I love pretty

This makes me so calm.  Even though I know there are fake flowers in here.  But, still.  It’s pretty and so special!

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Dreaming of summer

Paddle Board on the Creek

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Entertaining at home

Lately I feel like I’ve been doing great with my menus, prep time and just opening our home to friends, colleagues and more friends.

When we have company I always ask if there are any dietary issues.  The one I hear the most lately is gluten free.  I must admit when I started doing the GF menus I was between aggravated (everything I do requires flour it seemed like) or scared to death I was going to poison someone.  GF you don’t poison.  But, you can certainly make a guest sick for a few days!

I’ve been pushing everyone to come over and eat what I have declared to be the best ribs ever.  No they are not probably.  But, considering how easy they are to make and how it’s allowed me more time to chat and not sit in the kitchen cooking, I think they are the best.

I have found a fabulous dessert now though.  I make bananas foster pretty much for everyone. It’s GF.  It’s yummy.  It packs a ‘wow’ factor when you light the bananas on fire.  And again, I can put everything in the pan, slice bananas into it and I’m done.  I even have started prescooping bowls of ice cream and keeping them in the freezer.

Paula Deen was the clear winner in the recipe for bananas foster.  I tried a few ad they were not impressive or never turned out.  Very aggravating when you are in fact using a stick of butter (which keep it in perspective this can feed 8 people easily!)

Bananas Foster from Paula Deen.

Remove from gas flame before lighting it up!!!!!

Remember to take it off the burner (especially if you cook over gas like I do) before throwing a match on the rum.

I have been serving with either a really good vanilla ice cream or gelato.  You can’t go wrong either way!

It’s a really old school dessert.  I can remember you were considered to have gone out to a really fancy restaurant if you had this made for you at your table.  Or if you had someone at a wedding making it at the country club.  That was a big deal.

So funny how things are trendy one day then forgotten another day.

So I’m bring back old school I guess you could say!

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Cake Tables

I’ve been thinking about cake tables for two straight weeks.

We have a venue to work in that is not the typical wedding venue.  So the challenges of making it look like a wedding but not making it look over the top trying hard not to make it look like a wedding………is on my mind constantly.  Does that make sense?  If you are in the wedding business you get it I am sure.

I’ve had so many cake table photos sent to me and I listen to why someone likes them.  But, sometimes they don’t understand that they like them because it’s a massive styled wedding shoot.

If you like a look and it’s all the candles great.  But, what about if your wedding is in the fall before time change and you are outside?  It’s not dark until 8?  You cut the cake at 6?  So why do you want candles?  These are the things I keep talking about and thinking about.  But, then you see a cake that looks great in the daytime and it’s due to the $400 worth of cut flowers that have been styled around the cake.  It’s been fun to dissect picture after picture.  And let’s just say I crave cake daily!!!!!

I am not going to be doing this below

San Francisco Wedding at Presidio Social Club | Snippet & Ink. Stunning sequin tablecloth!

But, I am in love with the simplicity.  How easy to copy this, right?

Yes and no……..

If you don’t have a room that looks like this, I don’t know that it would be the same if it was sitting in a room full of tables with cream tablecloths and simple centerpieces.  Banquet style hotel chairs, need not to apply!  Know what I mean?

This is what they had

Josh Gruetzmacher

It’s gorgeous together.

Weddings now are all about pinterest photos.  But, it always goes back to how can you make that inspiration photo work for your event?  It takes a lot of layers!  It takes mixing and matching patterns and textures.

And don’t even get me started on thinking about doing a fabric back drop!  The mix of fabrics I keep putting together is beyond addictive to play around with!

I love my job!



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Happy Mother’s day to all….and to all a goodnight!

I woke up exhausted today.  We had a very busy and big weekend.

Today was quiet and spent at home.  It was so sweet to have two children that couldn’t see me quickly enough this morning to say “Happy Mothers day”  (mudder if you were a Bubba) and give hugs and kisses.

