Thanks and Giving

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I wanted to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Yesterday while running an errand I let someone get in line in front of me.  He had one item.  I had a cart full.  As he departed he wished me and Priss a happy Thanksgiving.  I the same to him.  I then took notice at that point wondering if he had someone to spend the day with?  Was he going to have a warm home?  A good meal?  I said a little prayer and thanked God for my life.

We are blessed!  I have two healthy children.  A husband that is a great HUSBAND and father.  He works so hard to support our family.  He still makes time for me and the kids though.  Parents that love me no matter what!  They are always there.  A brother and sister in law that are just awesome.  A new nephew!!!!!  Good friends that fill my heart with love and laughter daily!  A wonderful church and school community.  A business that keeps life interesting.  In general days are happy and they go by so fast.  This day would not be complete without thinking of the baby we never brought home.  It makes my heart hurt.  I miss him daily.  But, I also believe God graces us in ways that we never know or understand.  To ask God to give us something good we have to be willing to go through the bad and have faith.

Today is a blessing!  As everyday is.  I am thankful for days where my family is together and we are just content being together.  So with that before we start our turkey tour of 2014, I must get to baking, cooking a few things and of course the parade is on!!!  I hope all of you are with your loved ones today.  Be it family or friends.  We call it Friendsgiving for a reason!


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Only one month to Christmas!

A Colorful Christmas Tree via @inspiredbycharm #gradient #christmas #tree

Colorful Tree

Color me some kind of excited! One month!  I was at the post office yesterday buying stamps and about died when I saw how many people were mailing gifts already.  YIKES.  I am behind.  I sometimes have a few little gifts here and there I’ve purchased.  But, I usually don’t really get any shopping started until after Thanksgiving.

With that.  I have to get myself to the grocery store.  the Bubba didn’t want to go to school this morning and wanted to spend the day with me.  I love him.  He’s so sweet.  His timing wasn’t working though.  Things to do!!!!  As he tearfully hugged me good-bye this morning he said “But, I’m just going to miss you so much.”  I almost caved.  Hubby said once he saw his friends he forgot all about me.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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God, save fashion!

I’ve never been into that other phrase “God Save the Queen”

This morning I was tickled pink to hear on the news that if reporters want to question the Prince and Duchess during their visit to the US, then they better be dressed!

HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Duchess of Cambridge is considered one of the most stylish women in the world — and apparently the subjects surrounding her need to stick to similar sartorial standards.

Reporters applying to cover Prince William and Kate Middleton’s impending visit to the U.S. have been gently reminded by Buckingham Palace officials that there’s a dress code policy for proper dressing when one is on the U.K.’s First Family beat.

“Journalists wishing to cover royal engagements, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, should comply with the dress code on formal occasions out of respect for the guests of the queen, or any other member of the royal family,” the official rules state.

Both sexes are expected to wear “smart attire,” according to the Clarence House website. For men, a proper ensemble means a jacket and tie and for women a “trouser or skirt suit” is necessary. Additionally, those that dare to wear denim or sneakers — also known as “trainers” across the pond — will not be admitted and casually dressed members of the media will be turned away.

I can see why there would be a statement put out to remind reporters.  If I were going to try to interview the Duchess I would currently be meeting with my team of hair, makeup artists.  I’d have my personal shopper and tailor working on my Chanelesque type suit.  I’d make sure my pearls were ready!  And I’d have my cotillion teacher on speed dial.

Kate Middleton is the new fashion icon.  Now I find that she plays it pretty safe.  I do however think that in a few years we’ll start to see her become a tad bit more daring.  Think Princess Di on the night that her ex was airing his dirty laundry and Princess Di was out and about showing that she didn’t need him!

Princess Diana - Style Icon - Kate and William Wedding

Princess Di, 1994

I can’t wait for this visit!

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Why don’t I watch more movies?

My hubby and I are the WORST about watching movies.  We never go!  We rarely watch them at home.  Every year just before the Oscars I debate seeing at least one movie that is nominated.  I even pretend that we’ll see all of them.  Yet, if I see even two that is a big deal!

This week while I have been finishing up addressing Thanksgiving cards (I am going blind!) I have had the t.v. on in the morning when I am home alone.  I like the company.  I can’t take it being quiet while I address envelope after envelope.  It just makes it go faster to have t.v. on.

I’ve ended up tuning into a movie here and there and immediately gotten hooked.  I ended up watching Hollywoodland and was blown away with how good the movie actually was.  Ben Affleck plays George Reeves.  George Reeves was the actor that played Superman back in the 50s.  on television.  Adrien Brody is one of the main actors in Hollywoodland.  It kind of reminded me of a Indy film.

