Summer Bucket List

Do y’all do bucket lists with your kids for summer?  This is our third or fourth year doing one.  Typically we have the staples on our list:

Go to beach

Go to pool



Library trips

But, we do try to add some new things here and there.  This year I kept it simple and printed a sheet out of forty things to do.  I’m happy to say we’ve already blown thru quite a few of them.  We still have the list from summer 2014 hanging up.  Mostly because I feel guilt that we never finished it last year!

So this year I made a goal of only completing 90% of the list.

If you haven’t done a bucket list, do one!  It’s not too late!

And you will be surprised after looking at this list I found below, that you may have already done a good number of these.  Who does 16o things in one summer?  I mean we love downtime around here!  But, this list is good for inspiring ideas.

160 Summer Fun List IdeasAQUA-2

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This summer has been going by with lazy days that I am now forgetting which day of the week it is from time to time.  So in a word it’s PERFECT.

If you live here in Seattle……I mean Denver you’ll know that the rain, hail and storms has gotten to be just a drag.  I had to fight the bad mood yesterday.  It was depressing to walk out and see once again that all my lily pads on the fish pond (first world problems clearly) are shredded.  There were leaves floating on top and in the bottom.  I got the net out and got to work.  I was a bit shocked to see that the fish were actually trying to jump into the net.  So I have to wonder what is on the bottom of that fish pond that they don’t like.  I’d rather not know.  I’ll leave that for my husband.

This week I was only too happy to discover a pasta dish that everyone devoured.  Including the Bubba.  I usually have to ask him before plating dinner if he will go with the red sauce or whatever I’ve made to go with a pasta.  Since it was technically a white pasta with white cheese (parmesan) I didn’t ask.  Everyone proclaimed it to be one of their favorites.  And given it was a cheap dish, easy, and one dish meal I’ll gladly make it again!!!!

Garlic Lemon Pasta

Even though it’s summer we are still busy with workbooks, reading programs, visits to the library and researching anything we think of.  There’s been lot’s of games of Guess Who and 20 questions.  Yesterday Priss was all too happy when she stumped me on a fruit, with a seed (I should have asked if it was a pit) red, round with stem.  Ummmm I couldn’t get past apple for some reason.  I mentally walked the aisles of the grocery store a million times.  It was a cherry!  It made her day that I couldn’t get it.  It worried me I was losing my mind.

I am on a reading frenzy again.  I currently am reading Astronaut Wives Club

Just in time for the new show on ABC

Astronaut Wives Club

It’s a great and quick read.  I am so intrigued by the stories.  Plus, add in that ABC just aired the second show last night and it’s my summer addiction.  I even got Hubby to watch a bit.  It is history after all.  And I love being able to chime in little details from the book.

I could have been in this club!  But, I would not have smoked like a chimney.  I would have shown up with champagne to support another wife.  I would not have turned a wife away from being there to support me.  BUT I would have totally been that wife that put on the smile and carried on over a flight.  NOT over the mess that went on with girls that liked to visit the husbands at hotels.  Oh.  I just don’t think so.  That would have made me furious and I doubt my marriage would have stayed in tact.  It is interesting to see that the astronauts were heros to all of America at that time.  Yet, they had babies and children at home that never knew them.  If you are not watching catch up and get on board!

I’m so excited to see these arrive in the mail today.

My new Pulls for a project that I have not figured out yet.

Lion Head Design Ring Pull 2-3/8"

Lion Head pull

I don’t know what I’m going to use these with or for.  But, I’m using them.  They may stay gold.  They may get painted.  I have no idea.  I just think they are darling and for the price how couldn’t I buy like 20 of them.

I am ready for the weekend.  Although every day right now feels like the weekend for us.  I am loving summer and right now yes I am still happy that the kids are home for the summer.  Yes, we keep having moments where I have to say stop touching one another.  But, yesterday when Priss made a crown for Bubba’s puppy because after all Puppy is the king of Bubba’s bed……..his words……….it made me happy that they get to spend days without plans and just come up with their own creative playtime.  It’s amazing how happy the house is when you leave a table set up with markers, crayons and paper all day long.  I wish I was still little.

Happy Friday!

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Prayers for Charleston

If you are not familiar with Charleston, it is known as the “Holy City” due to the amount of churches in such a small area.

