It’s still fall!

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It’s been crazy warm!  In fact hot.  I am still wearing shorts.  I am loving it.  But, at the same time I worry daily that I will wake up tomorrow and have a foot of snow.
Halloween is only 8 days away!  I am hoping it’s this warm!!

Except for the wrought iron lamp post, the river, the super high brick wall……..this is exactly what our street looks like currently.  Okay just my sidewalk in front of my house because nobody wants to really rake leaves until all the trees have dropped their leaves.

Happy fall.  I hope you continue to enjoy it like we are!



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My favorite blog right now

Gal Meets Glams…………the reason Hubby may take all credit cards away from me.

This is my new addiction these days.  I love this blog.  Y’all know how I am.  When I find something I want y’all to love it too.  That way when I see you I can squeal and we can dive directly into a conversation where it starts with “Did you see that pink bow dress?  I’ll cut you if you find it before me.”

First of all, I may or may not want to live in San Fran just like this blogger!

I actually fell in love with her blog when she was wearing these Chanel summer shoes in every post.  Decadent?  Yes!  Could I find in my size?  No.  So I lived through her blog all summer long.

I just love her style.  It’s a great mix of traditional with trend.  I also think she mixes and matches outfits that are more for where I am in life right now.  I love so many fashion blogs.  But, at the end of the day not many of them can be copied for my everyday life and work.  My typical day is running errands, having a meeting, picking kids up at school, sitting down to draw out a design for a client.  Very very glam.  However, I can’t always be in heels and I can’t always be in flip flops (which y’all know I would wear in a blizzard if I could.)

Like most fashion blogs, they are all linked up so you can buy what you see.  A lot of times fashion bloggers (or most of the time now if they are good fashion blogs) get commission or credit if you buy from them.  Sometimes I feel like that drives the fashion on the blog.  I do not feel like that with what Julia Engel does.  I think she likes what she likes and has stayed true to her true style!

I like this blog and suggest to a lot of the brides I have because she offers great tips for beauty bag go to’s.  Packing.  Outfits that work for a rehearsal dinner.  Or outfits that work for your day to day glam look when you are engaged.

I know that sounds so silly!  But, I think when you are engaged in that planning process, it’s one of those times that you just glow!  I have brides that I think live in the glow of the engagement time.  They step out in cute dresses, skirts and heels daily!  I love those brides!

So enjoy!  You are so very welcome (if you had not seen this blog yet!)  I am sorry though because you will now think about soft pretty sweaters for fall, cute little trench coats, and how to mix leopard print in.

Gotta run!  I need to shop for a gray sweater.  Stat!


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Slowest weekend of the year

This past weekend marked two years since we lost a child.

For me, the worst part is that you just never know what the day will be.  I have no clue i f I will wake up sad, just mildly sad or just barely functioning.

I’m sad.  I’m also reminded that I am fortunate to have two other children that keep life happy and interesting and fresh.  I have a very sweet husband that is just amazing!  I am so fortunate that we came out stronger in our marriage.  I know that doesn’t happen for everyone.

I was humbled to have so many great friends that took time to send messages or call.

This weekend we hosted a party for school and it really warmed my heart that so many mom’s said “I know this weekend is hard.”  THANK YOU.  I only cried a little.  My husband has become immune to it I do believe.  He’ll see me across a room teary and he knows.  I still get so emotional at times.  I get emotional when someone shows us sympathy.  I think that is my coping.  Well, I don’t think.  My grief counselors say.  T

Yesterday my sister in law, in a simple text said she thinks about us and Cooper all the time.  And just seeing his name brought such comfort.  But, my sister in law gives us comfort because I know she really DOES think about us and prays for us.  I swear the power of prayer….well.  It’s powerful!

Two years later I haven’t been committed.  I’m not on antidepressants.  I cherish my children every day.  Even when they are not listening to me saying stop for the fifth time.  And the old me would have been crazed.  The me of today doesn’t have it in me.  I still yell.  Lawd.  But, I never take a hug, kiss, good-bye, hello, walk home from school, volunteer moment at school, anything moment for granted.  There is a little voice in my head that every other minute of the day says “it can change.”  Maybe I am fortunate that I had to learn that?  I don’t know.

I dread the dates of October 11 and October 12.  One is the date where I woke up and spent my day knowing what had happened.  The other date is the date that is recorded on a tiny little gravestone with our child’s name on it.

I thought I did pretty good all day yesterday.  I had almost made it to the finish line.  Then just when it was time for bed the flood gate of tears came. But, then today I woke up and it’s a new day again.  Grief sucks.  Is there any other word to describe it?

