Week 9 bachelor Recap…..

It was a roller coast of emotions.  I mean to have Lolo get an I love you then Jojo get an I love you.  Then Caila got the boot.  It was all too much in one night.  And all so boring too.  How does ABC do that?

Caila’s date started out slow, boring and by the end I was hoping they had food poisoning from the jerk chicken shack so that the date would at least end with some type of excitement.  Half way thru their Tom Sawyer boat ride I started wondering if they were actually just at Disney World doing a tour of Animal Kingdom.  Most of the ride Caila seemed to contemplate throwing  herself overboard and making a run for it.  But, I personally think she didn’t risk it because at the end of the day she was not about to ruin that amazing blowout.

After awkward silence, a meek I love you with zero response from Bachelor Ben, they went to the fantasy suite where they continued to awkwardly make out on the bed with fireworks going off.  But, for whatever reason that one I love you just gave Caila this confidence that I’ve only seen on Maury Povish.  By the next morning there was a lot of  I love yous, silence, and Caila seriously started reminding me of Isla Fisher from Wedding Crashers…..

Ben narrowly escapes the date the next morning and runs off down the beach to Lauren.  How big is this resort?  I felt like all three girls have fantasy suites beside one another.

Lauren shows up wearing the same hooker shorts Caila had on the day before.  Which in case you have forgotten are jean shorts cut into underwear.  They go off to save sea turtles.  They lay hands on them and then pray (just like the Baptist that I grew up with only with less clothes on.)

They took time to lay on a blanket, talk about how they both think the other one is too good for them.  Ben talks about why he had a case of the sads with her family.  They go back to the resort where shockingly there is a band playing reggae and singing about I love you….. I  was disappointed that ABC intern didn’t have enough sense to get this pop up band to sing the Lionel Richie version….because it would have totally set the tone of what was to come…..

It was only too perfect when Lauren finally says she loves Ben and he responded with the same to her.  She didn’t even blink which makes me think these two pretty much know how this is going to end up.  Bachelors are never supposed to say those three little words.  But, that Ben is such a rule breaker!

I of course by this time was beyond excited because I’ve kind of been team Baby Lolo for a while.

Then morning comes and Ben screwed it all up with his date with Jojo.

I blame Jojo and her lingerie that she wore to the waterfall.  And if you watch I’d say they probably had sex before the fantasy suite by the looks of things that were popping up!  Who edits for ABC?

Jojo I loved when she nearly got whiplash as Ben responded that he loved her too.  Jojo knew!  This is against the rules.  But, it didn’t phase her any.  She dropped a “Oh babe.”  I screamed and remained pissed off and cringing for the rest of the night.  I kept waiting for Jojo’s brothers to appear.  She some how has managed to convince Ben that her brothers are just really nice guys.  They are harmless.  One big happy Appalachian mountain family kind of harmless loving brothers.

Then when you couldn’t cringe another inch…..Caila decided to pop on over and surprise Ben Ben.  Why?  Because she loves him and just had to see him.  She couldn’t stand it another minute and she just knows he loves her back.  She got a serious case of the Olivia’s.  Jamaica be makin’ her crazy……

This should be titled “I think I will be dropping Caila at the next rose ceremony…..I wonder if I was supposed to wear these dork boat shoes in navy with the gray tight shorts and the aqua undershirt….what did the stylist at Nordstrom tell me?”

Finally the rose ceremony.  Chris Harrison has become a cartoon character of himself.  And just when I think I have no use for him, he redeems  himself.

Jojo arrives first and says Ben told me he loves me.

Then Lauren…..and this is Chris upon hearing the news….

I heart you Chris Harrison!!!

They both soon find out that they are the only ones left.  It’s all very awkward with a group hug…..I was again ticked b/c all season Ben has called Lauren first for a rose if she didn’t have one going into the ceremony.  But, on this night……he calls Jojo……WHAT?

The end was fab when both girls make toasts about love.  Jojo cuts eyes at Lauren letting us all know she doesn’t like flight attendants.

Next week is the ‘women tell all.”  I hear it’s good.

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Week 8 Bachelor Recap

As Ben drove away from the last hometown date with Jojo, which I think was probably his 2nd in reality.  ABC kept it to the end because of the drama……Ben said “it wasn’t the kind of hometown date he would have liked”  No it wasn’t.  But it was the kind that I loved!

The words welcome home have never been so awkward!  Finally a peppy Monday night!

First date was with Amanda.  She wore a pirate shirt that she had to keep pulling up.  Her roots had gone from bad to really bad. I had a hard time watching because I can’t imagine a child not seeing their mother for 30+ days and then suddenly being on the beach without food????  Random toys, a camera crew and a guy named Ben.  When Amanda said her kids like to be chased, I wanted to text Ben to run!  Forever.  Don’t stop.  Don’t let them catch you.  That was just code for “you get to push them on the swings while I drink chardonnay if this works buddy.”

