Summer means wedding season….

I can’t believe how many people have gotten married this summer.

And I’d like to see more details please!

Vanessa Williams


Jennie Garth and Adam Abrams…..look at those cute little trailers!!!!


Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line…

Tyler Hubbards wife is starting her own fashion blog.  I can’t wait to follow it!
Hayley Stommel seems pretty interesting after reading a brief bio on her.

Duck Dynasty: Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson Share Wedding Photo

John Luke and Mary Kate…..the flower crown……

Kim Coles Wedding photos

Kim Coles…..and that wedding bracelet of flowers!

Kim Coles will have two weddings.  This one in the photo above was her first ceremony.  I love that she wore this bracelet of orchids for the entire day it seems.  It was light and flowy.  Just so pretty.

I love pretty weddings!  I think Jennie Garth’s is the one I love seeing because she seems so happy.  If you were a 90210  junkie like i was, then you probably followed the saga of Dylan and Kelly.  Jennie Garth met her 2nd husband and had three girls.  All seemed so sweet until the divorce.  I’ve of course been a fan of her on Dancing with the Stars.  She seems really shy and that she probably doesn’t love the spotlight.  I hope this marriage will be her forever love story.  I am a big donkey girl scout that loves fairytale endings.  Can you tell?


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Throw Back Thursday……to the 80s wedding style

Over the last week I have had Kelly Preston on my mind.  Weird, right?  It’s not like I’m friends with her!  While traveling I was thinking about this profile I watched about her on E!

Don’t ask me why I was thinking about a show I watched at least 15 years ago!!!!  I just remember her reason for turning to Scientology, her friends talking about how she loves caviar (I just had some at dinner the other night and it was horrible by the by) and of course it touched on her wedding.  The caviar discussion had her stopping a pilot from taking off to open a jar of caviar.  I can’t imagine loving caviar that much!

The profile just painted this picture of this match made in heaven? A lot of the interview covered her past dating life of George Clooney and a few bad boys in Hollywood.  Like Charlie Sheen!  She found her religion, that she felt was why she had such good fortune in the movie industry and her relationship with John Travolta, or Johnny as she referred to him.

Johnny and Kelly

I think John Travolta and Kelly Preston got married when he was on the heels of “Look Who’s Talking.”  Then he was on a down slope of movies when a few years later “Pulp Fiction” came out and he was once again super popular. Once he was on Oprah and she asked him about his comeback…..and his response was that he was on his 50th comeback.  He always seemed very humbled.  Plus, he was always so sweet about his wife Kelly.

That Veil!

They have been married since 1991.  Three children…..loss of one of those children.  Tons of movies.  Who can forget the mispronunciation of Idina Menzel! And of course lately the rumors that John Boy may be seeing others.

Kelly Preston had a huge veil for her wedding. She was years ahead in her style with the veil.  The dress was pretty typical of the time.  The shoes that had to have been those dyeables just makes me laugh.  And she had white pantyhose on!  Remember how that was what brides just wore in the 80s, and up until the mid 90s!?!?

I have not seen very much about Kelly Preston since the birth of their third child.  I half way feel like something is  brewing.  I keep reading that John Travolta is out with “friends” and it all seems very odd.  I don’t  believe that  you have that many reports about you, without it being true, when it’s multiple sources.  If its just one wretched person saying it, then really who cares?  Twenty rag magazines with how people capture people on phones now, maybe there is truth?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Kelly Preston in a new movie or out and about more often.  I think she has great style and is a very upbeat person.

Kelly Preston is prettier every single year, in my opinion.  She’s gorgeous!

I only wish there were more wedding photos.  I have searched high and low.  They had two ceremonies a week apart.  I swear she wore something pink for one ceremony.

Glad that the wedding dress style has moved away from this style…..because only a few can pull that look off!





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I love pretty

Wedding Ceremony flowers

Flowers for a wedding

I love pretty!


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The Flowergirl….

Priss is pretty excited about being a flowergirl.  We have yet to find the perfect dress.  I see the bride, the bridesmaids, and then I see Priss  in the future photo and I am set on what her dress has to be.  It has to be long, not a lot of frill.  But, I would like texture that doesn’t compete with the bride and bridesmaids.  I don’t want her looking past her age.  She’s a little girl!  And I want it to be timeless.  Of course.

The only dress we’ve come close to loving is more than her father wants us to spend!  OF COURSE.

