I am so intrigued….

The cover is out of Jessica Simpson’s wedding (in People this week.)

That photo of them walking down the aisle is so familiar.  ONLY it was Nick kissing her hand.  I’m telling you I just don’t buy into this Eric Johnson guy.  Her kissing his hand……kind of seems like the adoring is reversed here.  I read a quote that said “I think my heart burst a little.”  That was from him.  In reference when Jessica walked down the aisle.  I hope this lasts but I just don’t know if I see it being the big 20 plus year thing.  Or more.  The dress looks pretty!  It just all looks thus far a lot like her first wedding.  I think you should always go in a new direction when you get remarried, after kids, and when you’ve been living together.  I think it’s a fresh start so you should do something new and suited to the two of you.  I read where it was supposed to be very Kennedy.  So we’ll see!  I hope so!!!!!  because the first wedding was very Texas meets LA.

simpson wedding

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The Dress

So this is the sketch of the dress Jessica Simpson wore yesterday.

Jessica’s Dress for Wedding II

Is it that different from her first wedding?

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Walk Down the Aisle at Their Wedding

I think it’s still strapless!  So that to me is odd.  I thought for sure she’d do a cap sleeve or spaghetti straps.  And I was really hoping for a pink dress!

Carolina Herrera is an amazing designer.  So I can’t wait to see the actual dress.  I’m just really surprised that the style was still a strapless ballgown look for Jessica.

Stay tuned.  Especially because you know it’s rumored that Joe (Jessica’s father that divorced her mother last year) is perhaps gay.  But, hiding it.  So I am dying to see if he had his ‘model’ client at the wedding.  The model is a 20 something year old guy that is chiseled and looks like he has had more work that Joan Rivers!  Just sayin.


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It’s a picnic wedding………..

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson, Wedding

Jessica Simpson is set to marry her concubine Eric today.  All the world is a flutter.  Not really.  But, everyone is interested in seeing what style she went with since it’s been said her wedding dress would be very different from what she wore when she married Nick Lachey.

Confession time.

I sometimes watch reruns of Nick and Jessica’s show on You Tube.  I know!  I am so dumb.

Here is a little ‘report’ thus far:

According to an eyewitness, over 50 large potted arrangements of white flowers were sitting on the grass outside of the tents Friday morning, as well as hundreds and hundreds of flowers. There was also a shabby chic wheelbarrow filled with yellow sunflowers outside as well. Inside of the tents, there were blue Victorian themed chairs, white round ottomans and yellow roses scattered throughout.

So basically it sounds like every wedding that has been done so far in Colorado.  All wedding planners in Colorado can tell you we see more vintage tubs, wheelbarrows, and whiskey barrels transformed into furniture than we can even count now.  I had hoped the rustic elegance was on it’s way out.  But, good night it keeps coming back like gray hair.

It also states that a pre wedding celebration, you mean a rehearsal dinner??????????????  Menu for the cocktail hour was Southern fare.  Which is great because she is Southern.

While I am enjoying July 5th I will be keeping a close eye out to see what is reported!

Happy Saturday y’all.  I also give this 4 years TOPS.


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This and That on a Friday

Know how when I have a list a mile long I find twenty other things to do?  Well, that’s why I am blogging!  I have a ton of stuff to prep for dinner.  I need to quickly clean and I need to make beds.  Set table.  Cut flowers.  Etc.,  Etc.,. ETCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCc

So I have not been sleeping.  Last night I woke up at 2 a.m.  Went downstairs and ended up watching three hours of odd movies. Tootsie was on.  I loved that movie for some reason when I was younger.  I find myself wondering why movies are not like that movie any longer.  Cheesy?  YES.  But, it shows New York pre Giuliani when he stopped allowing trash to be on the street for days on end.  He was very controversial.  Either way I don’t care what the critics say New York City was a lot cleaner after he took over in 1994.

Tootsie the Movie


Jessica Lange was to die for young and gorgeous in that movie.  What I find interesting in the plot is that in the 80s women were still really fighting the inequality in the work place.  What I find the biggest positive out of the movie is that a man in drag was not in my opinion made to be negative.  Remember that movie Robin Williams did?  I always thought that was some what of an insult to drag queens.

