Christmas vacation! This and That

I have been debating removing all the greenery and replacing it.  Take it down.  Or let the dry stuff just be.  I just can’t get into fake garland.  First world problems!!!!

This week we went to the production of Wonderbounds, Winter.  Oh me oh my.  It was just wonderful.  The kids loved it!  That was there something to do from the Advent calendar.  We had perfect seats.  Hubby loved telling the kids where his car was once parked in that garage (it use to be a car dealer of luxury cars space.  I use that term luxury loosely since that car of Hubbys is old now and is ready to be traded in.  He keeps his cars til they blow up.  Just ask him since his wife blew up his last one.)

Bubba surprised us by really liking the ballet.  I asked him his favorite part.  He said where Damien Patterson was crying.  Okay.  That’s nice.  Wonderbound is modern dance company that is traditional with a twist of limitless reinvention.  They use to be Ballet Nouveau which of course I supported.  Now they have brought the company downtown to Denver.  Sarah Tallman is probably one of my favorite dancers ever.  Seriously, she walked out and I got teary.  I just think she is an amazing dancer.  If you have said that you just can’t sit through a ballet, then go to a production of Wonderbound.  You’ll love it.

I love the space.  The area of town can be a bit different than going to a suburb to watch a show.  But, the energy of downtown and being in such an intimate setting are marvelous!

We survived (or is that I survived) class parties.  With a hot chocolate bar where I gave all the kids as much whipped cream as they wanted and every fixing they could ask for, it was a sure sugar hit.

There was a reindeer food bar……and that cracked me up watching what a group of first graders put together for food.  Some refused glitter.  Others went heavy on the peppermint marshmallows (reindeer prefer peppermint to keep their breathes smelling fresh!)

Christmas Party for kids reindeer food. Reindeers eat too, sprinkle on the lawn Xmas eve. Oats, glitter, flying dust, crushed chips etc

Yesterday was half day of school.  Mass in the morning to send the children off for two weeks.  You know I have to say I am always surprised when Priss remembers a prayer all on her own.  Having religion as part of the daily school experience is pretty great.

She handed out her cards to her teachers.  One of her teachers told me that they had to go down to her main class to say hello in an effort for Priss to be able to give her card directly to him.  She would not let anyone else give out her cards.  Then he said her card was super cute what she wrote.  I didn’t even know what she had written.  So I thought it was sweet that she took time to really make a point and thank her teacher herself.

After dropping centerpieces yesterday for the teachers luncheon and trying to fit in a few errands before school was out, I decided drive through carpool was the way to go for me.  I hated to miss out on chatting with all the other parents, but I just didn’t feel up to hearing “what are your plans for Christmas?”  We are here.  We are always here!  We do not travel at Christmas.  We may one day.  But, I think it’s a good ten years off!

This year my parents are not here and it’s really been hard on us.  My husband has a million cousins and they use to all see one another at Christmas.  Now that his grandmother is no longer here, Christmas changed.  And it was going to change because people get married, have their own kids, and sometimes move.  Then there are three families (his, hers and theirs.)  I only attended two or three Christmas gatherings at his grandmothers and I do miss them.  I know he misses those holidays because it’s the only way he ever celebrated Christmas growing up.  Change is hard.  But, memories are so nice to have!

I was only a little surprised when Priss got in the car and the door had not even closed and the tears started and she said “I just want Nana and Pop pop to be here for Christmas. I miss Nana and Pop Pop.  Why can’t they come?  I just want them toooooooooooooo”  It tore my heart out.  I had been sitting in carpool watching the grandparents that are here to visit waiting with parents to pick up kids.  It only hurts a tad bit more(I think) when Priss has friends that also refer to grandparents as Nana, Pop Pop, or Gdaddy which is kind of funny.  Gdaddy is my husbands good friends father!!!!  She was crying.  I started crying.  I pulled up in carpool and her teacher was crying (she is awesome and she is a crier which makes me look not as much of a crier. )  I told Priss to call Nana and Pop pop and tell them asap how upset she was.  Guilt.  It’s a powerful thing.  At least then, someone else could cry!  Either way it’s hard being away from my parents, brother and sister in law and the new baby this Christmas.