I feel fortunate to have a husband that makes sure he not only appreciates me every day of the year, but he makes sure the kids know to thank me.  Priss wrote a little card at school that said thank you for all my hard work.  So sweet!

It was called my day all day by my hubby and children.  I didn’t push for anything until late afternoon when hubby poured a glass of Veuve for me.  I turned on season three of Golden Girls and curled up under a blanket with Priss.  It made my day.  Bubba took a three hour nap.  That made everyone’s day!

I opened cards and gifts from my family. My mom even sent a box of goodies.  I think the kids were more excited for me to open the box from Nana.  I can’t believe Mother’s day has come and gone!  It’s May!!!!!  Wasn’t it just Christmas?

We had snow in Denver.  Again.  It was like this last year.  So I didn’t get to enjoy planting flowers with the kids.  I am looking forward to sunny days this week!

May has turned out to be one really busy month.  Teas at school and for ballet, performances to attend for the end of the year, school functions, dinners, company visiting, trips being taken.  When the last day of school gets here I think we are going to take a week and just hide out.  Sleep in late and just enjoy not rushing off to anything.  Of course I think we have tennis camps that first week!

I wish I had been with my mom.  But, it was nice to be with my little family and get pampered.  It went too fast!  I love how proud they always are of the treat they make at school.

I feel like I am in the calm before the storm right now.  It’s so hectic.  So I am going to go and enjoy my book and try to get eight hours of sleep!

Happy Mother’s day!




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So…..I broke my toe

If you see me day to day you know my biggest complaint is that I can’t keep up with laundry.  At all.  We have a two story home with a basement laundry room.  Getting laundry down the shoot, is no problem.  Getting it in the washer, dryer, back upstairs and folded.  Like pulling teeth.

Yesterday it is safe to say that the laundry really is killing me.  I was rushing from room to room picking up clothes that the kids had left from the day before.  They usually are good about getting clothes down the shoot.  But, Monday was just a crazy day out of wack.

As I rushed from Bubba’s room the corner of the banister decided to crank my toes to a new 90 degree angle.  It hurt. I can’t even describe the pain.  What had me more upset was that I was on my way to meet up with a friend for a walk, run talk.  And I had major plans to hit like ten target stores.  Lilly for Target is still out there.

I instead hobbled around with my husband getting ill looking at my foot.  He’s tough like that.  I went to Urgent care only to be told I had to see a orthopedic surgeon.  I got in to see one.  However I still waited two hours in the waiting room and his exam rooms.  Not my favorite day ever.

Me being me, when he walked in I told him exactly what he needed to do and not do for me.  I had been told by the doctor at urgent care and everyone else that passed my deformed xray around that pins were needed.

Turns out I don’t have to have a pin if I am okay with have a crooked toe (slightly crooked) for the rest of my life.  I bet I get arthritis in that toe though.  They gave me a lovely boot to wear.  I’m not going to wear that thing either.  It’s ugly.

We’ll see how this whole thing goes.  I wish I had a better story for a broken toe.  I am not loving the walking around slowly.  That’s not me. Which might be why I broke my toe in the first place.  Rushing rushing rushing.

The only wisdom I can share from this.  Be sure to always have a pedicure up to date.  My toes look pretty today.  A week from now will be another story.  So, I may have to go thru the pain to get new polish.


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Royal Baby Watch

Can y’all believe it’s time for Kate and William to greet their new addition.  Any day now!!!!

It has made me spend some time reading up on Marie Antoinette again.  When she was reigning Queen, they had what was called ‘laying in.’  Best summed up, the Queen gave birth with onlookers in her room.  She was a public display.  Can you imagine?

Why?  To prevent a substitution of an infant in case HE was designated to reign.  France never allowed a woman to reign so the male baby was a big deal.  Of course her first child was a girl.  Which was deemed a failure.  Lovely!  The second was a boy.  Thank goodness!