The funny part of this upcoming wedding is that there are a lot of outfits to shop for.  Bridesmaid luncheon (we definitely need Lilly!) rehearsal dinner.  Then there is the Bubba who is shopping for his little ring bearer outfit.  He’s been kind of funny about this whole process.  He’s really excited, which is something we never really thought would be.  He lives in his pjs every day of his life.  Yet he’s been asking for a tuxedo for this wedding!  Who knew?  Right now we are looking for shoes for little boys since we need a wide range of sizes.

Could you just die over these shoes for boys?

ohmygod..  Boy's Fashion Men's Fashion Hairstyle, Male, Fashion, Men, Amazing, Style, Clothes, Hot, Sexy, Shirt, Pants, Hair, Eyes, Man, Men's Fashion, Riki, Love, Summer, Winter, Trend, shoes, belt, jacket, street, style, boy, formal, casual, semi formal, dressed Handsome tattoos, shirtless

Loafers for boys……beach wedding

One thing is for certain that you can depend on our family for, is that they will show up dressed for your event.  The head stylist in this family knows that dressing for a wedding is just as much a gift to ourselves, as it is to the bride and groom.  Since, they go to so much trouble to host you at one of the biggest photographed days in their lives it’s nice to be pretty backdrop!

I think it was Coco Chanel that said dress shabby and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.  I read that when I was 10?  I was not dressing in little black dresses at 12 I can assure you.  I have however tried to remember that thru life!

Besides who doesn’t love to dress up?  I’m always suspicious of people that say they don’t like dressing up.  Thank goodness I found a hubby that was just waiting to be shown the way on why navy blazers are a staple and owning your own tuxedo is a must!

Priss has been saying she wants to be a clothing designer, babysitter and mother when she grows up.  I think the clothing designer would be great idea since it seems the only flowergirl dresses are cheap taffeta and covered in rhinestones.

So if you see a dress in ivory, long, not a ton of beading, no spaghetti straps, some lace, not poofy, but not clingy and maybe a little sash but not a colored sash and no weird fake flower pinned to it.  Let us know!  But, if you see a sequin or rhinestone……pass!




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You Hush Yourself

In the South I think I heard that a million times.  You don’t say “shut up” where I grew up.  Adults said hush a lot.  I find myself saying it now.

This morning I had a bride call and she was describing her decor.  Her mother was on the call too.  I found myself saying “hush yourself” when she said she wanted mason jars for decor and her mother was not having it.  I myself am not a fan of mason jars at this point.  they’ve been done.  And done.  AND DONE!!!!!  It’s over.  We’ve seen them since 2013? Maybe earlier.  I don’t want to see them any longer.

Y’all know my rule.  Once your guests have seen it at a wedding it’s time to move on.  DO SOMETHING NEW!!!!  Reinvent the pinterest wheel.  Don’t keep pinning and copying it.

I looked on pinterest to see what they say for mason jars.  The first thing that came up, was a pin that had been pinned over 20,000 times!!!!  Can you imagine?

I’m okay with mason jars for a rehearsal dinner.  But, for a wedding I just can’t get excited about it.  UNLESS the wedding is really a true farm wedding.  It’s really a country styled event.  If it’s not being held in a barn or with that type of setting then I don’t think it’s a great design concept.

For a barbecue?  YES!

For a formal wedding…..where you are paying over 250.00 per guests (at least!) NO!!!!

If you are doing a wedding for less than $100 per guests it might be a great option.  Yes.

I wouldn’t be living up to my “take an idea and make it better” if I didn’t think of how to use the millions of Ball jars that are being stored in garages, attics, crawl spaces or piled up next to a garage now that weddings have passed their wedding use.

Obviously there is the idea of painting the glass and using as a vase or candle holder.

DIY Mint Seafoam sprayed paint painted wedding mason jars decoration pink peach white green yellow pastel centerpiece

Vase for flowers……bridal luncheon, tea, birthday party, summer dinner, patios, nothing formal but for something nice.

Kind of love this idea of using them for a favor

Cute wedding favours idea! Who doesn't crave a baileys hot choc in winter!?  For more insipiration visit us at or

Favors, cute welcome basket idea, even a great neighbor gift at Christmas.

This idea I call……CREEPY.  I saw this and thought… this for a wedding or a Halloween party?  YIKES

Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars

Halloween idea…..

I’d totally do this for a creepy effect in my decor for a Halloween party.  I’d print off photos of skeletons, or creepy images.  Then stick in the glass and use a waterproof led light to give the effect.  Obviously you will need to laminate the photos in the jar.

There will always be the ideas to use a jar for crafts.  Buttons, loose odds and ends.  Using in a kitchen to hold cooking utensils.