As we all know Amanda was sent home.  She had a good point when she asked Ben why he made her come back to LA just to send her back.  But, hey how else would we have ever seen her with a good color job (stylist friends must have stepped in.)  She also had to have lost 15 lbs that she didn’t need to lose to begin with and her voice.  Minnie Mouse Disney voice quickly disappeared after the rejection.

Lauren B.  He loves her.  That is all.  She also said she loves butter.  I wish she would have told him she loves him because he loves her and he wants to hear it.  Her sister took over for Becca’s sister from last season with gettin’ up in his grill.  Give that girl a show.  She made him cry.  It was awesome!  Then he cried with her dad.  But, he said he is feeling beaten up when he was with Lauren B.  I’m certain he saw Jojo’s family before that because he was really struggling with wanting to share his feelings….and he goes out of his way to tell Lauren how thankful he is she is on the show.  Long story short Jojo’s family really helped Lauren.

Caila.  She said she moved a lot growing up.  I thought her father was in military. So it was surprising to see he manufacturers toys (insert dirty jokes now.)  It was a cute date.  Her mom is precious.  She even had adult braces and made me want to get some. I loved her with her Paula Abdul ponytail from the 90s too.  I didn’t care for the dad that had to sell her though.  Caila’s parents were some what pimp parents.  You don’t see that often on the show……but then enter……Jojo’s mother.

Oh Ms. Jojo.  I’m gonna call her mother that.  I don’t know her name.  It sounds better than Chuggington…..which she is.  I love her!

We had five minutes of Chad and 3 seconds of Ms. Jojo going vertical with champagne.  Thank you!!!!

Jojo’s father is the Godfather.  He basically tells Ben that if he comes to Dallas he can help him meet the right people in the olive oil business.  The brothers sit like stumps.  It was so uncomfortable.  So I rewound and watched again and again.

The brothers are grunting when Jojo comes home.  She says on the voice over that she thinks Ben will fit right in with her “LOVING” family.  How so?  That he likes making out with her as does her brothers?  One thing was clear, the brothers got Chad to write this lame two page letter (front and back) to Jojo and deliver it miraculously through the help of the ABC intern on the day she arrives home.  But, quickly….I wonder if one of her brothers is actually Chad.  I think the theme song to Deliverance could be heard in the back ground as the brothers said they loved her again and again.

One thing for certain…Jojo’s family is male dominated.  She has a sister that nobody seems to care about.  When the mother daughter heart to heart took place it was so funny to see a woman try to cry but couldn’t because of the Botox.  It was typical Dallas.  In other words I loved it.  I love anything Dallas.  I still watch reruns of Dallas (only the first few seasons because obviously Bobby and Pan forever!)

If you have not seen it yet, Ms Jojo did swig straight from the champagne bottle.  The Godfather tries to stop her.  Then goes with it realizing it’s just another night at home with the family.  Typically you try to put on a good show for company.  But, since the brothers were grilling Ben to the point where he says “I’ve been coached to not say anything.” it seemed to be par for the course. The brothers wanted to lock this thing down.  Which was strange they wanted Ben to say he was going to pick Jojo….I think if he had they would have shot him on the spot.  You just can’t win for losing when you are dealing with inbred brothers that want to marry their sister.  Up until this week I thought Jojo would be our next Bachlorette.  But, since that means more air time for her creepy brothers I feel like that story line is over done….since we do have the Duggars on TLC.

End of show Amanda is crying.  Ben is crying.  I was ok with Ben saying good bye to Amanda.  But, it really bothered me on his date with Lauren that he left half a glass of whiskey (maybe more.)  I don’t even like whiskey.  Why waste good alcohol? It’s like they don’t understand what they are supposed to do on this show!  Drink!

Things I’ve learned this season:  everyone on hometowns have plantation shutters, when you cry learn how to gracefully wipe tears and snot with your hands b/c ABC doesn’t let you have access to tv, radio, phones or kleenex when you sign up to be on the Bachelor.

Pirate shirts are a dime a dozen, jean shorts should only be worn in place of underwear, and always make sure your mom gets ton of Botox and has easy access to booze when a camera crew is in your house.  Tight pants or jeans on a guy should never be worn to the beach and pushed up.  Bless him.

Week 9 looks okay.  I mean there isn’t any crazy left at this point.  They are going to Jamaica so maybe some rebels will storm a picnic or something like that.

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Bachelor Recap Week 5….the Olivia Show

Feb. 1st was a very important day in our American history yesterday.  A bunch of crazy white people and one African American took their crazy to the air waves to elicit attention and validation.  Nope not talking about the Iowa caucus (that interrupted the show by the way! The nerve of ABC!) it was the Bachelor last night!