We decided dinner out was in order last night.  Hapa Sushi since Hubby had been craving sushi lately.  It was awesome!!!  We ordered a lobster roll with this warm garlic sauce on top.  Oh goodness.  Delish!!!!  Bubba ordered the pbj sushi roll.  As he dipped it in his whipped cream with his chopsticks (he did great with those) he said “I could eat this forever.”  Ha!

Today is an errand day with the Priss.  I can’t believe Christmas will be here in 5 days.  Can you?

This year has been so wonderful!  It’s been a short Christmas season on the heels of Thanksgiving.  But, it’s been so fun.  I think four is the best year to watch a child react to Christmas.  Like they finally get it, but are still so innocent.  It’s magical.

Tomorrow is breakfast with a surprise visit from Santa.  So excited because they are going to all out over the toys Santa brings.  And I can’t wait to see Priss in the smocked dress that has hung in her closet for five years waiting for her to grow into it.  Just in time for her not to like smocked things now.  But, I don’t care. She’s wearing it!!!!  Typical Southern mother abuse!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season and feeling blessed.  This week there have been a few scary health things happen to friends that were life threatening.  Our friends are not even 45!  We’ve said extra prayers this week.


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I’m so fancy….apparently….

It was like a month ago when my friend said her son Mr. O said “Why is she so fancy?”  I think he went on to say everything is always nice?  I’m not 100% certain.

Then yesterday a friends daughter was over and she said the exact same thing.  “It’s always so fancy and pretty.”

Well, I am sure that would offend some people.  NOT ME!!!!!  I loved it.  And I loved these children for thinking or noticing!

I do not set out to be fancy.  I just like pretty. I like nice things.  I’d rather do without something if it can’t be the exact thing I want.  Which is why if you came to my house I don’t have any furniture in the basement.  My laundry room is not how I want it.  I have the same ugly paint in my half bath because I want wallpaper that is still up for debate in regards to how much I need.  I can’t find a wallpaper person to save my life that can fit me in or that I trust to do the job as perfect as I know it needs to be done due to the design.

My latest fancy move has been to put my silver in a drawer where I can use it more often.

I use the Francis I the most.  Fairfax in the bottom photo is the silver from our wedding.  I love it so much. My husband picked it out b/c it had the European sizing when we looked at silver and it didn’t look like he was holding silverware for a Barbie.

This year for Christmas I have asked for another pattern of silver though.  In serving pieces and even place settings.  And can you say it may be a tad bit ‘fancy’

So I want the Repousse by Stieff.  Repousse has been knocked off so many times it’s hard to keep up with which pattern is which.  Southern Rose is one that I even confuse with the original and perfect Repousse.

I love it so.  When we got married I didn’t even look at it because I knew it was way to frilly for my hubby to be.  It also was really pricey in comparison to the ones we looked at.  So of course you can imagine right now in 2014 it’s not a bargain by any means.

I love that I gave my hubby the idea b/c over dinner he gave me a history of the pattern.  He is a man that likes to research.  I never thought for a second he’d get into the history of a silver pattern.  Goodness!  It becomes a great little project for him.  He started the conversation with “did you know that the pattern dates back to 1828?”  Ummmm no.  I didn’t.  Do tell!!!!

I doubt I see much of this under the tree from Santa or my husband.  I’d take a spoon!  I told my husband to go to Replacements and see what they have. I also pointed out I will be glad to take it used, monogrammed, etc.,.  He was surprised.  I was all like “do you not know me at all?”  The older the better.  I’ll take a monogram any day.  I don’t care if it has a monogram that’s not mine.  It is more interesting that way!!!!  Who wants new money silver?  I want old money silver where we can pretend that maybe some Southern woman buried it during the Civil war so that it wouldn’t be stolen by a soldier on either side.

