How to survive an affair in your marriage the right way….



DON’T well I think anything after that you can probably find the ring again.  Basically just don’t do anything rash.

Like oh I don’t know………….

Kendra Wilkinson in happier times with her 2.25 carat diamond that cost around $50,000.00

Lord have mercy.  Now first a husband that cheats on a wife that is 8 months pregnant probably cheated way earlier in the marriage!  If he had not and this was a first, then it was not going to be the last.

The hardest part to deal with or most embarrassing for both Kendra and her dumb husband Hanky Panky would be the fact that he had an affair with a transgender model.  I mean where do you go from there.  Not that there is anything wrong with being transgender.  I’m just thinking it would be a real blow to your ego to think that your husband likes a woman that’s a man, that’s a man that’s a woman or neither?  Seems like a lot to deal with on top of oh I don’t know the two kids they have at home, the fact that Hanky Panky is out of the NFL (no paycheck rushing in) and Kendra is not exactly in her prime branding time now.  She’s come almost full circle since her days of living in the Playboy mansion.

Now in terms of the ring.  It’s not like she threw out the ring that Elizabeth Taylor had from one of her hubby’s.

Biggest Celebrity Engagement Rings - Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Todd’s ring to Elizabeth Taylor 30 carats!

Can you imagine owning a 30 carat ring?  I’d like to give it a whirl!!!  If it came free.  I wouldn’t want to actually have to buy it!

I don’t care if you get a spec of a diamond or something the size of a golf ball,  it’s the most prized possession you will ever own.  Or that’s how it feels (next to your children of course!)  It’s the symbol of love and the future together.  When a man scrapes together money to buy a ring for a woman it means way more than the actual diamond.  The diamond is the symbol of forever!

That Michael guy that Liz married really had high hopes.  It was both their third marriages (as you remember she  was married 8 times.)  They had one daughter together.  This was one of her marriages where it could be defined as bipolar.  They were hot and cold.  Michael died a year after their daughter was born in a plane crash (on his plane called the Lucky Liz!) Engine failure!  Elizabeth Taylor was supposed to be on the flight.  But, she had been told to stay home with a cold.  Michael had even called friends to come along (Kirk Douglas was one that turned down the trip!)  They only found platinum cuff links and his wedding ring after the explosion.

There’s your Hollywood history for the day!

Now either way, I think Elizabeth Taylor was someone with a temper.  But, I’m pretty sure she would never have flushed that 30 carat diamond down the drain!  She was SMART!

No matter what the ring is, the jewelry, etc.,.  Keep it.  You never know what the future holds.  Perhaps you will give the diamond to a son for him to propose with (after having it reset of course.)  Maybe you will just plain sell it!  Who knows.  Who cares!  Just don’t flush the ring!


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What we love right now!

So I had seen this recipe on pinterest forever.  The other morning when I made my first of my three runs to the grocery store for the week I decided on a whim to make this.  Luckily I even remembered to buy low sodium soy sauce.

Edamame Fried Rice

You really don’t need that many ingredients!  I didn’t even have a wok.  Because as you can guess after years of having one taking up space I got rid of it.  Only to need one now since this will be a staple dish in my house in the years to come.

Asian Edamame Fried Rice | Skinnytaste


If you want the true recipe from the source click above.  I’m going to give you my changes thus making it not as skinny probably but still just as healthy!


  • 5 cups cooked brown rice  (I used basmati and it cooked smaller portion than a regular brown rice.  We love basmati in our house)
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 onion, chopped (small to medium)
  • 2 cloves garlic, diced
  • 5 scallions, chopped, whites and greens separated
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrots
  • 1 cup ready-to-eat shelled edamame (I used a bag of frozen)
  • 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce

Let your skillet get really hot. Add oil and cook onions, scallion whites, carrots and garlic for about five minutes, careful not to burn. Add brown rice and stir well a few minutes to heat through. Add  soy sauce, scallion greens and edamame, mixing well for about 3-4 minutes.  