The Bachelor was off to viva la Mexico!  After last night I feel like we are safer with ISIS than the people of Mexico since the girls and Ben had some of the worst accents.  Grassyassssss ugh.
First date was LIKE so amazing.  Like Amanda has a baby voice, has two kids at home and had a really crappy marriage.  I appreciate the back story on the girl that is not a teen mom.  Check yourselves on that one.  Amanda got a ride in a hot air balloon which she like totally loved.  Her face said ‘dear God get me out of this wicker basket fueled by an open flame’. Why are these dates always about them saying how they want to get to know one another….without actually getting to know one another?  How amazing to go on a date in a field where there is champagne, real cutlery, and what I imagine is the most amazing half assed charcuterie tray and then you don’t have to clean it up.  Just walk off and leave a trail of trash and I’m guessing an Indian with a tear for littering in your dust.

Up next was a group date that did include Olivia.  She thought she had the one on one in the bag.  Nine girls were taken to a seedy classroom near a boiler room.  They learn three variations of I love you and I want to hump on you and then are turned out on the streets of Mexico to find their way around a town that imports tequila and from what the news reports, cocaine.  True paradise.  The girls have to pair up in a cooking competition.  Olivia claims Ben.  Jubilee declares war.  We find out that the hot dog lover actually can cook!  Ben and Olivia’s dish was looking like dog food and the topic of the bad breath was brought back up.  Olivia’s secret cooking ingredient?  Crickets.  It’s the new parsley of Mexico.  Again, dear Mexico I am so sorry.

I appreciated this episode because finally I have something for my party menu.  Tacos!!!!  I’ll not be serving Jojo’s tacos.  To the producers of the show for that sound bite….well done.  Well done.  Ben’s already had Jojo’s tacos and loved them according to Jojo.  Oh Jojo…..Do tell!

The cocktail party of the night was quickly brought to a halt when Jubilee had the nerve to react like a normal human being and share her feelings of dating (is that what they all think they are doing?) the same guy as ten others.  The “I don’t like you Ben” when she is making I heart Ben signs all over her notebook in secret, got old.  She felt like he had a thousand one on ones since her date where she did that weird strip tease and isn’t sure he remembers her.  So to remind him that she is still there with all those skinny white girls she proceeds to show him what marriage would be like starting now.  She doesn’t know that you wait until after the wedding to show your true colors.  Jubilee is a natural born pouty pants.  Adios Jubilee…..the irony of her name and how the girl acts, was not lost on me.  But, points to trying to win America’s heart the way Ben did with her exit comment “I am the most unlovable person in the world.”  Uhhh yeah you are.
The next date was one on one with Lauren H.  She’s dull.  Ben’s not interested and we get to see the fashion mecca of the world…..ha ha.  No we didn’t.  It was fashion week in Mexico and Ben and Lauren get to walk down the runway.  So how legit is it?
I don’t know when jean shorts made a comeback.  But, they are all the rage with those girls.  They like to cut them to look like a pair of granny panties.  Becca wore a shirt that was so United Colors of  Benetton circa 1989.  I loved it.  But, girl didn’t have any pants on.  Sometimes I have to wonder about this boring virgin.
Single Mint Emily let it be known that it was all bets off now that her sister was gone.  The other twin was holding her back all this time.  She’s the reason why Emily and Ben weren’t already on their honeymoon!
Olivia once again dominated.  Everything.  Everybody.  I wonder if we have meth to thank for her personality?
This was Me when Ben gave her the group date rose.  Seriously??????? (and me when that whole taco talk went down.)
Embedded image permalink
Olivia is like the worst mean girl ever.  She calls someone a Teen mom then fake cries.  You’ve got to own your condescending back stabbing.
Then says she is really going to try.  Try what?  If you watch nothing else of the show watch the end where she is fondling an innocent red rose.  Is she or is she not related to Cameron Diaz?
Olivia gives Ben a promise ring.  If he wears what can only be called an emasculating pinkie ring…..I hope his finger turns green!  I hate when bad jewelry happens to….well I just hate bad jewelry.
We were left with a cliffhanger.  Ben was maybe going to send Olivia home.  I doubt he does.  I know he doesn’t because the previews show tears and not enough cheers.
Until next week!
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Bachelor Recap Week 3

Who would have guessed Lace would leave on her own accord, and not escorted out by professionals and strait jacket!  Such wise words on her departure….. “like my tattoo says”  Oh girl.

This show had it all.  Helicopter rides.  Plane ride in one of those planes that Snoopy use to fly in.  A hot tub in a field.  Cankles, fat toes, bad breath and mean girl fest.

Only one person picked Jubilee and they earned a total of 145 points.  Bravo!  There was crying, one on one date, hot tubs, mentioning dead family members, blurred body parts and declaring she can’t be friends with girls.  I never trust women that say they can’t be friends with other women.  If a man said that it would never fly.  Jubilee wore an amazing white outfit (sans underwear..did y’all notice?)  She spit out caviar, guzzled champagne from a wine glass (can’t ABC find a set designer that provides correct glassware?)  and then talked about her love of eating hot dogs. In her words….she’s obsessed with hot dogs.  I hope he takes her back to a hometown date because what mother doesn’t want to hear from her future daughter in law that she only eats hot dogs and is OBSESSED with the meat by product.  She has guilt that her family all passed away in Haiti.  But, doesn’t regret the bad tattoos.  I don’t know.  This girl is not adding up.  She kept saying it takes a special person to deal with her.  By special I am guessing a masochist.