Since then it’s changed!  But, I would guess there is some small tradition or rule that someone has to be present other than William and the doctors and nurses.  Wouldn’t you think?  I would never have made it as Queen during the 1700s if I had to have a room full of people.  When I hear that someone had their father, father in law, mother in law, siblings, friends, in the birth room I am always kind of wide eyed.  I am definitely too private to have anyone other than my hubby in there.

A baby is a joy.  It would be fun if they had a girl.  Because if they have a boy, that 2nd one is automatically going to be branded for life that he is just like his brother.  I hate when people put labels on children. But, I could totally see this being the case if they have another boy.

A girl would have influence on toddler clothing.  Plus, the blog that Suri writes would be even funnier to read.

Can’t wait to see what they have!





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Pink Sunday and Academy of Country Music awards tonight!

Ok I can go back to bed now. #Lilly #lillyfortarget

So, let me recap.  I was up until 2:00 a.m. buying Lilly for Target.  My first order was for Priss.  If I could get it (because everything sold out fast) I ordered multiples.  Luckily I got the shoes I had hoped for.  Girls, my husband is a keeper.  As I was trying to get checked out (he had encouraged me hours before to get my account open and ready) he helped yell out CC numbers and such.

My next order went thru quickly.  With 9 to 25 items in my cart……..can you guess what happened?  The site went down.  I was not shocked by that, since I had predicted it forever.  Typical Target, typical big name brand coming to Target.  It’s happened before.  Of course this is the first time I really made an effort to buy.

I’m not sure why I got caught up in the craze.  I’ll be honest, I have the love hate for Lilly.   I love it for little girls.  I love accessories.  I love shorts with cute prints.  I love pink.  But, I don’t always think Lilly is something grown women should wear.  Some prints make women look like a fool.

But, I needed to have it.  I dont know what came over me.  I went to bed ticked.  I woke up at 7:04 and was out the door at to Target by 7:30.  Priss in tow.  She had been warned, coached, and encouraged what to do when the doors opened.

We got in line, and not surprisingly there were people we knew.  I made friends with everyone we were in line with.  To the point that when a friend came to meet the girls behind me in line, they started saying what they were all going for.  I said I needed pillows.  Do you know that woman actually got a few for me!!!!  How funny is that?  I didn’t end up keeping.  Because I am not like the crappy Lilly resellers on Ebay today.  I was not there to buy it and resell it.  If I can’t use let someone else have a chance.

I was texting friends getting the lowdown on what had happened when they arrived at their Target.  I still can’t believe any of my friends thought they could shop the sell at 8:10.  hello.  It was over by 8:05.  I’m not even kidding when I say that.  We were home by 8:30.  That’s how fast it moved.

I am not a black Friday shopper.  Never have been never will be.  This was the equivalent but not in my opinion as stressful as what I understand Black Friday to be.  It was so much fun to do this today with Priss.  We are not huge shoppers.  I just was reminded that I haven’t even walked into the mall since Christmas.  I go to Nordstrom and leave.  I am certain that Priss will recall for the rest of her life the morning that her mother got her up, rushed her out the door, stood in line freezing and then ran into Target.  Yes, ran. It was one of those moments where I was reminded how awesome it is to have a daughter!

I keep replaying my four minutes of shopping in my head.  For instance I stood alone in front of a rack of bathing suits and shoes and never got anything.  I looked at it.  Thought about taking ten of the bathing suits.  But, didn’t.  I wold never have kept all of them.  I can’t believe how much items are being sold for on ebay.  It’s ridiculous!!!!!  Lilly Pulitzer wouldn’t be proud of this I am certain.

Priss scored some of the cutest clothes ever.  The maxi dress alone was worth the freezing this a.m.  I definitely loved making friends in line.  I never meet a stranger of course.  But, I loved how everyone was just there to have fun.  Yes, there were girls there with husbands and fiancees (you boys better think about what marriage holds for you.  Just sayin.)  They meant business.  I ran into one rude girl.  Today was the first and only time where it paid to live in Denver.  The lines were not long and nobody was ripping inventory out of carts or hands.  I heard that happened in the gentile and well mannered South.  Ironic, no?