But, the positives I take away, are that we make our way and we are stronger as a family.  I love that we have so many people in our lives that care about us.  It really is nice to feel loved and cared for two years later as we muddle through.

I always say I will stop talking about this one day when I think people are no longer interested in this topic.  But, I still have rocket numbers for the blog when I post about Cooper.  I had an email the other day from a complete stranger that had recently lost a child and she said that I helped give her a picture of what life one day can be.  I don’t know if you want my life.  It’s not all roses and rainbows.  But, there is life after loss.  I think I was beyond fortunate to have two other children that I had to keep going for.  Everyone likes to say “you are so strong.”  Do I have a choice?   Of course not.  And nor do I want another choice.  I don’t need anyone to tell me if I am a good mother.  I know on October 11th, 2012 that I became the best mom I could to my three children.  I have gone on parenting and I don’t do the best I can.  I do the best I can and more.  I am not perfect and I am not raising perfect kids.  I just know that I am giving my children my whole presence.  I give them my heart and attention.  Life keeps going.  You just have to decide how you will go with it.

Thank you so much RSVP Shindig followers, friends, vendors, families, clients………that continue to read my blog and more than anything continue to be such cheerleaders in our lives.

You are blessings!  We are blessed!


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How To: Register for gifts that you will need more than you think!

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while.  But, it always escapes me.

It use to be that my job required I assisted and talked brides and grooms thru registering.  I’d take inventory of silver, china, etc.,. that they would perhaps inherit.  Then we would pick out pieces or patterns to coordinate.

Now that couples live together before marriage, and seem to stray from wanting formal dishes, I don’t deal with registries like I use to.  Which makes me kind of sad because I love love love to play in a china shop mixing dishes and silver patterns.  So not surprising?  Right?

I think I made a big mistake when I registered with my hubby for our everyday silverware!  Our pattern is Ribbon’s Edge by Gorham.

It's proven to be timeless.  Ribbon's Edge looks nice next to a piece of china just as well a paperplate!

Ribbon’s Edge Gorham.

When we registered I knew this was the silverware I wanted and had known since I was in my 20′s and had been a nanny for a family that had this as their everyday!  I have seen this in frosted and golden edge.  But, ours is the plain ole stainless finish and it’s served us well.  There’s been a few run ins with the dishwasher for a few spoons.  But, otherwise we are going on 11 years and it looks fabulous.

The part I wish I had changed?  Well, I thought registering for 12 place settings would be more than enough.  It was and has been up until now!  My children use teaspoons and salad forks for their meals.  Salad forks are the perfect size for (it’s basically youth size) and we seem to go through them faster now.

If I could I would add another 6 place settings.  Full place settings, yes.  Or I’d register for 6 extra in the teaspoons and salad forks.

Back when we were getting married, I just didn’t think ahead to the years of kids sitting down to three meals a day.  I never realized how many sandwhiches I would make per day for lunches (there for using two knives for peanut butter or mustard depending on lunch days.)  My dishwasher runs daily and sometimes I swear I could run it twice a day!  I constantly deal with  the debate where we are almost out of silverware but the dishwasher isn’t completely full in the top rack……….  I don’t care.  I run it anyway b/c I am not going to hand wash silverware everyday!  I have Outlander books to read!  Puh lease!

I’d also have registered for triple the amount of cereal bowls.  Salad plates rarely get used!

You live, you learn.  So learn from me!  And definitely try to go with things you love because I still love my dishes and silverware just as much today as I did eleven years ago!!!!



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Thanksgiving Hostess Idea

Thanksgiving Goodies Take Home is just one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen in a while!


thanksgiving idea


Thanksgiving is about two months away.  Give or take a few days.  But, I already think I have the holiday plans in motion.  I have no clue what we are doing.  Where we are going.  What we are having.  But, I did actually think I would  host a few mini dinners prior to the day.  Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays.  There is not a lot of pressure for gifts or decorations.  You don’t have a million activities to celebrate around it.  You just get up on a Thursday morning and spend the day with a warm kitchen and lot’s of time on your hands.

I love this bag idea and I may just have to do this for the mini dinners or for the actual day.  Last year was our first Thanksgiving in our new house and Priss got into setting the table and making placecards.  We had company, and one of my favorite things was the fifty questions.  Bless his heart, but one of our guests was on the hot seat (not in a bad way but he did say he felt like he was being interviewed.)  In a way he was because he dates one of our sitters and those girls mean the world to us!  My husband has taken it upon himself to be the ‘other man’ in their lives that is more than friend, not quite a father but not quite just someone they babysitte for.  So he is ultra protective of the girls.  To the point that he sometimes has to stop himself from going out to make sure the air in their tires is okay and finding out the last time they had an oil change.

