.  I want nothing that looks like flagstone and rock.  No offense to those that love it.  I think it’s pretty in the right setting.  In my yard where little boys play I do not need ready made weapons.

I hate that I sit in the yard though and feel the panic rise in my chest about all I want to do.  Remember that line from When Harry Met Sally?

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible.”

Well, that’s how I feel about my yard right now.  I want to start living and enjoying it as it will be ten years from now….right now!!!

beautiful white garden

Here's hoping.....One day!

I’m daydreaming about future house projects.

Chinese Chippendale staircase. Elegant, interesting, and classic!

Chinese Chippendale Staircase

I am pretty sure my contractor one day is going to go into the witness protection program after another ‘idea’ in his email arrives from me.  I’m learning the biggest lesson on my new house.  Live in it and figure it out and then go major after a year.  Easier said than done if you don’t buy a house that you can live in after a few lipstick and rouge items.  Right now I am dreaming of a staircase that is a piece of art and not just there taking up space.

I have been working on a class project for Priss.  And I have to say…..sometimes I think when your child is 6… the project really for the child to learn from or for the parents?  I decided she has to put something together for her ‘baptism’ project.  When I put the ball in her court I was SHOCKED what she came up with.  I may have to share that on instagram.
I hope y’all are enjoying spring and feeling as happy and content as I am these days.  Spring just makes me HAPPY!!!!!

Cheers y’all!



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I’m here…kind of sort of

Y’all I am slammed!  I can’t even keep up!  Well, I can keep up with work, projects, etc.,.  But, I can’t keep up with blogging.  I can’t keep up with laundry.  Why oh WHY don’t children automatically know that they are to unroll their socks when they take them off and discard into their ever growing pile of clothes?

I am trying to inch into another round of house projects once the mister says yes.  I keep waiting.  But, I don’t hear a peep from him.

Spring is here yet as I type this at 10:45 at night I understand there may be a hissy fit moving in for the morning.  Hence there will possibly be snow.  Oh heck no.  If that happens y’all.  It will not be a good day.  I think hubby is starting to worry about this weather.  It’s becoming a deal breaker and he knows it.

It’s been busy with life.  Let’s just say that!  Spring break has come and gone.  Easter is upon us.  And we are all counting down to summer break!



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I love spring.

Even though it's's still a few hundred dollars!

Carnations.....lot's of them!


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Throw Back Thursday

I never do #TBT But, today while on twitter I had a ‘i remember when’ moment.

Here is a photo from our trip in July of 2010 for my Grandmother’s 100th birthday.  By then she was actually 100 and a half.  She was still feisty.  I was pregnant with Bubba and Priss was just the darling of our lives (still is.)  Sadly that was the only time my Grandmother met my hubby.  Yesterday I caught myself thinking I should send my Grandmother a photo…….sometimes you forget when someone is gone.  It makes me wonder in that minute if she was with me because I had such a strong feeling.

As with any large family and one that is spread all over the country, it was fun for ‘cousins’ to see one another and spend time together.  The best part of having kids is seeing your kids interact with the next generation of cousins.  I don’t think we saw Priss most of that trip from being with all the cousins!

My cousins daughter, Jasper, was so young but so wise for her years that summer.  Priss was smitten.  It was pretty cute. Heres a photo from that last night in Montana at my uncles.  This was the first time I had seen Priss lay on the floor to color like this.  She reminded me of a teenager.

The piece of paper they are writing on I actually kept……because I said then and I will say even more so after today…..Jasper had written and drawn on it and I thought it would be worth keeping when she became super famous (not in a tacky Miley way either.  More like Emma Watson…..bright, talented, stylish, skies the limit kind of way.)


RSVP Shindig summer 2010


Jasper has a song on Itunes. Click here!!!!! It makes me a little teary to hear.  It’s a beautiful song.  I literally want to go and get Priss out of school right now so she can come home to listen.