The new villain is Amber James (is she a stripper in real life?  That name!)  Never in the history of the Bachelor have I ever seen someone basically put their own nail in the coffin by trying to confront another girl (Jubilee.)  She self elected herself to confront Jubilee on being weird.  Ben swooped into the bathroom where this drama was taking place and declared his love for weird.

How do you solve a problem like Olivia…….How do you catch a cloud and pin it down (apparently her breath could take care of this.)

Olivia is not a favorite in her mind with anyone because she is intimidating. While she was busy stealing Ben away every five seconds….the others spent time discussing her fat toes, cankles, halitosis and that she is nothing but aggressive.  How dare she!  Ben went through a hard day with loss of family friends.  Olivia stole him away to chat with him and share how she knew what  he was going through.  Amidst her crying she shared how people have blogs that talk about her fat toes.  I have YET to find these blogs pre December 2015.  I learned just in time about the secret body language signals Ben has for Olivia and only Olivia.  Because of that I think I could be engaged to this guy that bumped into my grocery cart at the Whole Foods yesterday.  He acted like it was a tight produce aisle.  But, his eyes said I was the one for him.

Lauren B finally got a date.  I am just wondering if they could potentially be on the path to a fantasy suite date night.  If so can Ben and Lauren B be on a first name basis and drop the B.  Can she be just Lauren?  I really think Lauren B is his cup of tea. Ya gotta give it to a girl that is okay changing into a bikini behind a tree in a field with a random hot tub.  Score to the producers who filled that thing up in the middle of the desert!  You know Tom Selleck got in trouble for wasting water on his plants.  So I am curious how ABC got away with filling this hot tub up during the drought.  Perhaps it was nothing but tears from previous seasons?

I love dates to creepy mansions and once again I was left wondering how much food gets wasted on these dates because they never eat!  Clearly I never would have made it on this show!  Another concert with someone I’ve never heard of.  Lots of toe pointing and swaying to a song on that rug that gets carried around from barns to warehouses for these impromptu concerts.  Nothing says sexy concert like a private session with a mother daughter trio!  OY!

Lauren H got the wild card points this week for being called first for the rose.  Jami had to catch an Uber at the end of the rose ceremony.  I was a ok seeing her go.  When she shared with her BFF Olivia she had just met five days prior,  that all the girls were talking about her I just didn’t like her.  What’s the point?  Olivia is going to see the show eventually.  And because of Jami we now have Canklegate.  She deserved to leave. But, I did enjoy Olivia guessing what all the girls were saying “Chin hair?  My wooden leg?” Note to self, never just yell out body parts that are being talked about when you are three chardonnays to the wind.

Until next week where Olivia flips her lid in the bathroom…why always the bathroom?   The double mint twins go against the grain and don’t wear matching outfits…..and Becca continues to be vanilla.


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Bachelor Recap Week 2

Week 2 definitely didn’t disappoint.

Olivia……..trying to catch flies


There was a competition that was based on high school, bobbing for apples and jumping hurdles. Some how it was a tad bit porn-y.  But, Ben seemed into it.

Because I’m kind of scared of Jubilee…..I’m going to start pulling for her.  This is based on her calling Lace a skank and blaming her for all the wrongs in Jubilee’s own life (and that says a lot because she’s an orphan from Haiti and she was actually fine with that whole thing.)

Becca was once again talking about letting her guard down.  Blah blah Becca.  I want her to make it to the end again so we can see if her sister has gotten any better after last season, when she kept throwing the virgin under the bus.  If you didn’t watch last night find it and watch the part where Becca jokes about Ben taking his shirt off.  I swear they both paused and contemplated it.  Either way Ben’s happy she didn’t meet her biggest fear (which as it turns out was marrying the last Bachelor and moving to a farm.)

As some of you know, there is someone in our fantasy league that will be working alongside Lace.  By working I mean our leaguer works. Lace just be acting cray. This is very exciting news and definitely gives us as a group, major street cred.

Lace took time to take the bunny out of the boiling water to tell Ben she isn’t crazy.  Because we all know when you are not crazy you make sure you continue to tell everyone you are not crazy…..in a crazy way.  To stress it even more make sure you are drunk.  With crazy eyes….that apparently have the ability to make babies since she said that she had locked eyes with Ben….and they were practicing free love.  Oh Lace.

Caila reminds me of a Disney Princess.  She won the prize for being the first one in a hot tub! And concert points to see some guy that I have never heard of.  She deserved points for acting like she knew who he was too.  It was some guy that Ben loved.

Ben found out that he has one baby mama amongst the girls and seemed really into it. She has the voice of a Disney Princess.  I’m going to pretend he came up with the whole idea to make sad little hair barrettes for her daughters.  Either way it was really considerate and now I may actually buy into this whole nice guy thing. Jen F (from our fantasy league) has been saying he is a great guy after her whole chat fest with him last fall at the Tay Tay Swift concert.  I think she may be right.