Next time I will add chicken.  I am not big on eggs in fried rice.  So I wasn’t into it.  I am tempted to run out and buy a new wok.  But, I don’t really want one that bad.  I used a heavy calphalon pan that I’ve had for years.  I stirred constantly and served asap.

My children love fava beans and when they can’t get them they think edamame is the same thing.  I don’t argue!  The low sodium soy was such a nice change that I immediately tossed out our bottle of regular soy.  I didn’t salt and pepper the dish because I am trying to cut salt as much as possible!  But, maybe next time.

Enjoy!  It’s so yummy and a cost effective meal too!


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So excited!!!!

All my life……….all I ever wanted to be:

A wife
A mother
A juror (don’t ask)
Wedding planner
A godmother and last but not least an aunt.

I am finally a Kiki (we don’t just call ourselves aunt.  I have to be called Kiki!)  My brother and his wife have welcomed a precious baby boy.  He was 8 pounds and one ounce.  He was one week and two days past due.  Just like his cousin the Priss was! We are all so excited.

My brother and his wife have wanted kids for so long.  So this is just such a blessing in their lives.  I can’t describe how happy I am that my maiden name will be carried on.

Priss and Bubba stayed up waiting for a photo when he was born and it was met with awwwwwwwws.  I let them talk to their Uncle Joe so they could hear the baby crying in the background.  It’s amazing how a baby crying sounds so precious.   I’d say his lungs are just fine from the sound of it.  Also, why is it that you laugh for the first few weeks when babies cry.  It’s so sweet.  When they are two and it’s 3 a.m. it’s not as cute for some reason!

I have a nephew that is 5.  So it’s not like this is completely new.  I remember holding him when he was only a few days old and wanting to just take him home with me.  He was so sweet.  It put me in the baby mood asap!  But, he does not call me Kiki.  Being a Kiki is a Southern girl thing.  I can’t even stand it.

I can’t wait to see this sweet boy.  I think we’ll be getting back on a plane very soon to go see him.  Our extended vacation didn’t prompt him to arrive while we were only a few hours away.  He’s just my favorite because if it had not been for his impending arrival we would not have stayed for three weeks.  I would probably not have flown alone with two ‘childs’.  We discovered that while we miss Daddy/Hubby we can survive and our routine was pretty laid back!  We missed him, but we miss the beach the minute we have to leave.  It’s a circle of madness!  I tell ya.

Either way I have a nephew and the kids have a new cousin and we are all in a giddy state of happiness.  We get photos daily and it’s oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhs  and awwwwwwwwwwws.

Bubba thought we were ‘getting this baby.’  That was a hilarious conversation.  He thought he would appear on our doorstep.  Bless his heart.  So we will just have to do the reverse and show up on his doorstep!

Cheers y’all!  I’m a Kiki.

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How to have a Catholic wedding ceremony with added traditions

Catholic wedding in Italy

Catholic Wedding in Italy

Catholic wedding ceremonies are typically more detailed if both the bride and groom are Catholic.  If one is not then you usually do not have a typical hour long ceremony that has Communion.  Catholic weddings are always in a church.  People always try to get around that one for some reason.  Catholics must marry in accord with canonical form. This means that they are required to have a Catholic wedding ceremony, conducted by either the pastor or another priest deputed by him.  That is as much detail as I will go into on that.  It’s a broad topic and one that I don’t tend to debate.  Personally I think a church wedding can take a lot of stress off of clients when they are getting married in Colorado.  You never have to worry about the weather!  You have built in audio a lot of times.  Depending on the church you don’t need over the top decor.  I love an outdoor ceremony!  But, I just believe that church weddings can be nice for the client that does have a long history of being involved in their church or religion.  

There are a lot of traditions to the ceremony.  But, I think it’s nice when couples can bring in their own twist and style.

1.  Buy the flowergirls their dresses then take them back to keep for a future daughter or grandaughters First Communion dress.  We live in a time when dresses can be redesigned and made new again!