I found it interesting to see what the top 20 patterns are that are purchased most often at Replacements.  Silver top 20 at Replacements.  I know someone that has every single one of these.  I’m always fascinated by silver.  To some it’s just a fork or spoon.  To me it’s a piece of art!

So this Christmas here’s to getting a little bit fancier.  Who can’t use a seafood fork?  Or lemon fork?  That’s super fancy!


Added note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have received a few questions on why I don’t use Fairfax as often.  I use it often!!!!  I just keep it in a silver case that is not as easy to get to soometimes.  Plus, the design is very clean.  So it can scratch easier.  I keep meaning to get it monogrammed.  But, I never do!!!!  Once it’s monogrammed I’ll feel better about putting it in a drawer where it may get piled on top of one another.  It’s so pretty the way it is now.  I don’t want to mess it up.  As it is I had a Francis I spoon meet it’s maker in the disposal a month or so ago.  I still hear the metal sound screeching.  About killed me.  I’m just glad it wasn’t my wedding silver!!!!!!!  Hence why I count it as I clean up.  I don’t want one to fall down the drain!!!! Or in the trash.



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Busy busy week!

It’s the week before school is out.  It’s gonna be a doozie!

I have a mom’s night, we have a show to see as a family.  I’m dying over that because while I doubt the Bubba is into it his sister is going to fall over with happiness.

Two class parties.

I have a zillion centerpieces and favors to get ready for teachers for the annual Christmas luncheon.  But, in reality the favors are lottery tickets!  So that is way easy.

Packages to mail.

Shopping to finish for hubby.

Things to wrap before our visit with Santa that is sure to be a big surprise!!!!

Meals to plan for.

I am just so very happy it’s the last week before vacation.  I love when the kids are home! We’ll sleep in a bit.  Have relaxing mornings compared to a school morning.  But, see friends and do a few fun activities.  I am so thankful to be home and enjoy these days with the kids.  I finished up all my billing and paperwork and I do not have an event to deal with until February.  So it’s definitely the happiest time of year for me!  I get to enjoy the days!!!

Happy Monday.  I’m off to stand in line and mail mail mail mail mail!!!!




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Christmas is officially here!

It doesn’t seem like Christmas until we have gotten thru our school Christmas programs.  It’s so cute to see all the kids, dressed up and walking in their little lines to take their place on risers, the floor, the rafters, etc.,.

At our school we pack in like sardines each year to wait for an hour to watch a half hour program.  You get there early for a place.  And it’s kind of funny now to watch the parents that are new.  You can always tell who is new because it is like a fish out of a water situation. I usually try to tell them what to do.  But, it’s one of those things where you learn on your own.

Rarely do I remember the songs they sing from year to year.  But, one thing for sure I do remember how they acted when they saw us sitting and waving from the audience.  Bubba was doing his ear to ear grin.  He was very serious about his singing.  We have all had to listen to hours of his practicing Jingle bells.

Our annual shopping for Christmas date night is complete!  As always the one child we enjoyed shopping for the most of all was Aaron G.  We were in hysterics in the wrestling aisle of the toy store.  That kid is so easy to buy for and never really asks for much (aside from a real wrestling ring in his backyard.)

Priss has been telling us that she doesn’t really want anything because she has everything she wants.  So sweet.  Bubba has surprised us with a very elaborate request about a toy we swear he only caught a glimpse of for about ten seconds.  It’s gonna be tricky.

I was asked to please explain how we do Christmas again.  I guess I must have blogged at some point but I don’t know where it is in the archives.

So with that said…..

In an effort to keep it simple this is what we follow…….