So I got sucked into that.  Then JLo came on in Wedding Planner and I really got caught up in her hair color for some reason.  Then there was this other horrible movie on that I flipped between called Body Double that was HEINOUS.  I finally went back to bed!  And had nightmares what little I slept from there.

Tonight for our dinner party I am making this

Creamy Peach Tart with Smoky Almond Crust. Photo © Tina Rupp

Peach Tart


I’m scrambling currently to find fabric to get chairs recovered in.  I am in a rush now to get furniture picked up.  I had thought I’d have a leisurely month of shopping for fabric when we go to Carolina.  But, now I have to get fabric shipped.  The stores here are not the same in inventory as back home.  I walked into what people consider one of the top places to go in Denver, and the fabrics were a few years old!  I can pay for shipping and it’s still way less than going to the higher end stores here.  Awwwwwwwwwwww the tricks of working wholesale as a rep in furniture heaven called High Point, NC. back in the day!  I have shopped everywhere in Denver and it’s just not easy.  I went to three places on Tuesday and came up with zilch.  It seems all of Denver is caught up in grey and yellow.  What’a  girl to do that loves a good chintz?

This is more me:

love the double welt; gathered corners too; and love the box pleat trim on the draperies and duvet

Floral? YES PLEASE!!!!

So I have spent the last day now scrambling to find a designer at two different stores that I like and trust to my taste to help me.  That in itself is hard.

We are dreaming of……………..

Cooper River Bridge Charleston, South Carolina    (aka Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge)  Architects: Donald MacDonald

Take Me Home……

Cooper River Bridge Charleston, South Carolina    (aka Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge)  Architects: Donald MacDonald

Take me Home

Home is where the heart is, right?  My heart is always there.  I think it’s interesting that my children feel the same and my husband says daily he can’t wait to get there.  Serenity now!

I need to slice, dice, clean, sweep, windex.  Oh the fun things.  But, I am excited about our weekend ahead!

Happy Friday y’all!


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I type as fast as I can…..

I don’t know when I have enjoyed a summer as much as I have this year.  I think it’s in part because the children are more self sufficient.  Just last night they both begged to take showers.  Not the usual long bubble bath.  Which in all honesty hurt my heart a little to think that maybe the Bubba is giving up building soap forts and sticking little cities to the tiles.  Just three days ago he had proclaimed he’d built the best city ever.  It included a church!

We’ve had very little of a schedule.  But, yet it seems like the days are just flying by!  I in all honesty hate it.  I do not like saying the word hate.  But, in this case I give myself permission.  I hate how quickly summer is passing by.

I do not have any time to blog.  I barely have time to do laundry (THANK YOU GOD.)

I have consult calls to keep up with.  I’ve been having some doozies!  Then all of a sudden I have a call where I fall in love with the couple and can’t say no to their event.  I love those calls.

If you need me find me on Instagram RSVP SHINDIG

I post a tad bit more than I do here.  If you could see how many drafts I have started you would see that I do try.  But, it just doesn’t happen.

I’m balancing a lot.  It’s fun though.  I love that when the Bubba said prayer at bedtime he told us we were the best family ever.  He also told me later that dinner was the best I ever cooked.  He can be sweet.  It makes us cry sometimes.

I hope y’all are having a good summer.  It is so very hectic.  I love it.


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DSC_0620There is a saying about when your friends love your children.  This picture speaks a million words and one.  The joy of the Bubba being loved on by my friend Jennifer.  Jennifer has been my friend for so many years, I can’t count!

We were in the same provisional group of Junior League.  We figured out some how that we lived in the exact apartment complex and literally!!!!  I could look out my balcony area of stairs to see her balcony.

We’ve been friends thru some heinous boyfriends.  We’ve been friends thru good boyfriends.  We’ve been friends thru the years. It’s funny when you have a friend that you can both say we’ve known one another longer than our husbands have known us.  Weddings.  Babies.  Jobs.  Decorating.  Houses.