2.  Or flip number 1.  Have the flowergirl where your First Communion dress!

3. Use your baptismal candle as the unity candle.  Now this is tricky b/c we don’t actually light unity candles in our ceremonies.  Some priests allow it.  Some don’t.  But, you could still have it burning at your ceremony.

4.  Wrap your bouquet in your rosary.

5.  Add religious medal to your bouquet or to the boutonniere of the groom.

6.  Turn your wedding dress into a baptismal gown down the road.

7.  Use a kneeler during the ceremony.  Or one part to discuss with your priest when discussing ceremony…..where will you sit during the homily. Will the chairs face out or will your backs be to the church?  If your backs are to the church remember to include that in your wedding decor!  I think two small wreathes of olive leaves with a satin bow could be gorgeous.  Or just two small white wreathes.  This is not the time to ghetto it up with your ‘monogram’ or whatever symbol has been used on your wedding printed items.  Keep it tasteful!

8.  When Ava Maria is sung…….(I am not a fan of that song for some reason if it’s in English.  I love when it’s sung in Latin.  So think about that.)  Place a bouquet of flowers by the statue of Mary.  Catholics love them some statues.  The only other religion to be more reverent to saint/statues are the Greeks.  You can also have a flower girl carry the small bouquet down for you and place it later.  Or for added drama have the bouquet at your seats prior to the ceremony or on a small table next to you.

9.  Have the flower petals from your ceremony turned into a rosary.  If you are lucky enough to have rose petals.  Most churches do not allow it.  But, here’s hoping!

10.  Have your family bible used during the ceremony.

11.  For the guests be kind and do a program that they can follow during your Mass if you are having a detailed and long ceremony.  I always hear guests wondering if they should go for Communion or not.  It’s very confusing.  So even go as far as mentioning that in the program.

12.  Washing of feet.
It’s pretty darn powerful to be that humble on your wedding day.  I’m sure there are people that would laugh at this. I had one client do this a few years ago and there was not a dry eye in the entire reception.  Even the frat boys that were groomsmen sobered up and were in awe.  The groom turned and did this same thing for his wife.  Marriage is not something to be taken lightly and I think in the end this was even more powerful than the vows.  It was a very raw moment but such an act of love.  It brought that “in sickness and health” to a new level of thought process.

John 13: 1-17 Washing of feet

Amazing photo by Ryan Ray Photo

13.  Pray together.  Have photos.  If you are not seeing one another prior to the ceremony, then perhaps praying with your backs to one another on kneelers in a chapel would be an idea.

14.  Pick songs or readings from your parents weddings.

15.  Have rosaries blessed during the ceremony as gifts to parents, grandparents, and children to come.

When you are Catholic you have 7 sacraments. We typically know the ones we’ll all receive
Holy Eucharist
Anointing of the Sick
Holy Orders

I have received all but two.  Holy Orders and Anointing of Sick.  So I hope when I exit this world I am 6 for 7!  The beauty of the 7 sacraments is that you can some what plan for the future of your own family.  When my children were baptized they both held a sterling silver teething ring, I wore a ring I wore on my wedding day, they had my handkerchief from the wedding day as well to hold on to.  We embroider Christening gowns with their date and place of baptism.  Priss wore a bracelet that will one day go around her bouquet and of course we had rosaries that they will continue to use during their sacraments to come.  Y’all know I am already making plans for First Communion and we are over two years away!

My point being to keep in mind that there is life after the wedding day.  Not just the marriage (everyone knows that.)  It’s the life that you may continue to have in church with your family.

Catholic weddings are all about the tradition.  It doesn’t have to be stuffy.  It can’t be you walking down the aisle to a Pearl Jam song played on a violin either.  Embrace that you are going to have a ceremony that will end up timeless (aside from the bridesmaid dresses.)

Good luck and happy planning!

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Is it weird that I am already planning for Christmas?

So just before I left on vacation I saw someone post a little clipping that said “Only 24 weeks til Christmas.”