We’ve spent our day trying on clothes.  Watching ebay to see how much items are going for.  Made a pile of returns. I will continue to shop Target this week just to see if anything is being returned.

I can’t believe this day has come and gone.  It was fabulous.  Then to end our day we had a birthday party for sweet sweet friend, dinner that was full of oysters.  It was just a great weekend.  I wish they didn’t come and go so fast!

Tonight is the ACM awards.  I’ve not seen any total train wrecks on the red carpet.  But, I am already dreading the performances where they mix artists.  Christina Aguillera I’m sure will be screeching with someone like Brooks and Dunn.  I am never a fan of this kind of performance.  I will however watch just in case I see that cute boy Dustin Lynch.

Cheers Y’all.  It’s been a Lilly kind of day.

Savannah did great! @beachyblu<br />
#lillyfortarget #LillySpillTheJuice #lilly #targetstyle #crazy


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Spring Flowers….

I am so ready for summer and spring like weather.  I am antsy for being outside and enjoying soccer for the Priss again! Sitting out on the patio for dinner.  Walks after dinner.  Being able to get out the door faster (when you don’t have to put gloves, hats, coats on.)

roses. hydrangea. dahlia. ranunculus.  would love to have a bouquet of these sitting around

It’s a weekend of being busy around here!  But, I am most excited we will be enjoying a lot of it with friends and being outdoors!!!

Happy Friday y’all.

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Magic Kingdom recap

I knew going into our trip that Disney was not known for it’s food.  I was prepared.

But, nothing prepared me for the portion sizes and that I would be craving iceberg lettuce!

So, with our package we did the dining credits.  I am not the right person to ask about the inner workings of the dining credits.  But, I did like that I had snack credits for things like:

The Dole Whip

You can only find Dole Whips at the Polynesian hotel and Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom.

So on our first morning at Disney we did Magic Kingdom.  We took Adventureland by storm.  We had a fast pass for the Jungle Cruise (nostalgia for me and my hubby since we both remembered riding that on visits as children.  I was only 4!)

Getting there at the opening of the park, we were able to get the family photo in front of the castle without anyone being in the background.

TIP: Do not stop and take a photo in front of the Disney sign when you get there.  Everyone does that.  Go later in the day after the parade or during the parade.  Nobody is there!!!

So take the extra time and get down Mainstreet for your photo.  From there you can dash over to Adventureland and you can do the whole thing in no time flat if you want to.

The kids were able to go into Swiss Family Robinson treehouse (still one of my all time favorite movies from Disney)

Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Walt Disney World The Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Swiss Family Treehouse

Who knew they had the same china as my grandmother?  It was really easy to go through this on the way in and see everything without a ton of people.  The kids loved it.  But, I think I loved it more!

The jungle cruise was a hit with my kids.   It has not changed since it opened in the 50s.  I know it’s so cheesy but it’s just really fun to ride on a ride that you rode as a 4 year old and then see it through your own 4 year olds eyes.  When Bubba ducked down so he wouldn’t get ‘shot’ at oh goodness.  It was worth the entire trip right there.  He was so serious.

The Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World The Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

The elephant was met with squeals from Priss!

If you were a Brady Bunch junkie like I was growing up, then you must do Enchanted Tiki Room.  It just reminds me of their Hawaii episode.  It’s cute and kookie.  From what I had read they have had changes and are now back to what it once was years ago.  It’s right by Aloha Island and the Aladdin ride so it’s pretty easy to stop off.  If it was blazing hot out it would be a great place to visit to get out of the heat for a bit.  Hubby wasn’t thrilled with it, but it was something the kids enjoyed.