She is my one friend (actually one of two) that when we go out to eat I never look at the menu.  I just order what she’s having because she always has it dialed in.  She has that combo of meal that is not on the menu.  Example: Station 22 back in the day.  Black bean raviolio with blackened shrimp.  I still beg for it to this day.  they don’t make it.  But, they do make a coconut cake that my friend flew in her lap to Colorado when she had a 3 year old to fly with!  What the what!!!!!!!!!!!  She’s that good of a friend.

However.  Our husbands (while boyfriends to us) met one another and immediately became these obnoxious friends.  Jennifer would roll her eyes with me right now if she was here.  M and S were BFFs from the get go.  Bless their hearts.  *wink*

Jennifer had the first baby.  Then the second, Maggie G.  I remember the day on a Saturday she called to ask us to be godparents.  Maggie G. apparently thinks that one day she will take our last name.  Which I love.

Then I had Priss.  Then I had B.  Then I was pregnant and Jennifer was one of those friends that took our loss to her whole heart.  When on this one day I had the worst message left on my phone telling me to move on, my friend Jennifer leaped into action.  She said all the right things.  She’s good like that.

This photo of her and the Bubba just reminds me what friendship is.  It’s when your friend loves your babies like you love them.  Bubba has nothing but love for Jennifer in this photo. If you know Bubba,  he is not easy.  He’s in his Hugh pjs.  This was after a night out for the adults and for some reason the childrens were still up.  No matter I’d take a million nights of Bubba being up just to have this one photo of love.

This is just the beginning of my friends blogs.  So stay tuned.  I am very lucky to have the friends I have.  But, I think my children are even more fortunate to inherit my friends and their love.  Especially when I see the face of Bubba in this photo.  He is loved and he knows it.  I love me some JWB.




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Botox and Boots

Oh, wait it was the Country Music awards (CMT) last night.  But, believe me.  There was plenty of botox and boots.

While I was entertaining an outdoor party with non-stop rain!  Yes.  I sworny.  It has been sunny every single night for weeks.  Then yesterday on the way home from the pool the black clouds rolled in and the hail started.  It was all fine though!  It was a fun night in the middle of the week!

So I quickly tried to catch up on the hits of the night.  I didn’t even recognize this one!

Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles with the “bangs” that tell it all.

Whenever you see bangs like this…..you know they are just trying to hide the fact that the forehead is not going to move at all.  It’s in that cement stage currently.  Believe me.  In two months you’ll totally see those bangs grown out and to the side.

Leann Rimes still gets such grief over her ‘affair’ and just her personality.  Being an avid Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, I have come to be an advocate for Leann and Eddie.  His ex-wife is off the rails!  I can see why he may have strayed if she acted even close to how she does on the show.  She is mean!  She is one of those people that loves to say “I just call it as it is.”  Then calls her friends mean names and constantly fights.  I can’t understand drama like that.

But, what bugs me is the double standard.

Meet the Double Standard

Jason Aldean and his mistress step out on the red carpet for the first time.

Jason Aldean cheated.  It was a scandal.  But, oddly he hasn’t had to pay for it the same as Leann Rimes did.  Kind of interesting.

There was  not anything outrageous on the red carpet.  I like that it’s pretty laid back.  Lots of cute cocktail dresses mixed with guys in jeans and blazers.

Kind of redneck preppy.  I mean that kindly.  It’s nice!  It’s not too stuffy and it’s not all about arriving and stealing the spotlight from one another.  It’s about having one awesome accessory (be it shoes, a purse, big hair)

But, the only one that really made me stop was this

PHOTO: Carrie Underwood accepts an award on stage during the 2014 CMT Music awards at the Bridgestone Arena, June 4, 2014 in Nashville, Tenn.

Carrie Underwood

I didn’t recognize her at first either.  She wasn’t with her hubby again either.  I know they are supposed to be one of those couples that thrive on having separate interests.  I’m not sure though.  Isn’t his hockey season over?


This was her earlier in the night.  I like this dress!  Especially since I bought one similar at Nordstrom for an event.  SCORE!!!!


