Julianne Moore

So let me start.  I think I’ve been calling Julianne Moore.


Oh well.

She doesn’t care.  Because she is rich, gorgeous and wears dresses that look like poppies.
The black dots kind of made me think of the bombs that get kicked out on Mario Brothers.

Julianne Moore

Alice would have stopped at just two tiers of poppies.  The bottom was over kill.

She looks so happy though she looks beyond beautiful.  I love her.  I just do.  She is perfection.


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Oscars 2015


Jennifer Lopez

The Oscar winning actress………….

Oh wait.  It’s J Lo.  Making “the most dramatic entrance in NUDE”

Dress Elie Saab.

The look.  Done time and time again.

I am so excited for tonight.  Stay tuned.


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Happy Fat Tuesday

I was a bit slow today.  After a long weekend of children being home (which was delightful) I took forever this morning to get out the door.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo trying to come up with decor ideas that are fabulous for a September wedding.  So lately I spend a lot.  And I do mean a lot of time looking at different websites, blogs, and in every single magazine I can get my hands on.

I ran out to the store to pick up dinner and low and behold when I walked in, what should be sitting at the door (and still hot in the box! Freshly baked!!!) but a King Cake.  Happy Fat Tuesday to us!


Happy Kings' Day, y'all!  Epiphany begins today on 12th Night.  Today we celebrate the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ.

We have cinnamon!  My favorite.  We literally have a whole cake.  It’s weird not a single person in our house will turn down dessert.  But, we eat a slice of a cake, pie, etc.,.  And then we typically throw it all out after a week!  That’s how the kids treat all candy though.  They love it and then forget about it.  Right now the 3/4 of cake we have left is calling my name for breakfast with coffee in the morning.  I can’t wait!!!!

We have not decided what to give up for Lent.  Priss did.  Bubba only half way gets it.  Hubby and  me are not there yet.  We have less than 12 hours!

My favorite part today was when Bubba kept asking for a slice of cake with the ‘baby Jesus’ in it.  So sweet and innocent.  I love it!

Tomorrow we all go to mass.  Nice and early.  I can’t believe Lent is here!

Happy Fat Tuesday.  I hope you indulged!  We did.  And I know I will regret it tomorrow!




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Do you think he went to Jared?

Lady Gaga is engaged.  Shockingly her ring is normal.

Lady Gaga engagement ring from Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga Engagement ring from Taylor Kinney

I can’t believe she is going to get married.  She has always seemed like a career girl.  It has to take up a lot of time to come up with those costumes and outrageous things she does.

So I don’t know a lot about Taylor Kinnery,  other than he looks like Pacey from Dawson Creek (Joshua Jackson.)

I’m not a heart shaped diamond girl.  But, this is pretty.



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Happy Valentine’s day

We had such a wonderful Valentine’s day.  We had friends over with their children.  It was loud, busy and so fun!

Hubby made lobster tails. When I plated them I realized (because we have never made lobster tail…..weird right?) that I should have thought of a more creative plating for them.  I did courses.  So lobster on one plate with salad on another didn’t look so good.

I made the infamous stew.  The recipe came from one of Hubby’s employees years ago.  It is still my all time fave.  Because at the end of cooking, you top with chives and blue cheese.  YES PLEASE!!!!!

We decided to do fondue for kids as a dessert.  I was only half way joking when I suggested that fondue was the yard darts of the 80s.  Those picks are dangerous!

I must have searched forever for a really good chocolate fondue recipe.  I finally settled on this one:

2/3 cup of half and half.  BUT I did whipping cream
12 oz of milk chocolate chips

That was it. Melt in a sauce pan then pour into fondue pot.


Next time if I was making it for adults……I’d add a few tablespoons of Grand Marnier.  And if there wasn’t a nut allergy peanut butter, chopped almods, or caramel.