But, I was suprised to read that originally my cousins were supposed to direct the movie.  I had no idea.  I would have loved to see what they would have done differently in the movie.
I think it’s a hidden secret movie to like.  It should have received an Oscar in my opinion.  For something!

I am not a huge Ben Affleck fan.  But, I think this probably could be one of the best roles he ever played!  The end of the movie just makes you realize…….George Reeves could have been a great actor if it had not been for the period of time he started acting.  Plus, back then how studios signed actors and gave them very little choices.

It also was fun to watch and see how “Hollywood Glam” was depicted.  Just in time for a consult of a bride that is looking for Hollywood Glam.  I only half joke when I say that apparently you need to include chain smoking if you want to achieve true Hollywood!  Goodness!


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A lot of times you see things that are styled just for a photo shoot.  In reality it could never work for an event.  This photos is some what like that…..

I think this is just beautiful

I see those candles and immediately think about a bride walking by it and her veil going up in flames.

But, this is GORGEOUS and I’d totally do this for photos.  This is just swoon worthy.  I would have wanted to get married on this staircase.  It’s so pretty.

Take the little candles away and keep it as is.  Don’t you just love pretty?


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Thanksgiving craft….

I wish I had thought of this years ago!

Thanksgiving Table Runner - Last year, I started a Thanksgiving table runner. I took an old creme table runner I had, and used my kids handprints to paint turkeys. This year we updated it with "new turkeys". I think it will be so fun to watch the handprints get bigger through the years.

This is so cute.  I am actually about six months behind on hand prints of the kids.  Add it to the list of things that stresses me out.  But, then I remember that neither myself or my husband have handprints of our lives since birth.  I actually don’t even know if either of us has a handprint project to flaunt.  Well, other than that standard boring white plaster one. Doesn’t everyone have that?  I think I have two…….and they are stored away.  So what was the point?

This is just so cute!

Tonight my husband was talking about our Thanksgiving tradition.  He had a great point when he said “our tradition is that we never do the same thing every year.”  I had not thought of that before.  Each year is different!  Priss told me tonight that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday.  I asked why.  She named dishes of food.  Apple does not fall far from the tree.

Next week I will be in full baking mode.  I am so excited.  Do you need a pumpkin cheesecake?  Let me know.  I am going to attempt a gluten free one this year for our friends.  They don’t know…..unless they are reading this.




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It was a gorgeous weekend!

Not here in Denver.  From what I hear.  But, in Las Vegas where we were it was swoon worthy weather.

We were able to get away for a few days with friends in Vegas thanks to my friends BR, AM, and CH who divided and conquered with my children.  Then of course our honorary family member and ex-nanny who we will never let leave us AK.  The kids had a blast.

I was a wreck leaving the kids.  I hate leaving my kids.  Plus, it took so much to get them taken care of so we could get away.  I think I finally got excited for the trip as we got into the air.  Until then…..I had not been able to look forward to it.  Packing, meal planning, etc.,.

I love Vegas because it’s a fast trip and it seems like a whole other world.  We are not big gamblers.  I did however find myself trying my hand at craps.  Oh me.  I knew there was a reason I shouldn’t leave the comfort of the 25 cent slot machine.

But, just as you relax and rewind you get back on the plane and get home and realize…….there is a lot to do.  Thanksgiving is next week.  NEXT WEEK.  As in 9 days y’all.

This year we have a quick Christmas season on us too.  I was talking to my mom this morning going over things to do for Christmas.  I’m glad I make lists.  I’d be a mess otherwise.

Last night we were so exhausted and it was so cold out.  So of course we watched “Home Alone.”  Oh it put me in the mood for the holidays.  A week from this Friday I am sure I will have a tree up!  Eeeks I can’t wait.

Meanwhile the Food Network has this holiday competition show on Christmas baking going on.  Have you seen? Baking Championship  The host is Bobby Deen.  I just love him.  He’s never trying too hard.  He just does his thing.  He doesn’t claim to be a chef but he still knows food.  I realized I need to get a basic cookie recipe down in my mind while watching last night.  What if I had to suddenly bake on demand?  I need to be prepared!

They were making thumb print cookies, snowflake shaped, biscotti, etc.,.  I was starving just watching.  Priss was into the show.  It was so fun watching together.  She’s such a mini me some days.  She said we needed to decide the ‘cookie’ that we’ll bake for Santa this year.  Love that girl.  Without realizing it she has even started her own tradition.  I swoon!