So the fifty questions “what was your favorite book growing up” “what has been the most history making moment in your life” “if you could travel anywhere where would it be”  etc.,. etc.,.  I must say I even found out a few things about my husband that I didn’t know.  Of course the kids all wanted in on the questions.  This year I think I will add questions that are only for them!

It may be weeks away, but I think when you host holidays it makes it so much nicer for the guests and for yourself if you have a plan laid out and can be organized ahead of time!  Being organized never makes you dread a holiday!  I think that is the key!


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Southern Wedding Cake

I had a consult call with a bride first thing this morning and it was one of those calls where I wish I could actually take the client for the whole wedding.  But, I can’t!  But, she is so darling and so Southern!!!!

When we got to her cake she said that she had asked the baker to make a coca cola cake as one of her layers!  I swoon!!!!

Have you ever had coca cola cake?  If not then let me tell you!  It’s rich.  If you can eat a whole square (it’s always square b/c it’s made in a big ole sheet pan!)  you will start to have a heart that beats so fast from the sugar and caffeine in the chocolate you will wonder if you are having a stroke.  And you will not even care if you are having a stroke because it’s that good and you know at least you are going happy!  I ate some while pregnant with Priss and she kicked me for three hours straight.  I had a bite!!!!!  Okay maybe three bites.  But, it was worth it!!!!

Since Coca Cola was born in the South it’s only fitting that there would be a tradition of a cake to go with it!

The baker is going to have to work on the recipe to make sure that it comes out true Coca Cola cake when it will be a round layer to the over all cake.  The bride says she is prepared for a long taste testing session!  Such a struggle!  HA!

I am  now craving cake!  If only I could get a slice from Jestine’s in Charleston.  I’d be a very happy girl!  In my opinion Jestine’s has one of the best.  It will make your heart beat!  That’s what I look for in cake.  Don’t you?



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Guilty pleasure reading!

Y’all I had to call my really good friend Dot to ask her that if something were to happen to me to please come to my house immediately and dispose of the books on my nightstand.

I put it off as long as I could.  But, I have delved into the guilty pleasure reading of……….

The Outlander Series. Love these books. If you're into recorded books that's the best way to enjoy Outlander. Davina Porter is a great narrator.

I just have shame like you can’t imagine…….for like five seconds and then I am all about the main character Jamie.  Claire!  Oh it’s just too long and with twisted story lines to tell.

For a while my friend Ocean had told me to read these.  But, I thought it was a little too sci-fi for my tastes.  Oh was I ever wrong.  It works.  Believe me it works.

And now there is a whole series on Starzz.  If there was ever a reason to keep our current cable bill loaded then it’s the series of Outlander!

Honestly this main character lead is pretty well cast too.  I’ve only watched five minutes of the show so far.  There’s only 9 episodes out so I am not in the mood to wait and wait for each season!

He’s Scottish. | Community Post: 20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser

And to wrap the wedding talk into it………….

Can you imagine showing this much chest on the day of your wedding.  I’m sorry but you are just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction!

Believe me this whole book series works.  So there is my Wednesday confession.  I am only on book 2!  I am not sure if I want to rush to get to the last book.  Or if I want to draw this out forever!

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I’m one of those people that are sooooooooooooooo busy

I am being sarcastic in that tag line.

I hate when people just run on and on about being busy.  We are allllllllllllllllllllllllll busy!!!!

I just have not had time to blog.  I wish I did.  But, I am slammed. I know other people let interns do their blogging.  But, I am just not that type of person.  My blog is my blog.  I can’t let the control go.

Today I was out shopping for an event and within a half hour I had sixteen phone calls.  I had to dig my phone out of my big ole bag that was being weighed down by ten ceramic lanterns that were on clearance.  Cha-ching!

We are so fortunate here in Denver with weather right now.  It’s been 90 degrees!  I would love for the fruit flies to go away.  But, not if that means snow.  I am loving this weather.  My sweet friend the BFri has been home for a week with her new baby.  I am so happy she has had hot weather to enjoy with her new baby boy.  Saturday I get to see the new baby and I can’t wait!

I can’t believe it’s fall.  Like at all.  Today while watching a helicopter circle my house for an hour (which was disturbing on many levels) I noticed leaves are changing on our street.  It’s been a year since we moved into our house!  Oh my!  I still don’t know if I really feel like I am home.  But, I am trying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is so busy.  Business is so busy.  But, oh what a good time the day to day is.  I love being busy.  I thrive in it.  I am trying in the midst to really squeeze out every little enjoyment of fall though.

I’m making pumpkin bread tomorrow with chocolate chips!  YUM.  Let’s hope.  New recipe.