I did my Scarlett O’Hara and thought “I’ll just think about that tomorrow!”  Because in all honesty 24 weeks is not that far away!

We have so many traditions that I have to start on them now and not wait.  For instance…..Christmas pajamas.  When I was in South Carolina shopping for Priss and Bubba at one of my favorite little stores I even suggested that they start getting Christmas pajamas in just for my yearly visit.  I wasn’t kidding!  I am on the hunt for those right now.  I don’t know how many years I’ll be able to pull it off with matching pjs for the kids.  But, I’m  not going to waste a single second!

Here’s a quick list of things we do and things we are adding this year.

We of course do that sweet little Elf on the shelf (do you hear my sarcasm?)

Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

I happen to know that this year when the elf arrives he has a few tricks up his sleeve.  I think he may even have a new wardrobe.  The kids fell apart last year when he woke up one morning in a football jersey.  So we’ll see if can improve on that wardrobe malfunction.

Last year I helped a friend change her elf around while they were in the mountains.  Since then I’ve been making plans to continue to change her elf around too!  Odd how something this silly can make me this excited!  And stressed when you wake up at 6:45 and realize the elf is in the same spot from three days ago!

Reindeer Food


Reindeer Food recipe courtesy of Paper Fections

Check out this little craft project over on Paper Fections

Christmas Books for Children


Christmas Books

I have a huge bin of book that are only out from Thanksgiving night to a few days after Christmas.  I think the stack has grown every single year.  We read “The Night Before Christmas” obviously the night before.  But, we also have several books with a spin to it on the classic!  Some of my faves are Christmas in the Big Woods.  Laura Ingalls Wilder books are pretty great.  This one just puts such a great reminder that Christmas isn’t about a ton of gifts.  We love Christmas Story as well.  It’s become another must read.  We love reading in our house so it made sense that books would be part of our “things to do” each year in the days leading up to Christmas.

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Christmas Movies


On Thanksgiving we always end up watching Christmas Vacation.  If the kids are up we watch the one that is on television.  If it’s just the adults we watch the DVD.  And one thing for sure we all laugh like it’s the first time we’ve ever seen that movie.  It never gets old!  I was so excited when the kids were okay with watching White Christmas.  One of my all time favorites and I find I quote from that movie from time to time.  Probably because I would watch it in July sometimes when growing up.

Cocoon Couture santa sacks - reindeer

Give to Charity

We adopt a family

We clean out old toys too.  We give to those that will not have new toys under their trees.  Last year we had to really explain why we didn’t just give old toys we also bought for others and gave it away.  Priss really got into it.  From the time she was only three she told us “You know Christmas is not just about gifts.  It’s about Jesus too.”  She’s always understood on some level.  But, now she is finally maturing and understanding a bit more to help her brother understand.

Advent Calendar that brings the family closer together. Instead of candy and toys, have a pajama dance party or a slumber party next to the Christmas tree! Or Christmas movie night with popcorn!

Advent Calendar with things to accomplish

Advent Calendar
I use to go cray cray with buying trinkets, candy, etc.,.  In the end I would have all this junk piled up and really did we need more stuff?  So a few years ago I changed it up and decided the advent calendar would be filled with ‘things to do’  Sometimes they get treats like books, a new movie, every now and then a bit of candy or a special cookie.  There are not toys!  I include traditions again.  So ‘drive around and see lights.’  ‘Hot chocolate for breakfast’ Last year tickets to a show.  It’s so much fun for the kids to rush down in the morning and see what the surprise of the day is.  Last year I numbered bags and tags and had them tied on the railing.  If you remember we were still dealing with painters in the house.  As the advent calendar dwindled I added Christmas cards on.  It was a win win!

We follow the rule of 4.
Something you want.
Something you need.
Something to read.
Something to wear.

Of course I’d love to pretend they don’t get other stuff.  But, they do.  With so many relatives that ship gifts as well as close friends.  Christmas morning is a production.  But, we love the chaos of it!