I cut up pound cake, pineapple, apples, strawberries and had marshmallows.  Now that one of our littles has an intolerance for gluten we have to be a bit careful.  So bestie B made rice krispy treats and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG they were so good.  First, did you know that rice krispies are not GF?  I didn’t.  She bought the GF ones and the GF marshmallows.  And we may have been eating them all day today.  When I say there were good…..perhaps all the adults at the dinner table got up once or twice to go to the kids table and grab a krispy treat, and dunk it into a fondue pot and then drip chocolate everywhere.  Seriously.  That’s how we all rolled on top of a really good tiramsu cake!

Valentine’s day was just such a great day.  We gave the kids a big surprise.  And we had a pretty quiet day after that.  Today, we got up at 9!  How awesome is that?

Bubba melted down pretty early on.  He thought he was going to dictate some things in the house.  That doesn’t work with me or Hubby.  So while he napped we played Mario with Priss.  Two and a half hours later!!!!!  Nana and Pop Pop gave us the gift that keeps on giving.  Even if it was for the kids.

Now it’s snowing.  We are eating frozen pizza  and drinking champagne for dinner.

Best weekend!!!!!



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Grammy 2015 Maddie Ziegler……..


Recording artist Sia (L) and dance Maddie Ziegler attend The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Sia is genius to have brought Maddie Z on board to dance to “Chandelier”  I am not a fan of that song.  But, I can watch a million times when Maddie Ziegler dances to it.

As a former dancer, I am so excited to see that dance has reached a new level.  When I was Priss pot’s age all there was for me was tap, ballet, jazz.  You went to the local dance studio where you did a little dance and then started learning your routines half way thru the year so you could do a dance recital with expensive outfits.  Full make up.  And a long long night of dances that every parent in that audience was basically bored with.  They only got excited when their own child was on stage.

I was 12 when I asked my dance teacher to help me find a dance work shop to dance under Alvin Ailey.  Long story.  That did not happen.  And it was at that point that I was marked the ‘trouble maker’ of dance school.  I wanted to dance (God forbid) with a gay black man.  I wanted to learn his technique.  From then on I had to make my own way.  Which was never easy where I grew up.  I grew up in the countryyyyyyy.

I remember dancing a routine I made up, showing my dance teacher to see what I should change or add.  I didnt point my toes.  On purpose.  It was part of my routine.  I was not as good as a Maddie Z.  But, I was dancing outside the box.  I was reprimanded.

Alvin Ailey embraced a dance technique that was a ‘ballet bottom with a modern top.’  I wanted to dance like that.  I liked ballet but really loved jazz more so.  But, I liked the pretty lines of ballet.  I never could find my perfect fit in dance.  I always felt like an outsider where I took dance.  It was fun to be with friends.  But, it just never made me feel like I was a good dancer.  It was years later that I found my perfect dance school and teachers and realized there were people that taught technique!  I didn’t have technique for all those years. And don’t be fooled.  There are hundreds of dance schools that teach daily and are not teaching technique!  How can you tell?  Usually they teach ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, gymnastics, baton.  And they have children at the age of 3 in classes.  Oh and they do a recital.  There is nothing wrong with dance schools like this. But, don’t think you are going to necessarily have a child that reaches their teens and is a good dancer.  You can’t be everything to everyone.  It’s like going to a restaurant.  If they have Italian, Mexican, American and French dishes on the menu….do you think everything is good?

For the first time I have hope that maybe.  Just maybe we are going to see competitive dance take on a more modern spin that isn’t all about wearing the perfect shade of blue eyeshadow.  Or long eyelashes.  Maybe we are finally going to see more girls dancing their perfect dance where they don’t look like everyone else on stage.  Like a Minion. It would be amazing to see competitions where it’s not all about the outfits!

For years I’ve been a supporter of Ballet Nouveau and Wonderbound.  I love that ballet dancers are not size 0.  They dance modern dance!  They have a dance school where you have your child dancing in productions.  We send Priss to a dance school where there is not size 0 and you are not encouraged to be that way.  They are taught they are good enough how they are!  I love that.  They do a few productions a year and it’s just enough.

I wish Alvin Ailey was alive today to see what bearing his technique has had in the dance world.  He passed in 1988 from AIDS.  He was amazing.  And just when you think you have seen it all in dance, something new comes along.  It’s such a good time to have a daughter that likes to dance.  Or maybe a son.  You never know who will be the dancer in your family!