We do three presents from Santa. Bubba and Priss exchange a gift.
One present from us to each child.
In stockings in our house we all get 12 presents each.  Stockings are a big deal in our house.  They were a huge deal when I was growing up!  SO I love carrying on that tradition.  In our stockings you can have anything from a piece of candy to something elaborate.  You never know.  But, all of the stocking items are wrapped and we open those at the end of the night.  I hate when Christmas is just over.  So the stockings being kept til the end of the night is a fun way to make sure we have a longer Christmas day.

When it comes to the gifts from grandparents we have never put any restrictions on that.  I always have thought that it’s their right to buy whatever they want.  Usually we are asked what the kids want and I will give a few ideas.  I do tend to ask for at least one gift that they will have as a keepsake.  I don’t always ask for that because my mom has gotten pretty good lately with just randomly giving me something.  Like maybe a tray that was from her mother.  Or these old books from Christmas that my grandmother on my dads side use to set out.  One set of grandparents started a college fund so typically they do a hefty donation to that.  I am always so thankful for that college fund when I see those predictions of how much college will cost by the time our kids are 18!  Yikes.  The other grandparents give to a savings account.  Our kids are very fortunate that they have grandparents that are so giving.  I was chatting with a friend recently who was a bit upset because her child had asked for one gift and it was all she was asking for.  When my friend told her mother in law , it just was not met with open arms.  I felt sad for her mother in law because when you are a grandparent  (that can afford it) don’t you just want to be the super star in a grandchilds life with that one and only gift?

Aunts, uncles, godparents and friends that are family all send gifts as well.  It does get crazy!  But, they always send the exact gift that the kids may not have asked for because they didn’t know it existed maybe.  They are usually really creative gifts.  It’s awesome!

During Advent we have a calendar that each day the kids rush to.  I try to keep away from toys.  On some days I do have to fall back on something easy because we may have a crazy evening.  So for the night of the Christmas program the kids picked a tag that gave them coloring books that told the story of Jesus.  They received new markers and crayons because they were in need of those!

We try to give experiences.  Yesterday the experience was to pick out three toys to give away. We do things like hot chocolate for breakfast, drive around and see Christmas lights, wrap presents, write a letter to Santa, etc.,.  So the Advent calendar has been awesome in the way that we can incorporate our traditions and have an Advent calendar hand in hand.  There are so many traditions at Christmas (I think everyone feels like they have so much to keep up with) that it can be daunting to cram it in over those days from Thanksgiving to Christmas day.  You have your normal crazy school day, added in with Christmas parties, programs it gets busy really fast.  I’ve gotten better at being organized.  Hence why you see me in June already thinking about Christmas!

This year has been one of my favorite Christmas times yet.  Last year we had painters in our house up until the week before.  I hadn’t even unpacked my closet!  I tried so hard to keep everything normal and on schedule.  But, goodness it was a lot of work!!  I am sure things fell thru the cracks.

This year has been great!  Plus, the kids are at such a fun age.  I love the squeals in the morning  seeing the elves for the first time.  They then run to their ‘chocolate’ Advent calendars.  They read their bible verse for the morning and then try to figure out how their elf pulled off their latest antics.

The kids are just as excited to get Christmas cards in the mail now too.  They love and appreciate the three trees that are decorated in our house this year.  I know Christmas changes as they get older.  They grow up so fast and Santa doesn’t necessarily mean the same from year to year.  I dread that day.  But, for now it’s so fun to hear the innocence.  Since we do send our kids to Catholic school, we have never had to deal with kids not understanding why we celebrate Christmas.  Priss still says almost daily that Christmas is not all about presents.  Being a Southern girl y’all know it warms my heart that I have a child that loves Jesus and already feels comfortable to share that love for Jesus with others.  It’s so sweet!!!

So with that it’s a snowy Christmas in the air kind of Sunday around here.  We are wrapping gifts, watching football, and spending the day in pjs.  I love these days.