Cheers y’all



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We Remember


It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years.

So many lives lost in just the span of minutes.  I pray that my children or their children never have to live through such a barbaric attack in our own backyard.

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful that I am an American.

Hug your loved ones a bit tighter today.




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When you don’t have time to blog…..

well you don’t blog apparently if you are me.

I have logged in.  Started entries.  Never finished them.  I just deleted seven that were started.

It’s just busy!  I don’t know why the phone has been ringing off the hook.  But, it is!  Did you know there are people that are engaged and planning weddings for 2016?  I have had two calls in a week like that!  I say get married in 2015!!!!

Just as quickly as I started off on a reading binge I have finally come back to a normal reading level.  I have probably read ten books in two weeks.  I’m like an addict when I get a good book.

My favorite new site is Good Reads.  I wish this had been around when I started reading novels at the age of…..eleven I think.  Maybe twelve.  My first novel was “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.”  It changed my reading forever!

If you are on make friends.  I’d love to see what you are reading:

RSVP Shindig on Goodreads.

I am not great at reviewing books.  And I can’t even come close to adding every single book I have read.  I started out adding children’s literature. But, realized I need to start the kids on their own little accounts.  So I spent an hour deleting as many of their books as I could from my list.  I love books.  So I am totally caught up in this whole ‘dreamy idea’ that my children will follow my lists of books one day to read  Then we’ll have these long discussions about Sister Carrie or Rebecca.

When I was little I’d spend my days at the pool all summer long.  Rarely did anyone know that I read a Nancy Drew book  a night.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was a nerd.  How dumb is that?  When everyone started reading the Adventures in Babysitting books I was sneaking books like Animal Farm.  My parents didn’t really tell me I couldn’t read anything I got my hands on.  My mom likes to read, but not like me.  My dad was not a big reader that would sit down with a book.  He was literary though if that makes any sense.  He would give me a word a day in the summer.  We had a blow up the year he gave me the word jejune.

Have you EVER in your entire life used that word in a sentence?  Of course not.  But, my dad was adamant I use it.  I remember the sentence I made up was completely misusing the word too.  We never really spoke of the word jejune for years.  Because it was a word that could start a war in our house over how ridiculous the whole idea of word a day was……

But, after my father met someone one day I asked him his thoughts and I was hoping beyond hope he was going to have something nice to say about this one person because my father is pretty perceptive about people.  Usually he will even pretend over some people.  To make nice.  But, on this one day he said  he didn’t have a good feeling and then dropped the sentence that would forever and still can ring in my ears at times.  “they are embarrassingly jejune.”  If you look up the word you can decide why they were jejune.  Because it has pretty broad meaning……that all go back to being a sad person.

I was always the girl that crossed her fingers we would be given a summer reading list.

So you could say Goodreads is the best new site in my life right now.

I’ve been reading complete trash though.  It’s been mindless trash.  I just got a new book and if I can get all my ‘to do’ items knocked down I’ll be stealing a few hours for it.  I am really sad to look at my list of past authors and see that I no longer have the stomach for one author that I use to love and adore.  She’s local and her name is Sandra Dallas.  Her books are amazing.  Only problem is that she always works in the death of a child in her books.  In her words in an interview I read she says that in her mind is the greatest pain you can suffer.  Um.  Yes it is.  I’ve experienced it.  So I can’t read her books now.  But, I highly recommend them to anyone that loves that ‘pioneer’ woman type story.  She is a very talented artist.

I’m busy getting ready for a Sip and See for my friend that will be having her 2nd baby soon.  Since we don’t do showers for 2nd babies usually I thought this would be a fun get together for all the girlfriends.  I have been trying to decide on my menu.  I was shopping yesterday for a few odds and ends and decided that I would not buy a single new platter, plate, dish, etc.,. for this party.  I am going to use every single thing I own!

I was surprised to see so much burlap decor in a few stores yesterday.  I’m so over burlap!!!  Aren’t y’all?  If not.  Then try to be.  It’s been done too much.

I am looking for a to die for pumpkin recipe to use the 90 cans of canned pumpkin I have in my cupboard.  So please send any recipes you have.

We have had rain.  A little more rain.  Oh and then some rain.  I keep hearing predictions where we may get snow soon.  Of course we will.  Because I doubt if we didn’t get a very hot summer that we are actually going to get a fall.  I’d take a boring fall!  Wouldn’t you?  Boring meaning leaves turn, crisp air, and days in the 60s or 70s.  Yes please!!!!!


Fall porch decorating ideas- Add a May Arts Ribbon bow to your pumpkin for a unique look

Ready for fall!

Happy Fall Y’all.  Thank you for reading my all over the board post!

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