I thought it was so weird to see Kristen Wiig dancing last night.  But, she was pretty darn good.  The stage had to be so hot with a million light bulbs over head.  As everything, this song and video Maddie will probably die down in popularity at some point.  But, I hope we see more dances from Maddie!  I like her as a role model!  Way better than a Kiki or Miley.

Sia on Grammys 2015


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Valentine’s Day treats

I am finally back to the land of the living.  Yikes! I hope nobody ever feels as bad as I did over the last two weeks.  Yes, two weeks!!!!  It took me forever to get over ‘whatever’ it was that I had.  It was not flu.  And it wasn’t totally bronchitis.  But, it was for sure miserable.  I didn’t cook, do laundry, or even talk on the phone!  Thank goodness for texting.

But, in these two weeks I feel like I fell way behind.  I am like that though.  If I have a list that hasn’t been checked off at least once a day, then I start to panic.

Luckily, while I was out running errands for the first time on Thursday, I remembered I better get a game plan for Valentine’s for the kids.  I always do something special.

The kids are not getting the typical candy and a tiny toy for Valentine’s this year.  So I have had to get more creative with table decorations for breakfast that morning.  Priss always notices when they get up on a holiday morning, if the table is set ‘special.’  Over the years I’ve been able to pull red plates that double for Valentines and Christmas.  I make milk with food coloring.  And I basically just cut out hears for placemats.

This year I’m making them Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes Recipe

But, I will not be doing those butter cream frosting. I think plain whipped cream will be just fine!  After the birthday cake for Priss on her birthday where it didn’t turn out red (dang organic food coloring that cost $14)

I must redeem myself with actual red dye!  I am on the search for a dye that isn’t made from crushed bugs but will also be red!

I’m cutting these up ahead of time!

I love Valentine’s day because you can basically do everything the same, but just cut it in the shape of a heart and it’s ten times better!

We do not go out on Valentine’s day.  It’s too busy and the food is never great.  So funny how times change once you have kids.  I would rather be home having a cozy dinner with my children and hubby.  I know one day these children will be off on their own and celebrating with someone they are dating, married to or with their own little children.  I will take what I can get now!  I just hope my children move to South Carolina since that is where I will be once I’m a Mimi. HA!

Today hubby is off skiing with Priss.  Bubba is home with me.   He brought a blanket over to cover me up while I was writing cards this morning.  He told me that he really loves it when it’s just the two of us spending time together.  I don’t think he realizes we spend a lot of time together!  Glad he isn’t saying he’s bored with me.

I’m making my grocery list, and menu for next week.  On days like this I love pinterest!  So many cute ideas in one place!

This Week's Meal Plan; Valentine's Dinner on a BudgetCreamy Tomato Soup-This is 1 of the only things my little one will eat all the time. I add parmesan cheese and white beans so that she gets her protien. And because it's blended she doesn't notice the beans. It's a family fav! I double the recipe and always freeze some to have for a quick lunch or dinner.

All you need is a heart cookie cutter and you are golden.

And if you are not a cook, just remember…….Whole Foods will have cute little crab cakes in the shape of a heart.  They have all the salad items ready.  Desserts will be ready.  Or go to D Bar and get a little cake, macaroons, or a few pastries.  Champagne and wine and you have a meal!  It doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

If you are single and going to be solo on this Valentine’s day………I will say I remember when I had a few Valentine’s like that.  I hated the pressure of Valentine’s day.  There was always so much expectation from others.  I dreaded the question “what are you doing?”  I was single until I was 29.  I lived on my own for all of my 20s.  It was pretty awesome.  But, I at times remember thinking (even when I was dating someone) if I was ever going to get married and have kids.  There are a few years that stick out in my memory where I was alone and I am glad I was.  I’d take years of feeling lonely on the day of love, if it meant I was going to end up where I am now.  I don’t think I can always say that I had great boyfriends that were romantic.  And if they were romantic and attentive I usually couldn’t stand them.  I was the typical 20 something that didn’t know what she wanted in life but I knew I was not going to settle.  So, embrace where you are in life.  Single and carefree is not bad.  You learn a lot about yourself.  Enjoy Valentine’s day!  It can be whatever you want it to be!