The Enchanted Tiki Room at Walt Disney World The Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Enchanted Tiki Room


By the time we did Jungle Cruise we had gotten thru all the rides and seen everything in that section.  Pirates of the Caribbean had a five minute wait so we hit it!  We also ended up visiting it again on our 2nd day at Magic Kingdom.

So, Bubba was not a fan  of Pirates of the Caribbean once he heard we were doing it a 2nd time.  I thought that was funny.  He talked a great game after he did the ride the first time.  It had a dip in it and then when we came around the corner to be greeted by a pirate ship he was not thrilled.  But, with the promise of buying something in the gift shop after (of course they have you exit through the gift shop) he was on board.

The animation is border creepy sometimes on the characters you see.  You know they are fake but there are definitely times you feel as if they are looking right at you.

Skeleton of Mermaid

Bubba and Priss couldn’t stop talking about the Mermaid skeleton.  It was a fun ride and since there were four of us we did get to sit together.  Both times we sat front row.  You do get a tad bit wet!  But, it was fun!

Thunder Mountain

From Adventureland we popped right into Frontierland.  We decided the 20  min standby wasn’t that bad for Thunder Mountain.  But,  of course it changed right when we got in line to 50 min!  YIKES

Everyone loved  the ride.  Except for Bubba.  Oh my gosh when he exited the ride and walked out he was telling us his dislike.  People stopped to listen to him.  He was hilarious.  He wasn’t crying or anything.  It was just very detailed and he wouldn’t move until we heard him out.  But, it couldn’t have been too bad because we rode it again on our next visit to  MK.  We used a fast pass the second time though!  50 min in the sun with kids is too long.

TIP: One thing I noticed on our 2nd ride was that there was a little water scene with a guy bathing!  I wish I had known to look for it before.  So when you go, when the ride slows before it goes around for another twist or turn look for him.  He’s down and to the left.

Boat to Tom Sawyer Island

I definitely recommend a stop over to Tom Sawyer Island for the explorers in your family.  And in the least politically correct to do…..climb up and look out and try to shoot at Thunder Mountain.  I hope they never take this away!!!

Tom Sawyer island

Tom Sawyer Island has fun caves to explore.  If you are scared of small spaces, do not do them though!

We ended up taking the train from Frontier over to Tomorrowland one day.  It was fun because we had seen the front side of the river when we did the Riverboat.  Well, it turns out there is something to see from the other side and it’s a really fast ride!

Eating at MK was not the best in my opinion.  Aside from the Dole Whip.  We also had dinner at the castle one night, and that was pretty good.  But, it costs a lot and for that money I would have expected better food.  But, again you go for the experience and it was one of the only things Priss wanted to do.  I definitely recommend going!  Being inside the castle is pretty cool.  We were there late so the fireworks were going off while we were inside.  I have to say that was pretty cool to be ‘in’ the fireworks.

Here is what we liked and found at Disney to eat.

On our way over to Fantasyland we were in Liberty Square where I really wanted a waffle sandwich.  But, timing was not on our side because Bubba was melting down.  There was an outdoor market with fruit, baked potatoes (GF people take note!  You can get a baked potatoes, fruit, corn)  It’s one of the few healthy options for shopping.  Other than the Cheetos that of course my child picked.  Since he never eats them at home I decided it wasn’t worth fighting.  Of course the irony we bought bananas and he ate those instead of the Cheetos.

We ended up lunching after another ride at Harbor House.


Harbor House Menu

By now we had figured out portions were ridiculous.  So hubby and I split the tuna sandwhich on a grained bread and it was plenty.  The kids had 100 calorie fruit packs with their lunches and I kept eating those when they left them behind.  Priss picked chicken nuggets and we were actually surprised to see it was real chicken!

We sat upstairs with a view of this

Rapunzels House

It was really cute.  The restaurant is decorated to look like a place you would find in a seaside town.  It was cute.  Best meal ever?  Lord no.  But, it was good and we felt healthy.  I was so happy to not eat fries or spend the money on food we couldn’t’ finish.  Plus, we didn’t have desserts looking at us!  That was nice!!!!