Olivia…..loves her some Olivia.  She and Lace need a show together.  At one point she told the other girls that they could go and have their time now that she had hers with Ben.  It was very ‘release the hounds’ how she stated it.  That girl is nothing but giving.  I died when Lace (drunk) asked to see Olivia so she could ‘get to know her’ which was code for her telling her to step off and quit stealing Ben and in her own way told her to flip off all while Olivia either is too smart to fall into the drama or didn’t know what Lacey was saying.  Either way I hope they have to duke it out for Bachlorette next season and then let ABC sweep in and give it to Caila.  I like the idea of a Hunger Games type competition to land the role of Bachlorette.

After last night anyone with Lace is still doing well.  I feel like next week could be the end with her.  Last night was pretty uncomfortable and funny all at the same time.  Many highlights (my cocktail)  many low points (having to pause the show to watch Clemson vs Bama….and then see a bunch of football players crying as if they were a bunch of girls on the Bachelor.)

The wildcard last night was worth 15 points for the person that had to be bleeped.  Ironic it was the school teacher that won that one!

I really think Jojo, Becca, Caila are going to go far.  I’m wondering what will happen with the Lauren he gave the picture to.  There’s 5 of them so I’m still not certain which one she is……


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Bachelor Recap Week 1

So as everyone knows…I have a fantasy league.  I’ve been recapping each week.  And I now have over 150 people asking for my silly recaps.  Which is so weird to me.  Because when I type my thoughts I’m not trying to be funny.  It’s just how I talk.  I can’t possibly email everyone every week.  So I thought I do have a blog….why not post here too?   I am flattered that the people on the fantasy league forwarded my emails and then those got forwarded.  I I feel like Vidal Sassoon.  Then she told someone. Then he told someone…….

Here you go….Recap Week 1

Well, if you ever wondered how the twin girls from the movie the Shining turned out, now you know.  They are on the Bachelor and share the same personality of a flea.

It’s been said that reality t.v. is a waste of time.  You rarely learn anything.  If I had not been watching last night I would never have known there was such an occupation of ‘chicken enthusiast.’  I’ve been going down the wrong path of wine enthusiasts (or have I really?) Tiara sleeps with her chickens. Has professional Olan Mill photos of her chickens. I assume she smells like chicken.  She named her one chicken Sheila.  Swoooooon

I was sad to see her go!

Ben’s got the roses, the producers have the meds, and I’ve got all the time to watch this train wreck once again.  Mondays are not so bad after all!

Remember when all you did was exit a limo in a fancy dress and pray you didn’t flash your under carriage?  Now you have to get out and come up with something witty.  But, by witty I mean pun intended, corny and awkward.  I have to wonder if the first impression rose is a good thing or bad thing?  And what did gluten do to that one girl?

Some of my faves last night…..

Mandi.  She supposedly has a dental degree.  Amazing body (all natural.  I’m sure of it.) She calls herself weird, saving us all time since she also has a rose hat the size of Iowa on her head.  Personality:  Cray Cray to the first power.  I liked her immediately b/c she stole Ben from Lace…..

Olivia. QUIT HER JOB…..to be there.  And tells him.  No pressure.  Mark my words when she gets sent home…she is going to bring that up again and make him pay.

Caila.  Dumped her boyfriend when Ben was on the Bachlorette…….again.  That’s going to bite Ben in the ass.

Lace.  Oh Lace.  Lace is from Denver y’all. Wearing Lace.  She is so unique (in her mind.)  She’s a favorite (in her mind.)  That girl talked smack, got drunk, and has issues with eye contact.  She is bonkers and is okay with it showing.  I felt like she was channeling her best drunk girl impression acted about by Cecily on SNL.  She possibly gives someone a black eye.

If you picked Lace……you are doing pretty well on the board b/c she brought in a whopping 85 points.  Now keep in mind we had this last season with Kelsey out the gate.  We all know how that ended….stranded in the dessert with a helicopter leaving.  Whitney who took it all the way was rarely a heavy hitter in points.

This league is made up of three hubbies 6 couples and 15 of us girls.  We have $600 to divvy up after everyone has paid in.

Good luck to all!!!!

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Romantic Restaurant list via Veranda

I loved this article by Veranda.  First of all for Colorado they named Palace Arms as the most romantic restaurant.  I would agree.  It’s not the cheapest.  But, it’s so special.  White glove service.  I’m kind of surprised that we never hear mention of it more often as a top choice for people that plan to propose.

Palace Arms Brown Palace

Cozy Booth space

My husband I find ourselves quite often at the Brown Palace after a night downtown.  We stop for a drink at Churchills just next door.  It’s a cigar bar.  I hate the smell.  But, it’s so old school it just makes me so happy to be there.  It’s cozy as well.  We always meet someone new when we are there.  Oddly no matter what day of the week (usually a weekend) or time we stop in on the way home we always end up in the same seats.  May it never change!