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I’m sick of everyone being sick

After a week of having kids home sick.  Then a husband with a relapse.  I have finally succumbed.  I’m not happy.  I thought for sure I was going to beat any germs that came my way.

I have bronchitis.  Last night I had such a high fever, with chills that I thought my skin was scorched.  I felt like I was on fire.  I got up at 1 a.m. and ended up watching old episodes of Law and Order.  I was just so uncomfortable!

Today I am more frustrated by the fact that I can’t get anything done.  My mind is running a thousand miles a minute with things to do.  Errands to run.  But, I can’t get anything done without energy.

We also have one of the busiest weeks.  Actually the next month seems busy.  I had to cancel one meeting this a.m.  Hopefully I can keep everything else on schedule this week.  The only  help is that I had  meeting set up for Thursday that my hubby was going to attend.  So if I didn’t feel good he could go at least.

It’s so nice out that it has me thinking of gardening.  Some how in my boredom I got sidetracked by Grey Gardens, Jackie O’s aunt and cousin  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the HBO movie with Jessica Lange.

The house which has been purchased and redone (in 1979) just came up on the rental market.  The people that redid it really had their work cut out for them.

(Big) Edith Beale and little Edith as she was referred, were a mother and daughter that became recluse.  Sadly you can see that the mother who was probably never playing with a full deck, in her own fear of being alone, came to depend on her daughter.  Cheating her in having her own life.  I also read more about them, and it seems she would chase off boyfriends of little Edith in fear that she would be deserted.  They take eccentric to a whole other level.

The mother and daughter relationship is fascinating. But, that they are basically living like homeless people in the middle of the Hamptoms, leaves you speechless.  I am not one of the people that thinks that Jackie O and her sister Lee should have supported their relatives financially.  When they were about to be evicted they did step in and pay for the work. In fact the work consisted of having 1000s of cans of cat food removed from one room alone.   But, after watching the documentary you just realize these two women were meant to live in a crazy, simple and odd world built of their own will.  They marched to the beat of their own drummer.

And by march I mean Little Edith dances in the documentary and you don’t know if you are watching a woman that could have made it on Broadway.  Or if she is Baby Jane.

Add it to your list.  It’s definitely interesting!

Documentary on You Tube of Grey Gardens



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This will be a bit of a random post.

I slept in today.  Priss stayed home since she is still under the weather.  Hubby had an appointment at 8:30 in Cherry Creek.  So he didn’t have to rush out.  Bubba was home.  It was just delightful.

Then I got up and was in a frenzy.  I had so much cleaning to do.  Because the new cleaning person was coming.  I have never had a cleaning person.  This is a whole new way of life for me.  I can’t keep up with the amount of dust any longer.  And I am so tired of giving up fun time with my children to spend a morning cleaning.  It’s not worth it to me.  I dare say our house it’s the cleanest it has ever been since it was built. The smell of clorox in our house is just awesome.  When we moved in the previous owner did not take all her stuff.  To make matters worse we were on a deadline on closing day to get the contractor in so he could get a list of items done in time for the floor guys.  It was a domino effect.  So we never really got to move into a house that didn’t have anything in it.  And once we got 80% of the stuff out that she left behind we were then moving in with all our stuff.  It’s only been recently that we’ve even seen our storage room!  I never saw it bare until last Saturday.  It turns out it’s a pretty good storage space.  Now if I can just get the shelving I need in two rooms.  My organization will be amazing.  Finally!  Some people dream of new cars, toys, trips.  I dream of shelves.  Storage in my laundry room.