Of course just like anything everything old is new again.  I’ve said it before when I was growing up people drank out of mason jars (iced tea, water, and yes moonshine.) I’m sure one day all these jars will come back into fashion.  Brides can say they are using the jars their mothers used at their weddings.  Which is a cute idea!

Lucky for me when I said “hush y’all” to a mother and bride they didn’t take offense.  They listened to the reasoning and why I don’t suggest mason jars in the design.  I want them to have new and different!  I want their guests to walk in and say “WOW” not oh that’s cute.

Happy Designing y’all!




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Entertaining…..on a Tuesday just for us

I feel like we have spent more time inside this summer than we did this winter.  It’s weird.  It’s possibly the weirdest summer yet!  Plus, it’s a wonderful summer.  So weird and wonderful?!!?

My kids were watching an episode of the Middle.  The episodes they watch are pg rated.  But, they say ‘stupid’ which we do not say.  I think I am the last mother that feels like their child has just cussed if the words stupid, shut up, I hate you, or liar are used.  All these words are off limits in our house!  If you can’t say anything positive don’t say anything at all!  I heard a child say “I hate you, you are so stupid” to their sibling at the park and I was appalled.  Shocked.  My kids just sat and stared at the kids.  It was like watching a horror show for us!

Something on one episode made me decide we would start our own dinner parties at our house even if it was just us.  It’s our new thing.  I try to find anything to keep the days lively around here.  I’m literally grasping at straws!  We’ve done it all it seems like.  Game night, movie night, theme night, etc.,

So in an effort to make the rainy evenings fun, I have come up with a once a week signature cocktails (adult version with vodka maybe, kids without obvioiusly.)

Here’s the recipe:
One container of strawberries (hulled)
Club soda

I took all the strawberries and 2 T of agave (you could use honey if you had to but only do 1T)

Blend together until pureed.
Fill glasses with ice.  Fill glass with 2 to 3 T of strawberry mixture.  Squeeze one lime into.  Top off with club soda.
Add a straw, b/c kids love anything with a straw.

It’s a refreshing drink!  Everyone loved.

I will not share the recipe for the flank steak with avocado dressing.  It was not my favorite or even close to it!  But, I did tomatoe pie and everyone still claims it’s their favorite.  I do one with only tomatoes (the key is to dry the tomatoes out) with parmesan, basil.  I saw a recipe with cheddar cheese and that almost made me want to be ill.

Summer is flying by.  I sometimes start to make my mental check list of what I will do once everyone is in school again.  But, I get distracted pretty fast and remember that these children are only little for this time.  Jumping on the trampoline with them for ten minutes makes them so excited.  It’s crazy!  Hubby just said last night that the trampoline was the best purchase ever (which cracks me up since he didn’t want to buy it in the first place!)

Happy Summer…….may it be sunny for 48 hours!  Fingers crossed.

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My fern obsession continues

Okay so I am obsessed this summer with my ferns.  Who could have predicted that we would have nothing but rain, clouds, and cool days for the most part.  And when we do have sun it’s hotter than all get out and super humid.  Which all in all is the best way to grow a fern!

My littler Fern in the Urn that could!

I pretty much go outside to look at this fern about ten times a day.  I was jumping on the trampoline one night with the kids and said “Oh look how pretty the fern looks from here!”

My children and husband have gotten use to having to look at it.  They also know to say things out of the blue when I am washing dishes like “Wow mommy this fern is really pretty.”  Or “have you seen how good the fern looks today?”

I’m obsessed.  I know it’s ridiculous!  But, I am.  This pix doesn’t do it justice in the least bit.  It is at least 45 inches tall from the bottom of the planter to the tip top.  I still can’t get over that this has grown from a sickly little fern that was sitting on a clearance shelf.  The side of our house is less than gorgeous.  It’s not horrible.  But, I have projects I need done. Like brick removal and replaced.   We have a side step that is tiled and just not my favorite.  I don’t even know what we will do with it one day.  I sometimes think it would be nice to have a little room built for dumping of coats and shoes.  But, then I think ‘where would my fern go?’ and I quickly don’t like that idea at all!

I have to say everything I took time to plant is growing rather well, considering.  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment when I go out and pick basil to eat with fresh mozzarella.  Or the mint I picked for a blended mojito came off of our massive mint plant!  Or mint for iced tea.  I have five different variations of mint this year!  It’s kind of fun.

I am so happy we didn’t spend the time, money or energy in a garden this year.  We typically do a vegetable garden.  It would have either been shredded by now, drowned or barely growing with the lack of sun.

Plus, with travel and summer plans who has time?