Beloved Charleston

It was one of the first cities that tolerated, allowed all religions.  Though Catholics didn’t exactly make that cut at first. If you are again not familiar with Charleston, then you don’t grasp how religious the area is.  Church is part of your social life.  It always has been.  From years of pews with families names on them……to wait lists at the most popular churches for brides to get married in their own home church.  Church is very social but also the heart of the family and community.

In Charleston when they hold a prayer group today for the victims of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, it will be gut wrenching.  It’s effected everyone.  Not just one little church.

Charleston is home away from home for us.  My children consider it along with the beach near by to be their other home.  It’s always been a place for us to get away and to spend time together and have nothing but happy memories.

Today is with such a heavy heart to see such violence that came from a place of evil hatred.

Prayers for Charleston.  For the victims and their families.  I keep thinking about the family member that said good-bye to their loved one as they left for bible study.  Who ever thinks something like this will happen when going to church?  Life can change so quickly.  The pastor that leaves behind a wife and two children.  It’s a sad day.

Today our thoughts our with Charleston.


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It’s summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve started this post at least 20x.  Summer is in full swing here.  I had to ask the bride to be that called for a consult if she meant the correct date when she said Christmas.  I am so ready for warm weather and sunshine that I can’t imagine that in 6 months it will be Christmas!

It has been a summer of monsoon weather for us for the most part.  Some how I was not shocked when the neighborhood party rolled around and it was raining at 4 p.m.  After all there were going to be about 20 some children attending so that would be my luck!  But, the sun came out and the kids were able to be outside.  24 hours later we were watching it pour rain!

Plants are getting enough water.  But, I wouldn’t say this was a good thing!  I am totally obsessed with my ferns this summer.  I decided to change it all up this year.  I am still learning how to garden in our yard.  Shade seems to be on my side more than I thought.

My fern planter #summer2015

My Little Fern Urn……

I am not even joking, that I open my door and go out and look at this urn about ten times a day.  I planted this before a party at the end of May.  I thought I’d get a week or two out of it because the fern roots were looking ragged.  I did what I do best, and stuffed, shoved a bunch of plants in the urn around the roots.  The impatients were teeny tiny.  I bought them in a 6 pack and they were looking sickly.  I have two other planters with ferns and other odds and ends around the fish pond.  They too are looking pretty good.

Sadly this is where my new cushions are spending their time this summer for the most part.

#cushions #patio #blueandwhite #chinoiserie

My patio cushions that I planned a party to debut……only to have rain.

Y’all know I’m not even exaggerating that I planned a party around these cushions.  But, whatever.  There always is another party to be hosted.  I did get to have them out last week for the neighbors.  But, I am so paranoid of hail shredding these I keep them under the covered patio most of the time.

We meanwhile are loving the pool when we can.  You know when it’s not raining.  Even the grass is corded off at the pool so that makes it less fun for the kids when it’s adult swim.  They all have finally found their way around yellow police tape to the playground.

Today is the first day since school got out that we really don’t have to be anywhere.  I don’t know if I should get to planning or just let children do nothing.  Nada.

I know without a doubt I can always keep myself busy with laundry!


Happy Summer.

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Today we have a crawfish boil to attend.  I just can’t even wait!  We use to host one.  But, after an over dose of crawfish it took me almost six years to eat one again.

Crawfish Time

I will be wearing something that I don’t care about it getting ruined or not.

I have a cute hostess gift for a cute hostess.

And I am so glad we are looking forward to the summer!  Only a few more days to go til vacation.

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I love pretty

This makes me so calm.  Even though I know there are fake flowers in here.  But, still.  It’s pretty and so special!

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Dreaming of summer

Paddle Board on the Creek

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Entertaining at home

Lately I feel like I’ve been doing great with my menus, prep time and just opening our home to friends, colleagues and more friends.

When we have company I always ask if there are any dietary issues.  The one I hear the most lately is gluten free.  I must admit when I started doing the GF menus I was between aggravated (everything I do requires flour it seemed like) or scared to death I was going to poison someone.  GF you don’t poison.  But, you can certainly make a guest sick for a few days!

I’ve been pushing everyone to come over and eat what I have declared to be the best ribs ever.  No they are not probably.  But, considering how easy they are to make and how it’s allowed me more time to chat and not sit in the kitchen cooking, I think they are the best.

I have found a fabulous dessert now though.  I make bananas foster pretty much for everyone. It’s GF.  It’s yummy.  It packs a ‘wow’ factor when you light the bananas on fire.  And again, I can put everything in the pan, slice bananas into it and I’m done.  I even have started prescooping bowls of ice cream and keeping them in the freezer.