I love your questions.  Thank you for the sweet emails.  I hope your Christmas is feeling as sweet and wonderful as ours.  Wish me luck I am going to try to make a new type of fudge to give as gifts.  We shall see!!!!







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How to have a Christmas open house

Tis the season!  To throw and attend parties.

This weekend we had back to back to back parties to attend.  This is the first year (thus far) that we are not hosting a party.  Not because I didn’t plan to.  But, before I could commit to a date suddenly we had invitations pouring in and honestly I don’t think we wanted to miss a single party.  As was the case this weekend where we dashed all over town to hit up a few homes.

One party we attended was with old neighbors.  I didn’t let myself fully think about who we would be seeing that night until I got ready to go out.  I was beside myself.  I miss our old neighbors so much.  It was so good when it was good!  If that makes sense.  Now everyone has left our block that we once lived on.  I am glad we are no longer there if we would have been the last ones there.  It wouldn’t have been the same.

I was asked over and over this weekend if we were going to have a party.  And I hmmmm and I hahhhh.  Is that the right phrase?  I so want to have a party.  I love to host parties.  But, we are at a point where I don’t even know where to end a guest list.  I am truly the over inviter.  I like when everyone is together.  I don’t want to leave anyone out!!!! I’ve been like this my entire life.

Tallgrass Design: Mary Carol Garrity Holiday Home Tour 2012I’ve been thinking out buffets, bars, and where oh where to throw a bunch of children.  I think that is my hang up.  The kids issue.  There’s too many of them.  What if it snows!!!

Okay so with that said, how do I host and plan and set up  for a holiday party where I do a buffet?  I’ve pretty much dialed it in over the years.

My dining table is set up with all the main food.  I do two main dishes.  Usually something like shrimp and grits and then either a chicken dish or beef.  I use to do pulled pork from North Carolina.  But, they don’t ship any longer.  Which kills me!!!!  Something that does need plates!!!!  Then I do sides that cover one thing for each dietary issue.  Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian.  Then about three sides that are considered heavy appetizers and are a free for all.

I always make those three appetizers the same…..because they are most requested:  sausage stuffed mushrooms, meatball, brie baked in puffed pastry with a bourbon and nut sauce that I serve beside crackers and fruit.  If the mood strikes me I make asparagus wrapped in puffed pastry too.  I try to make some grab and gos.  Yes, those are more than three.  Which I do try to keep the menu small.  But, I am always afraid of running out of food.

I set up the dinner buffet with everything for plates, napkins, silverware.

Then I do desserts on a seperate table with their own silverware, plates, etc.,.  I try to do a lot of small bites there again.  I don’t think people love a big ole honking piece of cheesecake at the end of the night.  I always make a banana pudding.  I am famous for it and if I didn’t make it then it would be a riot from my closest friends.  I then fill in with mini cupcakes that I get at Whole Foods.  Lots of little cookies from a pastry shop that I actually have to replace since they no longer do them!  I will do mini tartlets of key lime and chocolate chess.  But, I am finding that I get stuck with desserts!  So I am considering just going to straight banana pudding and cupcakes and cookies.   Nothing else.

Then the bar.  If you can’t have a bartender then you have to set it up as self serve.  The bar is a big deal for a good party.  So I really only streamline my wine.  I do two whites.  Two reds.  Then I do every mixer there is to man.  I use to be big into the signature drink.  If it’s a small party I’m into it.  Which is the exact opposite of what they tell you to do to keep your bar bill down in wedding planning, right?  But, for a home party with a lot of people without a bartender……then you better be ready to be on bar duty all night or you better mix up a vat of it.  I hate that worry so I just say…..have what you want when I have 50 or more people in my house!

I try to keep all buffets away from one another.  Just so that the flow doesn’t get too clogged up!

I own but also rent a ton of chafing dishes.  I hate cold food.  I love when you rent you can also ask for a lot of dishes that you can fill and just replenish easily through out the party.