I really enjoyed this list due to the restaurants that I know my parents have visited.  There are a few old school ones.  When my parents were dating my father use to pull out all the stops.  He always has loved a good meal, good cocktails, a nice glass of wine with dinner and then he never ever ate dessert.  EVER.

Enjoy reading.  Just in time for Valentine’s day!


Most Romantic Restaurants in the US

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Bachelor Season 20

I started watching the Bachelor the very first season with that mealy mouth Alex Michel.  I remember what Trista Rehn wore to get turned down. The shock she wasn’t chosen.  The last date the night before.  I remember every single detail of that season.  I was hooked.  It was the oddest idea I’d ever seen for dating.  And this is from a girl that would watch every episode of Blind Date!

But, by the time we got to Charlie O’Connells season…I had started to lose interest.  It was the same hot tubs.  Same tired story lines.  And by then not a single Bachelor had gotten married. Unlike our first Bachlorette (Trista) who went on to marry Ryan Sutter!  I still wonder where all her pink china is from her wedding.  And can I get a few salad plates?  Just for an accent piece with existing china of course.  I had to make myself not walk the two blocks down to Swoozies when she did a book signing!  She’s cute as a button!  But, I really am obsessed with what she did with all the china from her wedding!  I think ABC let her keep it from her reception.

Trista and Ryan

Trista and Ryan…..

Next came the dad…..as a Bachelor.  I tripped through a few episodes here and there.  I ended up only watching the last few episodes of Jason Mesnick’s year.  He had picked Melissa.  Who I never thought was his match.  Fast forward to an After the Rose episode…..keep in mind I am on a two hour delay from  my East coast friends.  I just remember picking up the phone and my friend Dot saying “You b$st$rd”  So I of course tuned in quick.  Didn’t know what was going on…..but it sounded good if the b word was being tossed around.  We tuned in just as Jason says to Chris “Is the Caller there” Harrison (don’t y’all just see him being the next Phil Donahue?) that he thinks he made a mistake.  My hubby who really only tolerates my reality t.v. shows said “Get the beer.  This just got good.”  I of course was drinking wine……beer?  As if.  But, we watched every single second.  Hubby couldn’t help but yell at the t.v. with me.  It was a really great moment in our marriage!  He had just figured out how to deal with my Gone With the Wind obsession.  Now…..we had this to share.

Took a lot of time off again after that season.  But, I was back to being addicted when Brad Womack came back for his 2nd show appearance.  I never understood why people made him out to be a bad guy.  He didn’t lead anyone on!!!!  Let’s just say I am still upset that Ben and Emily didn’t work out, even though she is all happy and married with a new little baby.   There were a lot of RIcky Bobby jokes that I threw around that season.  I mean…..Ricky Bobby left her set up in one of the prettiest houses yet.  I mean her house should have been the mansion that all the girls live in.  It was gorgeous!!!!  Once again I took time off after Brad and Emily.  I wanted them to work out so badly!

Some how some way I ended up committing to the season again last year when Farmer Chris was announced.  I had not a clue who he was.  I knew he had been on the Bachlorette.  But, didn’t  have any preconceived notions about him.

YET I decided I’d host a fantasy league for his season.  It was my first experience with a fantasy league (I only have heard about them in football.)

I saw this photo…..and was hooked.
'The Bachelor': Chris Soules Blogs About Britt's 'Outburst' and Hometown Dates

How I even brought together my first fantasy league group…..I can’t remember.

I was of course beside myself that Chris and Whitney didn’t work out.  I just thought for certain they would.  But, silly me!  I’m a big donkey girl scout like that though.  I always believe everyone is in love and will ride off into the sunset.

I barely kept up with season 11 of the Bachlorette.  I just never find it as interesting.  You know because there isn’t as many crazy men out there as there are women apparently!  I kept hearing buzz from friends about this guy named Ben that is from Denver.  I didn’t pay much attention until my friend sat in a box at the Pepsi center for a show and was seated right next to Ben.  Her daughter who is like 13….and herself grilled him.  It was a week before he left for filming for his show.  They fell in love…..think he’s the bees knees.

So here I am again.  Fantasy League and all.

But, this time we have 30 people.  30!!!!!  I had to make it for only those that are local.  Time changes and such are difficult.  Some people get a time advantage……with that whole East coast air time.

We have 15 wives, 3 couples, and 3 hubbies that decided to pick their own teams.  The pot is pretty hefty.

One hubby did suggest already that we use some of the money to adopt Pickles.  We also think that in honor of Tiara we may adopt orphan chickens.  Loser gets to name them for the winner (who will adopt them since they will win the bulk of the cash prize.)  The weekly group emails are probably the best part of the Fantasy League.  Like for instance when one husband claimed that his wife had the show on and he just happened to see some of the crazy going on…..and then all the other husbands call him out suggesting he’s drinking wine and really the one tuned in.  Or when another husband this week sent what I can only imagine to be a dating website for tiny horses.  It was a whole little bio on the tiny horse!  Weird and fascinating at the same time.