Our new things to do this year and one I am excited about…..

The best neighbourhood tradition! Sometime before Christmas, one neighbor starts the game, secretly leaving a basket of treats together with an Elf sign and Elf poem explaining how to play the game.

You’ve Been Elf-ed

Since moving I’ve been trying to really get to know my new neighbors.  We have so many kids around us.  I am loving it for our kids.  Plus, just really fun people!  SO we are definitely doing this.

Hubby and I have a tradition of shopping one night together for Christmas.  We leave early in the afternoon and hit ten stores to get everything done.  We still don’t though because we end up going out to eat and then I have one glass of wine and I am ready to sleep.

This year we are adding a few things for us because while it’s all nice we have a million things going on with the kids, I also know that one day they will grow up and reading certain books will go away and reindeer food will be shelved until they have their own kids.  One day they will also live in their own homes with their own traditions and I don’t want to be sitting around bored and wondering what to do!  So I am trying to make sure we keep up with our own list of things as a couple.

So there you have it…..only 141 days until Christmas!
I’ve got work to do!

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I am so intrigued….

The cover is out of Jessica Simpson’s wedding (in People this week.)

That photo of them walking down the aisle is so familiar.  ONLY it was Nick kissing her hand.  I’m telling you I just don’t buy into this Eric Johnson guy.  Her kissing his hand……kind of seems like the adoring is reversed here.  I read a quote that said “I think my heart burst a little.”  That was from him.  In reference when Jessica walked down the aisle.  I hope this lasts but I just don’t know if I see it being the big 20 plus year thing.  Or more.  The dress looks pretty!  It just all looks thus far a lot like her first wedding.  I think you should always go in a new direction when you get remarried, after kids, and when you’ve been living together.  I think it’s a fresh start so you should do something new and suited to the two of you.  I read where it was supposed to be very Kennedy.  So we’ll see!  I hope so!!!!!  because the first wedding was very Texas meets LA.

simpson wedding

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Calm before the storm

I have a list a mile long to do before vacation.  I have a day full of errands (buy new headphones for Priss, return a bathing suit, buy new makeup, grocery shop for a meal, etc.,.)

We have something every night before we go away too.  So I have to clean my house top to bottom of course.  I know I am not the only one like this, but I love to clean my house so it’s spic n span for my arrival home.  Of course in this case I will scrub the house so that my husband returns home to a super clean house.  That means he’ll spend a week or so without us enjoying a clean house.  But, I can bank on it that he will not scrub it for us.



The hardest part of packing is packing the kids.  I have to literally get all their things together and put on a shelf that they can’t reach for the next week.  Otherwise I will constantly be washing the clothes we are trying to take!

We’ve been looking for a cute suitcase for the Bubba.  Why is it that you can either spend $$$$ on a bag that is more classic from say Pottery Barn.  OR the alternative is a bag with Batman or Sperman.  They are so ugly!  But, what I am looking for are lots of pockets for the plane.  It’s all about the pockets!  I can stuff crayons, markers, paper, books, stuffed animal, favorite blanket, etc., in all the outside pockets.  Then I need a place to keep extra clean clothes.  Pjs.  A bathing suit.  Because seriously all we need to survive is a tooth brush and a bathing suit.  I can figure out the rest.

I am just crossing my fingers that we don’t deal with any tropical depressions or hurricanes.  I can deal with everything else from there!

So say a prayer!  We are excited to get our toes in the sand and see our Nana and Pop Pop.


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The Dress

So this is the sketch of the dress Jessica Simpson wore yesterday.

Jessica’s Dress for Wedding II

Is it that different from her first wedding?

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Walk Down the Aisle at Their Wedding

I think it’s still strapless!  So that to me is odd.  I thought for sure she’d do a cap sleeve or spaghetti straps.  And I was really hoping for a pink dress!

Carolina Herrera is an amazing designer.  So I can’t wait to see the actual dress.  I’m just really surprised that the style was still a strapless ballgown look for Jessica.