One of the contestants on the show is from Denver.  His name is David.  Now I love his story.  Not the actual story of his struggle.  Once homeless…..  But, he’s a fighter. I like a fighter who picks themselves up and keeps going.  He is a caterer here in Denver, and I must admit I have never heard of his company.  I’m hoping he does well.  He has a good energy and seems so fun.

There’s a lot of great bakers on the show.  I am intrigued.  I told my aunt this past week that I am not a baker.  She did not like that.  I can hold my own.  But, it’s not my thing.  I get bored with baking.  Usually after the first dozen cookies come out of the oven I am over it.  I hope Priss is into it.  I am fine with mixing and getting a batter together.  I am hoping as she get’s older she’ll be the one to deal with the actual oven baking time.

I am in full mode for the holidays.  I have visions of garland, trees, and gingerbread houses in my head!

But, first I have 856 more cards to address for Thanksgiving!

CHeers y’all!!!!





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Host a get together for fall

I love hosting parties.  Sometimes I wish there was more time in a weekend to see more friends.

I saw this cute little idea on Pinterest.  I love an easy party to host.  This could be as complicated or uncomplicated as you like:

Chili Bar for a Sports Party with Fritos, Hot Dogs and Baked Potatoes - yes please

Do a crock pot of mac n cheese.

Do a crock pot of baked potatoes.

The above picture is for styling.  Believe me you don’t want to serve a plate of french fries cold.  So if you did those add them on a slab of stone heated from underneath with sterno.
Everything here can be done ahead.  Do a spicy green chilli.  Or a veggie chilli.  But, definitely do meat one too.

If you can’t find a ton of little bags of fritos, just do one big one.   You can also find them on amazon.  A 1 oz. bag is plenty as well.

For a bar do beer, wine, water.  Easy!

Just add friends and a football game and you have a party!






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November 2014 Recipe List - Southern Living

Goodness, Thanksgiving seems like it’s months away.  Yet, it’s only a few weeks.  There is so much going on between Thanksgiving and now that I fear I’ll not be able to plan like I typically do.

In truth I really just wish I could pull out the Christmas bins and start watching Christmas movies!  I have been looking at Christmas cards (don’t  have a photo for it but whatever!)  I have been Christmas shopping.  I’ve been planning my tree!  What I’ll wear Christmas morning.  Odd?  You are so not Southern if you don’t get that!  I mean it’s very important to look good while unwrapping gifts.

On a whole other topic… many of y’all know……for Halloween I went as Scarlett O’Hara.  I wore her bathrobe.  SWOON!

Scarlett and the robe!

I had layers upon layers of ruffles up my sleeve.  It was a dream!  I seriously contemplated having the robe remade with less ruffles and shorter because I needed crinoline under it.  I didn’t wear it though.  I also needed it smaller because it was really big on me.

I think this robe would be the perfect opening Christmas gifts outfit.  We typically are in our pjs all day on Christmas anyway.  It’s the best!  Until dinner.  Then we always dress for dinner like we are going to South Fork for dinner with JR and Ms. Ellie.

So before I get too far ahead of myself I am making lists for Thanksgiving.  This recipe for pumpkin tart with almond toffee looks amazing.  But, for some reason I think it looks better than how it probably turns out if you recreate at home.  Don’t you think?

I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a great etiquette refresher.  I actually was just at a dinner party three nights ago and everything got passed the wrong direction.  Not a big deal at all!  But, I swear it always confuses people the serve people from the left pass to the right.  Right is right.  That’s always the little tip you learn in cotillion.

Infographic: Thanksgiving table setting & etiquette guide | The Salt Lake Tribune

I’m going to start practicing my turkey napkin folding!  How cute are those!

Good luck everyone.  I have lists of lists of lists.

I am so glad we are now in holiday season mode!!!!  It’s the best time of year!


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It’s still fall!

Autumn Tumblr Picks - Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog.

It’s been crazy warm!  In fact hot.  I am still wearing shorts.  I am loving it.  But, at the same time I worry daily that I will wake up tomorrow and have a foot of snow.
Halloween is only 8 days away!  I am hoping it’s this warm!!

Except for the wrought iron lamp post, the river, the super high brick wall……..this is exactly what our street looks like currently.  Okay just my sidewalk in front of my house because nobody wants to really rake leaves until all the trees have dropped their leaves.

Happy fall.  I hope you continue to enjoy it like we are!



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