While the house was being cleaned, we went to the American Girl Doll store.  We were supposed to go last weekend.  But, of course Priss was sick.  Today we went with money that Nana had given for new outfits and such.  Priss went through the store and just didn’t get excited.  Bubba did!  He wanted Priss to get the $300.00 horse!  She kept coming back to the AGD of 2015.  Grace 2015  I have always felt it was silly to have more than one AGD.  But, my mother doesn’t think the same. The look of surprise on Prisses face when she got to hold her new Grace doll, Priceless.  I’m thankful for a mother that absolutely loves these things.  I hope I can be like that as a Mimi.  I’ll never be a Nanny, Granny, or Grandmother.  I will be a cute little Mimi of course.  As the mom, I am not into over buying of toys like American Girl Doll.  Maybe as a Mimi I will change  my ways.   Because as a grandparent that is what you are supposed to do?  Right?  Spoil grandchildren!

After that we went to the Disney store for Bubba.  He didn’t ask to go.  I just decided it.  The funniest part was walking into the mall and he asked what ‘is this place?”  I told him the mall and he said he didn’t like it.  After a purchase of a trinket.  I do mean trinket of $12.00 he walked thru the mall holding his trinket and beloved puppy and announced “Mommy I think I do like this mall.  It’s pretty great.”  Considering a week ago he was sitting in gold bucket seats and watching from the shoots……..this is a big deal.  We don’t shop that often!  It’s kind of funny. Did y’all know they don’t sell movies at the Disney store?  They have a few.  But, not anything you need like:Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, Cars, or 10,000 Leagues.  I have my reasons for needing these.  But, who knows where I will find them!!!!

We ran by Swoozies this afternoon and ran into our favorite friends, the Swiss Miss girls. They were getting birthday gifts for a few friends.  Their sweet Grandmother was visiting and she was buying each of the girls the random gift that they insisted they need. In this case it was an initial pillow  for each of them.  It was so sweet.  Grandparents just are good like that!

The weekend is here.  I am in love with the cleanest house ever.  I have  a weekend with my children.  It’s going to be in the 60s.  It’s going to be fabulous.  I feel so happy!

Enjoy y’all!



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Is it in or out? Event style 2015

I am always a little leery of lists of what is in or out.  But, I think this one on Bizbash is AWESOME.  FINALLY someone calls out burlap and I hope someone is listening.  Especially those in Colorado.  I have in all honesty been over burlap since 2012.  A little before.  But, I had an event where we used burlap to the point it could have wrapped around a football field three times.  That’s how much was used.  The people hanging it had burlap dust on their eyelashes for weeks. Vintage is out.  I think that French country has been done enough.  Onward and upward. So without further delay here are the outs!

What’s Out Rustic burnout: Raw burlap and Mason jars, along with “farm tables in their basic form are going out of style. Clients want to see them used in a new way—rustic glam instead of just rustic,” say the team at Bold American Events. “Mason jars are for pickling, not for table decor,” adds the team from Kehoe Designs. “Please, give it a rest on the burlap. This tired-out trend needs to ride off into the sunset.”

I agree.  I think burlap, shot gun shells into a boutonniere, chalk, chalk paint, anything with a mason jar, pickle jar, chevron, babies breath, is over.  Move away from it dear sweet brides.

Good-bye, Great Gatsby: “The Roaring ’20s have been inspiring events, design, and restaurant and bar concepts for the better part of this decade. We’ve had our fill of Edison lightbulbs, predictable ‘speakeasy’ bars, and mustachioed craft cocktail bartenders,” Tierney says.

Glow no: “Glowing furniture has got to go. I have been begging for this since it arrived, and it seems to always keep coming back so I am hoping to set a trend for glow furniture to find its way out,” Shanklin says.

Au revoir, macarons: “French macarons are so ubiquitous that they have lost their surprise and delight,” Stark says.

Prissy petals: “Tight flower arrangements are out, and full, loose, garden-inspired blooms are in. The more organic looking, the better,” Angus says. See post from yesterday.  I think this is dead on! Less is more: “We are seeing less and less huge weddings with hundreds of guests—a lot more quality over quantity. Instead, spending the budget on those more V.I.P. guests instead of spreading yourself thin by having double the headcount,” say the team from Events in the City. What’s in?