Paula Deen was the clear winner in the recipe for bananas foster.  I tried a few ad they were not impressive or never turned out.  Very aggravating when you are in fact using a stick of butter (which keep it in perspective this can feed 8 people easily!)

Bananas Foster from Paula Deen.

Remove from gas flame before lighting it up!!!!!

Remember to take it off the burner (especially if you cook over gas like I do) before throwing a match on the rum.

I have been serving with either a really good vanilla ice cream or gelato.  You can’t go wrong either way!

It’s a really old school dessert.  I can remember you were considered to have gone out to a really fancy restaurant if you had this made for you at your table.  Or if you had someone at a wedding making it at the country club.  That was a big deal.

So funny how things are trendy one day then forgotten another day.

So I’m bring back old school I guess you could say!

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Cake Tables

I’ve been thinking about cake tables for two straight weeks.

We have a venue to work in that is not the typical wedding venue.  So the challenges of making it look like a wedding but not making it look over the top trying hard not to make it look like a wedding………is on my mind constantly.  Does that make sense?  If you are in the wedding business you get it I am sure.

I’ve had so many cake table photos sent to me and I listen to why someone likes them.  But, sometimes they don’t understand that they like them because it’s a massive styled wedding shoot.

If you like a look and it’s all the candles great.  But, what about if your wedding is in the fall before time change and you are outside?  It’s not dark until 8?  You cut the cake at 6?  So why do you want candles?  These are the things I keep talking about and thinking about.  But, then you see a cake that looks great in the daytime and it’s due to the $400 worth of cut flowers that have been styled around the cake.  It’s been fun to dissect picture after picture.  And let’s just say I crave cake daily!!!!!

I am not going to be doing this below

San Francisco Wedding at Presidio Social Club | Snippet & Ink. Stunning sequin tablecloth!

But, I am in love with the simplicity.  How easy to copy this, right?

Yes and no……..

If you don’t have a room that looks like this, I don’t know that it would be the same if it was sitting in a room full of tables with cream tablecloths and simple centerpieces.  Banquet style hotel chairs, need not to apply!  Know what I mean?

This is what they had

Josh Gruetzmacher

It’s gorgeous together.

Weddings now are all about pinterest photos.  But, it always goes back to how can you make that inspiration photo work for your event?  It takes a lot of layers!  It takes mixing and matching patterns and textures.

And don’t even get me started on thinking about doing a fabric back drop!  The mix of fabrics I keep putting together is beyond addictive to play around with!

I love my job!



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Happy Mother’s day to all….and to all a goodnight!

I woke up exhausted today.  We had a very busy and big weekend.

Today was quiet and spent at home.  It was so sweet to have two children that couldn’t see me quickly enough this morning to say “Happy Mothers day”  (mudder if you were a Bubba) and give hugs and kisses.

I feel fortunate to have a husband that makes sure he not only appreciates me every day of the year, but he makes sure the kids know to thank me.  Priss wrote a little card at school that said thank you for all my hard work.  So sweet!

It was called my day all day by my hubby and children.  I didn’t push for anything until late afternoon when hubby poured a glass of Veuve for me.  I turned on season three of Golden Girls and curled up under a blanket with Priss.  It made my day.  Bubba took a three hour nap.  That made everyone’s day!

I opened cards and gifts from my family. My mom even sent a box of goodies.  I think the kids were more excited for me to open the box from Nana.  I can’t believe Mother’s day has come and gone!  It’s May!!!!!  Wasn’t it just Christmas?

We had snow in Denver.  Again.  It was like this last year.  So I didn’t get to enjoy planting flowers with the kids.  I am looking forward to sunny days this week!

May has turned out to be one really busy month.  Teas at school and for ballet, performances to attend for the end of the year, school functions, dinners, company visiting, trips being taken.  When the last day of school gets here I think we are going to take a week and just hide out.  Sleep in late and just enjoy not rushing off to anything.  Of course I think we have tennis camps that first week!

I wish I had been with my mom.  But, it was nice to be with my little family and get pampered.  It went too fast!  I love how proud they always are of the treat they make at school.

I feel like I am in the calm before the storm right now.  It’s so hectic.  So I am going to go and enjoy my book and try to get eight hours of sleep!

Happy Mother’s day!




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