I’m in planning mode for our party for the finale.  But, so far my menu is coming up dull.  I mean what the heck do they eat in Indiana (please no Velveeta recipes forwarded.)

Five Reasons Why Denver Resident Ben Higgins Should Be the Next Bachelor

Ben Higgins

Obviously I will have roses everywhere…..and candles…….

I noticed that ABC set designers have finally started using the battery operated candles.  For years it drove me crazy when I’d see the metal tea lights.

Tea lights……

I know you are thinking…..who cares.  Well, I care.  Tea lights are so tacky to me when you can see them.  It’s like having a beautiful dinner party and then you leave the butter in the little metal wrapper on the bread plate.  Yet, you have baccarat crystal with expensive wine!

There will be the obligatory roses in food form of course.

#cupcakes #viewingparty #thebachelor:

Will you accept this cupcake?

So far all I know is that Indiana loves cheese.  Loves it fried.  I think they are big into beer.
We’ll see how this plays out.

Meanwhile…….Lace from Denver……..She brought anyone that her on their team last week a whopping 95 points!  I can’t wait to see what she does tomorrow night.  Are you watching?  If not….you should.  You will go to bed happy to be you.  It’s a complete ego booster!

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Happy New Year!

Only 7 days into a new year and I have a list of things to get done that is only a little over the top.  Projects projects projects.

We had a lovely Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I spent a ton of time at church decorating this year.  Yesterday I went by to check on the zillion poinsettias that require lots of watering…..and I am saying a tiny prayer that they just make it to this weekend.  Then I am told we give them away.  Which will be one of my favorite moments after these last few weeks.

We are back to a schedule!  Over our break we saw so many friends.  I don’t think we were in bed most nights before 10:30….which is late for my kids since they go to bed by 7:30 on a school night.  It was so fun catching up with so many friends.  In Denver ski season is here so it always seems like we don’t see anyone for a few months.  Before you know it soccer season is back, spring break happens and the winter that I dreaded is nothing but a blur by March!

I didn’t make the resolutions that most people do.  Clearly everyone made the promise to eat healthier if Sunday morning at Whole Foods was any indication.  The fish counter was knee deep with people.  Everyone was in the produce aisle.  The freezer section I noticed was like a ghost town.  It felt like church on Christmas eve.  Everyone is there that doesn’t usually go.  WF is the place where everyone is shopping for the next month or so apparently.  Since I shop there every day I felt like I should have had my own lane!

We always eat healthy, but there is always room for improvement, right?  I never thought this day would come…..but I think I am kind of over wine.  I am not a white wine drinker.  I had a rose recently that was just too sweet.  I also only like a rose for the summer.  My favorite red wine….and I only have had one because it’s the only red wine I’ve been able to drink without waking up in the middle of the night has had something happen with its bottling.  We’ve had bottle after bottle with sediment in it.  It’s been so bad!  So my partial resolution has become….don’t drink wine.  I think I’m giving it up.  Along with sugar.  I usually have a sweet tooth.  But, lately sugar is not that great to me at all.

I have been trying to meditate more.  Plus, I am praying even more.  Which are not the same.  Everyone says meditation is the key to healthy life.  I’m not great at it because my mind starts to wander.  Praying I’m way better with!  Either way I am liking the peace and calm I’m making an effort to have more of in 2016.

In this New Year I have brought back the Bachelor fantasy league.  I did this last year for the season with Farmer Chris.  This go around we have 30 people competing and a nice big pot of money to win.  I was at the book store yesterday and ran into one of my friends that is competing.  I think we probably made everyone in Barnes and Noble either wish they were watching the Bachelor or they ran from us.  In five minutes we had dissected almost the whole first show.  This may not be something peaceful, prayerful to do each Monday.  But, so far there have been a lot of laughs!!!

This Sunday is the 73rd Golden Globes!!!!  I can’t wait to watch!!!!
I am still really upset that Sam Heughan was not nominated for a Golden Globe.  As you all may know by now I have sipped the kool aid called Outlander Books by Diana Gabaldon.  For years I had a friend telling me to read them.  I was all like…..uhhhh no.  They are sci fi?  Time travel?  What?

Then I gave in due to another friend.  On a Sunday over a year ago I found myself at Barnes and Noble at opening buying the first book.  I couldn’t put it down (except I did have to gloss over the graphic scene in prison.)  Low and behold while I was reading the second book Starz was debuting their t.v show Outlander.  I some how got my hubby to watch with me.  And I found myself many episodes blushing and apologizing and saying things like “no really you learn a lot about history in the books.”  Let’s just say watch with caution…no child should ever be in the room.

I think Sam Heughan is one of the best actors of our time.  He is amazing.  I know I sound like a big old donkey girl scout.  But, when a person can convey a thousand emotions with the lift an eyebrow…..I swear sometimes I forget that he isn’t Jamie.  I had to force myself to watch another movie of his just to see if I was just caught up in the Jamie movement.  I’m not!   He’s really amazing.  If you are not familiar……find time to watch an episode of Outlander.  If you don’t get hooked, well I’m sorry.  And we probably shouldn’t be friends.  Because at any given moment I like to be able to rave about the books, show, actors and I like feedback.  By feedback I like when others are also swooning with me.