We are looking forward to sunny beach days and hoping that we dont’ leave town just to meet up with rain in the future.  I sworny.

Here’s to sunny days!  Hope we have them soon!!!

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I love pretty!


This would be pretty sassy for a garden party!  I only half joke this for a normal garden.  If I thought I could plant a bottle of champagne and produce five others, I’d have a field of them growing currently.

Love this idea for a garden!

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Summer Bucket List

Do y’all do bucket lists with your kids for summer?  This is our third or fourth year doing one.  Typically we have the staples on our list:

Go to beach

Go to pool



Library trips

But, we do try to add some new things here and there.  This year I kept it simple and printed a sheet out of forty things to do.  I’m happy to say we’ve already blown thru quite a few of them.  We still have the list from summer 2014 hanging up.  Mostly because I feel guilt that we never finished it last year!

So this year I made a goal of only completing 90% of the list.

If you haven’t done a bucket list, do one!  It’s not too late!

And you will be surprised after looking at this list I found below, that you may have already done a good number of these.  Who does 16o things in one summer?  I mean we love downtime around here!  But, this list is good for inspiring ideas.

160 Summer Fun List IdeasAQUA-2

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This summer has been going by with lazy days that I am now forgetting which day of the week it is from time to time.  So in a word it’s PERFECT.

If you live here in Seattle……I mean Denver you’ll know that the rain, hail and storms has gotten to be just a drag.  I had to fight the bad mood yesterday.  It was depressing to walk out and see once again that all my lily pads on the fish pond (first world problems clearly) are shredded.  There were leaves floating on top and in the bottom.  I got the net out and got to work.  I was a bit shocked to see that the fish were actually trying to jump into the net.  So I have to wonder what is on the bottom of that fish pond that they don’t like.  I’d rather not know.  I’ll leave that for my husband.

This week I was only too happy to discover a pasta dish that everyone devoured.  Including the Bubba.  I usually have to ask him before plating dinner if he will go with the red sauce or whatever I’ve made to go with a pasta.  Since it was technically a white pasta with white cheese (parmesan) I didn’t ask.  Everyone proclaimed it to be one of their favorites.  And given it was a cheap dish, easy, and one dish meal I’ll gladly make it again!!!!

Garlic Lemon Pasta

Even though it’s summer we are still busy with workbooks, reading programs, visits to the library and researching anything we think of.  There’s been lot’s of games of Guess Who and 20 questions.  Yesterday Priss was all too happy when she stumped me on a fruit, with a seed (I should have asked if it was a pit) red, round with stem.  Ummmm I couldn’t get past apple for some reason.  I mentally walked the aisles of the grocery store a million times.  It was a cherry!  It made her day that I couldn’t get it.  It worried me I was losing my mind.

I am on a reading frenzy again.  I currently am reading Astronaut Wives Club

Just in time for the new show on ABC

Astronaut Wives Club

It’s a great and quick read.  I am so intrigued by the stories.  Plus, add in that ABC just aired the second show last night and it’s my summer addiction.  I even got Hubby to watch a bit.  It is history after all.  And I love being able to chime in little details from the book.

I could have been in this club!  But, I would not have smoked like a chimney.  I would have shown up with champagne to support another wife.  I would not have turned a wife away from being there to support me.  BUT I would have totally been that wife that put on the smile and carried on over a flight.  NOT over the mess that went on with girls that liked to visit the husbands at hotels.  Oh.  I just don’t think so.  That would have made me furious and I doubt my marriage would have stayed in tact.  It is interesting to see that the astronauts were heros to all of America at that time.  Yet, they had babies and children at home that never knew them.  If you are not watching catch up and get on board!

I’m so excited to see these arrive in the mail today.

My new Pulls for a project that I have not figured out yet.

Lion Head Design Ring Pull 2-3/8"

Lion Head pull

I don’t know what I’m going to use these with or for.  But, I’m using them.  They may stay gold.  They may get painted.  I have no idea.  I just think they are darling and for the price how couldn’t I buy like 20 of them.

I am ready for the weekend.  Although every day right now feels like the weekend for us.  I am loving summer and right now yes I am still happy that the kids are home for the summer.  Yes, we keep having moments where I have to say stop touching one another.  But, yesterday when Priss made a crown for Bubba’s puppy because after all Puppy is the king of Bubba’s bed……..his words……….it made me happy that they get to spend days without plans and just come up with their own creative playtime.  It’s amazing how happy the house is when you leave a table set up with markers, crayons and paper all day long.  I wish I was still little.

Happy Friday!

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