10 Christmas Buffet Table Ideas on Tabletop Tuesday \  Decorating Files | #christmasbuffetable

I think I could serve pizza and sliders from our favorite pizza delivery and that could just as easily be a party.  I guess it’s the Southern girl in me that likes to bring out the silver and china.  It’s why you register for your silver when you get married.  And why you want every single piece of china that has ever been in the family.

We were at a party this weekend where the plates were to die for.  Nobody else probably took notice like I did.  But, there I was in the kitchen turning the plate over reading the pattern name.  It was Herring.  I swooned.  My hostess came in and said she knew I’d be in love because she knows how I love china.  It was her great grandmothers.  I was most impressed that she was using it!  It was a pattern from 1967!  Hard to replace.  But, she loves her china from her grandmother and she loves her friends and wanted to share.  Yes, it may break.  You can replace it.  But, why leave on a shelf never to be used.  You can’t take it with you!!!!!

So with that I am off to decide what to do.  What to do.

Happy Sunday y’all!  Go Broncos!!!

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Pantone color of 2015

Have you been waiting for the announcement?  I have.  But, I had a feeling what it was due to market this year.  So I’m not totally surprised.  I am really happy to see a color that has such diversity.


Marsala color of the year 2015

It’s called Marsala……  I think it’s more brick.
But, it’s such a great tone to design around.

Last years orchid was bright!  The year before the emerald was amazing.  There is a blogger that decorates her entire home around emerald accents.  I can’t for the life of me find her blog though.  I search and search.  So if you know the one I am talking about……please send.  You’ll know the blog b/c the minute you saw her home you wanted to completely redo your entire house in green!  I know I did.

Cheers!  Here’s to Marsala!!!!  Can’t wait to see what ideas come from this pantone color of the year.

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The Elf is back……

And guess who woke up at 2 a.m. thinking…..I wonder where the elves are.  Did they move?

20 Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Shopping List and Daily Planner | Over The Big Moon

having two elves…….they work hard!n   Let’s just say that.

The kids are so excited to find those elves every morning.  It’s so cute.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!



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Last day to get the discount that expired yesterday…..

Were you like me, last night?  Trying to place an order on Minted, only to have it continue to give you error messages?

I was about to cry last night.  I will not claim for a second this is the best card we’ve ever sent.  In fact it’s not even a card this year.  It’s a flat card.  I have no where to write a note on the card.  I barely could fit on the back of the card what I had to write.

I always do a folded card.  But, this year our card mailing numbers have increased and the difference on pricing was quite large.  I love sending cards!  I live for it!  I love the addressing of cards.  The notes.  The time you spend thinking about the person you are sending your card to.  I know I am cheesy!!!!  It’s me!!!

This year though, I couldn’t help but think the money I saved on sending a flat card could pay for that extra double roll of Thibaut wallpaper I want.  Or for the guy that I need to hang it for me.  Or for the antique faucet I need rebuilt and installed.  Or for the window treatment.  You see I am in full half bath remodel mode!!!!

So after consulting the one person I always talk to about Christmas cards (for the last ten years of my life!) that she too was only going to send a flat card I decided if it was good enough for Hollis.  It’s way fine and dandy for me.

I went to bed with a fading discount in my dreams.  This morning I woke up to find that my order was still processing, trying to save, and was just a hot mess in general.  Then much to my delight I went in and started ordering my cards and the expired discount and it worked!  When you shop on Minted you are truly supporting a small business owner.  I love that site for that.  It’s independent designers, that are paying commission to a site.  So it can be confusing.

Now for the photo on my card.  Oy.  I am going to be changing some things next year.  For one a husband that never has the patience to take photos.  I am going to start checking cameras before we leave photo spots when the kids have been dressed.  I am also going to hire a photographer from here on out.  I use to think it was dumb that every year our ‘formal’ photos were at the beach.  But, you know what?  It’s who we are.  It’s the only time we are all in our glory and relaxed.  We do not do well with committing to anything when we are on vacation.  So the idea of having to do photos at a specific time, dressed, ready, etc.,  when we may have decided to last minute do a trip for the day on a boat.  Or maybe Hubby is fishing.  Maybe we have dinner plans.  Or maybe we just want to stay on the beach til seven and eat appetizers and leftovers.  But, we are going to have to start committing.  We must or we are never going to have a great family photo again!