The best find of all of Disney Magic Kingdom for me was the lemonade at the Sunshine Tree Terrace!  It was real lemonade and it was so good.  I wish I had ordered two!!!!  It was that yummy.

TIP:  Drink the lemonade at Sunshine Tree Terrace!!!!!

Since we spent two days at MK let me also say we loved our time in Tomorrowland.  We spent a lot of time there on the 2nd visit.  There are a few things that I think people probably over look.

People Mover for one.  It’s a fun way to see the park.  Also, you go inside Space Mountain.  Never a line.  And it actually moves fast in a few spots.  The kids and adults loved it.  We also did the Carousel of Progress.  The kids were not enthralled.  But, I remember doing that one as well as a little girl.   Again, nostalgia.  Both rides are great if you are waiting to use a FP in that area with Astro Orbitor, Space Mountain, etc.,

I think the ride that everyone loved the most in our house was Splash Mountain.  I think we were all shocked that Bubba loved it so much!!!  He can’t stop talking about it.  On our way thru Priss started crying.  I thought she was suddenly scared.  She was.  OVER GETTING SOAKED.  HA!  She and I were in the back so we didn’t get that wet at all.  But, she loved the ride even more so when she didn’t leave sopping wet.  Unlike our visit to Animal Kingdom where we got drenched!  That’s for another update on another day.

Peter Pan was a must.  It has a long line everytime.  I can see why.  It’s very sweet and the kids think they are in balloons.  We made sure to do It’s a Small World.  It’s nostalgic, but it also is the same ride!  I have to wonder if they will keep it forever.  But, I’m not certain.

I can’t really mention every single ride.  But, I will say you can if you try to do the whole park in a long day.  We went back for dinner and ended up riding all the rides that were on our list.  Actually the list that if my mom had been there she would have wanted to ride.  Teacups, Dumbo.  Which Dumbo made me sad.  It’s not the same little blue elephants.  Things change!

The one thing that I was not certain about was our FP for a parade.  I thought that was silly.  We had to go back to City Hall area and I kept thinking why are we not just sitting on the sidewalk like everyone else.  Well, little did I know!

I dropped the hubby and kids off to sit while I ran into stores to get water.

Town Square on Main Street

Once the parade started we moved up to the rope area.  So for us that would be where the woman with the red backpack is in this photo.  We were head on watching the parade.  The kids didn’t miss anything.  And they saw the characters up close and personal.  They would stop and hug them, visit.  I think almost every single character in the parade actually directly waved at our kids and made eye contact.  Now that sounds like not such a big deal to some.  But, our kids were thrilled.  They were not showing signs of being kids that wanted to have their autograph books filled up at this point.  So this was the next best thing for us.  It saved us a lot of long line times.

Fantasy Parade

It’s a fabulous parade.  And I thought what a great time too to ride some of those hard get rides (Dwarf Train)  HA!  What a joke.  I looked up the wait times and it was still 90 minutes.  So there is one thing to remember.  It doesn’t mean you can get any rides in quicker by skipping the parade.

We left right after the parade.  On a side note you will have the best spot for that parade.  But, you have to wait for it to end around the square and out the doors.  So be prepared to wait a tad bit.

TIP: if you have to buy souveniors or such you can park your family right there and dash in and out of stores easily.  There is an embroidery store for placing hat orders.  There is a really cute candy store!  Plus, Starbucks!

Main Street Bakery

Those are my finds and tips on food.  Again, we didn’t eat a lot there.  But, in all my research nobody ever mentioned lemonade at Magic Kingdom!  So, I hope I can spread the word!  It’s healthy compared to the massive amounts of soda that they are selling!  And a nice change from all the water we kept drinking!  It was not a slush.  Let’s be clear.  It was lemonade. Old time lemonade.

Treat yourself and then let me know how much you loved it!


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