There are a million photos and sites out there that literally only cover…..the many expressions of Sam Heughan.  So enjoy.

Happy New Year everyone!  I am in that mode of so much to do.  But, in denial it’s a new year….and feeling panic that it’s the 7th and I haven’t gotten everything done.


Carte de vœux - Lucille Michieli

Happy NEW YEAR 2016!!!!



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No Lego left behind Christmas…..

In the NY my resolution is going to be to stop saying how busy we are. Lately I’ve realized how obnoxious it is to hear.  Everyone is busy.  No more important or less important than the next person.

With that said its been hectic leading up to Christmas.

Last weekend we had a lovely little brunch  with a few of the neighbors and a visit from Santa himself.  This Santa is not new to a few of us.  He is always the type that reminds you just how blessed you are to have a sweet child in your child.

The last child to sit on his lap was the youngest in attendance.  Baby Peter.  Who is the baby of our old neighbors at our old house.  They were looking for a Santa to visit and I told them to come on over!  It was so exciting to see them and their sweet little bundle of joy.

Could you just die over this photo?

Baby Peter meets Santa

Baby Peter meeting Santa

The ooohs and aahhhhs from the crowd said it all.  It was the scene stealer of the day.Side note so glad I found that chair just in time for St. Nick.  It was perfect for his visit.

Today we got up (late because I am taking cold medicine to get me thru) and dashed off to church to water a zillion poinsettias.  Hubby is so sweet to pitch in when I am barely making it.

It was a really peaceful time for all of us.  I turned the tree lights on and left the rest of the church dark.  It was so quiet.  My kids take praying kind of serious these days.  They were on kneeling by Mary statue and in quiet reflection over who knows what.  But, in Bubba’s case I am certain he was begging for Santa to bring him a gift.  Not coal.  He is scared to death!

At one point I started to feel my heart beat out of my chest because of all the chairs that had been set up for the early mass.  If you hate crowds, never go to our children’s mass!

While at church we saw our religious director.  Some how we got on the topic of midnight mass.  I can’t wait until our kids can handle midnight mass.  As a child that was the mass we typically attended and I loved it!  It was so calm.  A time to see friends and really take time to reflect what the season meant.  Driving home with the moon above and the stars.  You could see Christmas lights doting the country back roads.  It was really special.

Hubby shared how he remembered going to midnight mass with his Uncle Joe.  Now I have heard this particular story for yearssssssssssssssssssss.  Years.  Sometimes I wonder if he attended mass with Uncle Joe once or ten times.  It’s hard to know!  My husband for what ever reason always talks about going to midnight mass with his Uncle Joe (and his cousins A, T, brother)  He thought it was so special.  Obviously it meant a lot to him, because I have been listening to the same stories for like 15 years!  His uncle is a really nice man who is so kind….and when he talks his words are gentle.  Does that make sense?  He just listens and is in the moment when you talk to him.  He’s one of those people that you can’t say enough nice things about.

Later in conversation something came up that Hubby is not Catholic.  Which is always the shock of all shocks to everyone.  Especially after he just went on about how he remembers midnight mass and such.  People in our church, school, friends, think Hubby is Catholic. I was born and raised Catholic.  He’s not even a convert.  But, Lord does he know Catholic guilt.  He is the first to feel bad if we do not attend mass.  He gets on the kids if they don’t cross themselves correctly.  Or if they rush thru a prayer.

Nana and Pop Pop sent their gifts a few days ago and I can say without a doubt there are more Legos under our tree than we need (or that I want.)  Tonight at bed time we asked the kids what they were hoping to find under the tree tomorrow.  I about died when Priss named one gift (that she has not mentioned at all) and it is in fact the one gift that my mother insisted on.  Tonight I realized how well my mother may know my daughter without me being involved at all.

Today we baked cookies.  Super late to the game.  But, it was a family affair.  With movies on on in the background.  Me crying every single movie.  What has happened to me?

White Christmas: I cry over how sweet they are over the General.  Enough said.
Home Alone: End of the movie when the dad makes up with the son…..I can’t take the thought of an elderly person being alone.  So that one tugs on my heart.
Wonderful Life.

My hubby is George Bailey.

We’ve sprinkled reindeer food.  Put out cookies and milk (in a shot glass) for Santa.  Casseroles are ready.  Tables set.  Except for a massive amount of laundry that should have been put away by now…..we are ready!

I can’t believe that when we wake up in the morning we will be celebrating Christmas.  I swear the years go faster and faster the older I get.  We will be in our pjs all day.  Eat, drink, open gifts, cook, pray for a tad bit of snow….. because we we really want a white Christmas.

In this moment we feel so blessed for what we have.
Merry Christmas to you.  Enjoy your day whether you are with family, friends or maybe traveling (like so many people I know are doing this year!)




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