I see in Priss that she has this artist inside of her and I don’t know what to do or how to let it be without worrying.  Jasper grew up in what can only be called “Hollywood with a rustic touch of reality.”  Her parents have done it all right from what I can tell.  Her mother is an amazing make up artist.  Her father is a director, writer.  The weekend in Montana I never stopped asking Jo, her mom questions.  ”How did you get her to be confident without being obnoxious?”  ”She likes you.  She’s a teen.  How did that happen?”  ”What should I use for a moisturizer…..” Please.  Like I would ask a famous make up artist to the stars what to use on my skin.  Y’all know me better than that (so obviously you know I did!)

So happy for Jasper.  And her parents because I am certain they are beaming with pride.  It’s a beautiful song!  It’s perfect to listen to on this very first day of spring y’all!





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Item to love!

I bought this nailpolish from Revlon this week and thus far it’s one of my favorite things and Miss Priss is loving it too.

Pink Pineapple Nailpolish from Revlon

It’s scented!  It’s crazy!!!!!  I took a gamble and just bought it without knowing if it was really going to smell or not.  We think it smells more like coconut!  But, either way it’s way better than smelling a normal polish smell after applying.  I’ve washed my hands a zillion times with scented soap.  Still….the pink pineapple goes on.  Without being over the top.

It’s a great gift idea for a friend.  I think the Easter bunny should throw a few in the baskets!

There are a slew of colors to pink from.  We are into pink in this house.  So we have this light pink and then the hot pink which is called African Tea Rose.

African Tea Rose

African Tea Rose

I love this color!

Enjoy.  I’m so ready for summer and having pretty nails and toes.  Aren’t y’all?


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What I see…

Fourth of July Party Ideas - July 4th Decorating Themes at - Womans Day

Fourth of July table idea

I saw someone pin this today and I realized……there is a difference in how I see things and others see things.

I think most people see a summer party.  Perfect table setting for a barbecue.  Maybe this could be an upscale midwestern party.  Take a break from burlap (YES PLEASE!!!!!)

I see a table that is crooked.  Obviously it’s on a hill.  But, they didn’t shim it like most designers would.  Also, that linen is wrinkled.  The jar of ‘simple’ flowers or rather what I consider an allergy filler that will bring a guest to their knees is all wrong!

I love the whole concept.  I just worry that after this photo was taken a guest leaned on the table (which they do!) and it fell over.  I love love the torches they painted red.  What a great idea and such a nice impact without costing a ton.

How to fix?  Have the rental company shim the table for set up.  Or do it yourself.  Also, a lot of rental companies have the ability to change legs on tables (at least they do in UT and MT where most parties end up being outside on hills!) You can sometimes raise the height or lower the height of a leg.  It’s genius!

The flowers for the vase I would have done with either a big and soft white rose, gerber, spider mum. Carnations……don’t scream.

Paint a ball jar gold or silver.....and insert a white carnation.

Or paint a jar white and add a white carnation.  Spice it up with a carnation spray painted silver or gold………… People would be talking about it.  And not sneezing!

The wrinkled linen?  Easy fix.  Linen thrown (placed) early is good and bad.  Good because the longer it sits or hangs the more wrinkles that can fall out from being hung or folded in boxes.  The longer it sits the more risk of someone spilling something.

I get so mad when I have staff placing linen and one of them will always have a drink.  Do you know how many times I’ve removed a bottle of soda from a table b/c staff thinks they will never be the one to spill it.  I say why risk it?  I don’t like anyone to even chew gum near linen.  But, I don’t like people to chew gum anyway.  So don’t go by me?

A spray bottle of water and pulling on linen to get a wrinkle to fall out will work most often.  If you have a steamer and the time, go for it.  I find a spray bottle to be the best option.  I hate wrinkles in linen.  It literally drives me insane.  For an event.  At my own house, I tend to not care as much.  Funny how that works, right?

There’s my tips for the day!



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