The last time we scheduled a photographer we had to drive to the wretched Folly Beach. It was pretty. But, I told my kids they better enjoy because their father was on edge and we would not soon be making that drive again.  It didn’t help that we could gaze out at our beach house on the other side and it would have been easier to swim!  Not really, but a boat would have been lovely. I was so over that whole day and trip (sweating, bugs, missing wedding ring, sand in my nailpolish, Priss crying because she didn’t like the photographer, sitting for a bridge, no lunch, long day) that when we had dinner with our friends that night, I told my goddaughter if she had friends over on Folly it was time to look into new friends.  She was 5 at the time.  She got it though.

Why oh why are Christmas cards harder the older the kids get?  It seems it’s harder to get pixs taken.  I noticed that since the summer all our photos on our cameras are only of ‘major’ events.  First day of school.  First day of dance.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  We are getting bad!  The phone is replacing our camera.  My phone is not my best way of taking photos.  So I know what my New Years resolution will be.  Go back to our old ways.  Take a million photos again.  even if they only go directly into the Blurb photo book with poor grain, bad lighting, closed eyes.  Who cares!!!!

So if you are still shopping for a card.  go to Minted.  15% off cards and free shipping.  15CM is the code!!!!  With that I am off to shop for Christmas!!!!  So excited!!!





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Holiday letter writing help

I was just browsing thru this morning when I came upon this letter!  It’s a hoot!  Especially if you are a Gone with the Wind fan as yours truly is!  In fact Wednesday started out just perfect when my sister in law sent me a text and said it was a “Gone with the Wind kind of day.”  After running around all day I actually spent my evening watching GWTW.  Like back to back.  It was being shown on two or three channels!  It was awesome.  Hubby even put up with it.  Though I must admit the glass of wine I poured and shoving an ipad into his hands to research cars helped immensely.

This just makes me giggle!!!!!  If Scarlett had written holiday letters this would have been funny!

Holiday letter from Scarlett O Hara

It’s small business Saturday!  I am going to try and do my part.  Along with finish up decorating and then cooking.  So much to do.  But, this long weekend is just the best!!!!  I unpacked glass Santa’s last night and I truly felt like I just put them away.  Where in the world did this last year go?


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Thanks and Giving

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I wanted to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Yesterday while running an errand I let someone get in line in front of me.  He had one item.  I had a cart full.  As he departed he wished me and Priss a happy Thanksgiving.  I the same to him.  I then took notice at that point wondering if he had someone to spend the day with?  Was he going to have a warm home?  A good meal?  I said a little prayer and thanked God for my life.

We are blessed!  I have two healthy children.  A husband that is a great HUSBAND and father.  He works so hard to support our family.  He still makes time for me and the kids though.  Parents that love me no matter what!  They are always there.  A brother and sister in law that are just awesome.  A new nephew!!!!!  Good friends that fill my heart with love and laughter daily!  A wonderful church and school community.  A business that keeps life interesting.  In general days are happy and they go by so fast.  This day would not be complete without thinking of the baby we never brought home.  It makes my heart hurt.  I miss him daily.  But, I also believe God graces us in ways that we never know or understand.  To ask God to give us something good we have to be willing to go through the bad and have faith.

Today is a blessing!  As everyday is.  I am thankful for days where my family is together and we are just content being together.  So with that before we start our turkey tour of 2014, I must get to baking, cooking a few things and of course the parade is on!!!  I hope all of you are with your loved ones today.  Be it family or friends.  We call it Friendsgiving for a reason!


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