What’s In Fairy tale themes: Fairy tale-inspired events will be big, predicts Josh Tierney, director of style and design at New York-based Great Performances. But he warns that “fairy tale inspiration is dangerous. If not handled carefully, it can easily go the way of kitsch. With the release of Into the Woods at the end of this year, the return of Cinderella to Broadway, and a resurgence of fairy tale films, the theme is ripe for adaptation by the event world.”

I think this is in…….since I did just design an “Into the Woods” inspired wedding to take place in Montana later this year.  I never thought I’d live to see the day where I would actually gravitate to brown urns.  Or brown planters.  But, it works.

Customization: “The trend for a fully customizable event is a hot potato. From custom graphics applied to dance floors, unique textures and bold patterns found in mix-and-matched fabrics, custom rugs and furniture to programmable lighting, clients want events that scream personalization,” says the team at Kehoe Designs in Chicago.

I think this has always been in.  We’ve done this for years.  But, it’s nice to know it will keep on going.

Will and Kate: And speaking of getting the white-glove treatment, the Chicago-based event designers also predict that the royal family’s influence will be seen at more parties. “This formal inspiration will feature lush prints, delicate lace, and finely patterned textiles to suit luxurious weddings and the most formal affairs.”

Korean cuisine: When it comes to catering, Tierney is a fan of Korean barbecue. “It’s not heavy like Chinese or overdone like sushi. Sizzling bulgogi meats look and smell great when sizzling on a food station. Fermentation is also a macro food trend that extends to kimchi in Korean cuisine. People are going crazy for contemporary Korean fusion food items like kimchi tacos.”

Marsala: As for that other “food” trend, Pantone’s color of the year Marsala will work its way into events and beyond, predicts Julie Shanklin, president of Syzygy Events in Gaithersburg, Maryland. “This warm color with a brown undertone will be the new look for spring. We are going to see it in floral for weddings as well as clothing trends and for the home.” The team from Events in the City, a Washington-based event planning company specializing in weddings, agrees. “Unexpected color combos of lights with brights will be big for 2015, such as highly pigmented colors like fern, eggplant, and Marsala, but paired with their pastel counterparts to soften the blow.”

Golden touch: “Metallics will continue to be important accents, though rose gold and copper will still be pushing their way to the forefront to try to get attention,” say the designers from Events in the City. Silver used to be the go-to choice, but gold is becoming more popular, adds Kristine Finke, designer from Bold American Events & Catering in Atlanta.

Cool chairs: “Clients are beginning to get excited about interesting chairs, which is something I always encourage,” says Shealyn Angus, event designer from Bliss Events in Toronto. “If you think about it, there is nothing of larger quantity at a wedding. You can have hundreds of chairs at a wedding, and what an incredible way to make a huge impact with an interesting dining chair. Rental companies in Toronto are continuously expanding their chair inventory and really pushing the style boundaries.”

This has been in for a while.  But, I think we are finally going to get away from that vintage chair look (goes back to burlap type events) and we will see more rentals that are along the lines of Palm Beach bamboo chic.  Like this:

Surprise performances: “There is a great interest in live, surprise entertainment. That doesn’t necessarily mean celebrity entertainment; it could mean the right musician, the right magician, the right funky, guerilla performance artist—interactive surprises that become living decor,” says event designer David Stark.

I love this.  I remember for a wedding in Kentucky when James Taylor suddenly appeared.  It was amazing.  So I hope clients continue to gravitate towards the surprise of it all.  Don’t put it all out there on a Pinterest board.  This is why my clients always have secret boards.  I don’t like everyone out there seeing what they will see at the wedding.  Or something similar to it.

Tech takeover: Dallas-based event designer Todd Fiscus of Todd Events predicts that technology will continue to play a major role in events, such as laser-cut acrylic lace overlays in tabletop decor and bitmap projections—normally associated with corporate events—being used at social gatherings like weddings.

I’m in love with everything and I’m happy to see things go out of style.  It is forever changing and it’s awesome!

Here is the original article BizBash Design Trends

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