Nicole Kidman needs to STOP with the botox.  This dress wasn’t cutting it either.  I know it’s dressed down glam.  But, this looked like something from Ross for Less.  Don’t get me started on the shoes either.


Everyone got the memo on how to dress, except for Kate Walsh.  The pom pom fringe, the dyeable bridesmaid shoes and the dress from a Salsa dancers closet on a cruise ship was not cutting it last night.  This was a dress better suited for a movie type red carpet.  Or for a first Communion party on Lake Tahoe thrown by the Godfather.

All in all I am sure it was a very entertaining show.  They seemed to have a lot of ‘rap’ people there.  Like all of two.  So I’m sure they had some mix of country with hip hop.  Country music is not what it use to be.  But, I do find it entertaining.

Country music is bipolar if you ask me.  They don’t know if they are a little bit of twang, rock, hip hop, pop, or blues.  They can’t decide.

At least they dress the part of being bipolar in a really nice way.


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Schools Out for Summer……


A Year Ago……

Last night as I sat on our patio I was thinking back to the last day of school a year ago.  Last year we had exactly 45 minutes total to walk thru the house we now live in and impress the owner enough to say “yes you buy my house”

This was the previous owners patio.  Today it doesn’t look like this because that tree had to be removed.  Since it provided so much shade in that little corner, it’s crazy how even the ground covering has changed.

It’s been quite a year since that first visit.  So many projects on our house to go.  But, I am so not in the mood for that right now.  I just want to spend the summer having fun.  Not packing, unpacking, stressing over showings, paint colors, cabinets, floors, etc.,.  I plan to mark my successes on if I actually got the towels clean between trips to the pool.  I want to have dinner menus on hand for the many friends that will shuffle through our yard this summer.

Yesterday was a tad sad to start as we bid to school for the summer.  But, then of course it was quickly a happy afternoon spent with friends at the pool.  I had to laugh at the Bubba who got dressed for the pool and yes, he did wear his cowboy boots to go to the pool.  That kid is his own person with one of the funniest personalities.

To celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of yummy veggies for dinners on the patio I was excited to break out an oldie but a goodie……

Tomatoe Pie

I buy ready made pie crusts.  Why?  Because who has time to make pie crust with kids running around?  Also, there are so many great ones to grab at Whole Foods or specialty markets.  I recently just found out a bakery I visit will sell me pie crusts ready made.  Rolled out in the pan and all!!!

I grab 4 medium sized tomatoes or a bunch of romas.  Slice them, take out as many seeds as I can (I’m not perfect about it) and then lay on paper towels.

I like to salt and pepper the tomatoes at this point.

Stir together 1/2 cup of mayo (even vegan mayo has worked in a pinch which is scary)

Stir with 1 cup of shredded parmesan, 1/2 cup of basil that is chopped and 3 or 4 chopped green onions.

I layer the tomatoes on the crust spread the mayo mix on top and bake at 350 until bubbly and hot.

Tomatoe Pie

It’s one of my favorite sides as well as a main dish in the summer.  So easy, cheap!  Yummy!  Which are all of my faves.

With that I have Priss coloring a page that has me, her and Nana all as princesses.  Not sure where that came from this morning.  And Bubba fighting that Nana is not a princess she has to be queen.  Again, what?

Happy Summer kick off!!!!!

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Wedding Photo

Soon we’ll see the sequel to this photo.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Wedding

But 2 flowergirls will have been added, a brother will have been dropped and Bruce Jenner will appear as a woman.

I can’t wait!!!!!

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Kiki got married Party II

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH y’all the photos so far are PRECIOUS.  By precious I mean Oh my blog post is going to be awesome when I get to chat about the wedding of Kiki and disgruntled Kanye.

Guests photos are appearing.

Robin Antin (pussycat doll)


Madame the Puppet

I’m seeing that Rob left (brother of Kiki and the lesser of all branding for Pimp Mama Kris) the wedding early.  Something about his weight which breaks my heart.  But, is that surprising when it comes to that family?

Happy Pre Divorce day to Kiki and Ye ye.


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