Stay tuned.  Especially because you know it’s rumored that Joe (Jessica’s father that divorced her mother last year) is perhaps gay.  But, hiding it.  So I am dying to see if he had his ‘model’ client at the wedding.  The model is a 20 something year old guy that is chiseled and looks like he has had more work that Joan Rivers!  Just sayin.


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It’s a picnic wedding………..

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson, Wedding

Jessica Simpson is set to marry her concubine Eric today.  All the world is a flutter.  Not really.  But, everyone is interested in seeing what style she went with since it’s been said her wedding dress would be very different from what she wore when she married Nick Lachey.

Confession time.

I sometimes watch reruns of Nick and Jessica’s show on You Tube.  I know!  I am so dumb.

Here is a little ‘report’ thus far:

According to an eyewitness, over 50 large potted arrangements of white flowers were sitting on the grass outside of the tents Friday morning, as well as hundreds and hundreds of flowers. There was also a shabby chic wheelbarrow filled with yellow sunflowers outside as well. Inside of the tents, there were blue Victorian themed chairs, white round ottomans and yellow roses scattered throughout.

So basically it sounds like every wedding that has been done so far in Colorado.  All wedding planners in Colorado can tell you we see more vintage tubs, wheelbarrows, and whiskey barrels transformed into furniture than we can even count now.  I had hoped the rustic elegance was on it’s way out.  But, good night it keeps coming back like gray hair.

It also states that a pre wedding celebration, you mean a rehearsal dinner??????????????  Menu for the cocktail hour was Southern fare.  Which is great because she is Southern.

While I am enjoying July 5th I will be keeping a close eye out to see what is reported!

Happy Saturday y’all.  I also give this 4 years TOPS.


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This and That on a Friday

Know how when I have a list a mile long I find twenty other things to do?  Well, that’s why I am blogging!  I have a ton of stuff to prep for dinner.  I need to quickly clean and I need to make beds.  Set table.  Cut flowers.  Etc.,  Etc.,. ETCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCc

So I have not been sleeping.  Last night I woke up at 2 a.m.  Went downstairs and ended up watching three hours of odd movies. Tootsie was on.  I loved that movie for some reason when I was younger.  I find myself wondering why movies are not like that movie any longer.  Cheesy?  YES.  But, it shows New York pre Giuliani when he stopped allowing trash to be on the street for days on end.  He was very controversial.  Either way I don’t care what the critics say New York City was a lot cleaner after he took over in 1994.

Tootsie the Movie


Jessica Lange was to die for young and gorgeous in that movie.  What I find interesting in the plot is that in the 80s women were still really fighting the inequality in the work place.  What I find the biggest positive out of the movie is that a man in drag was not in my opinion made to be negative.  Remember that movie Robin Williams did?  I always thought that was some what of an insult to drag queens.

So I got sucked into that.  Then JLo came on in Wedding Planner and I really got caught up in her hair color for some reason.  Then there was this other horrible movie on that I flipped between called Body Double that was HEINOUS.  I finally went back to bed!  And had nightmares what little I slept from there.

Tonight for our dinner party I am making this

Creamy Peach Tart with Smoky Almond Crust. Photo © Tina Rupp

Peach Tart


I’m scrambling currently to find fabric to get chairs recovered in.  I am in a rush now to get furniture picked up.  I had thought I’d have a leisurely month of shopping for fabric when we go to Carolina.  But, now I have to get fabric shipped.  The stores here are not the same in inventory as back home.  I walked into what people consider one of the top places to go in Denver, and the fabrics were a few years old!  I can pay for shipping and it’s still way less than going to the higher end stores here.  Awwwwwwwwwwww the tricks of working wholesale as a rep in furniture heaven called High Point, NC. back in the day!  I have shopped everywhere in Denver and it’s just not easy.  I went to three places on Tuesday and came up with zilch.  It seems all of Denver is caught up in grey and yellow.  What’a  girl to do that loves a good chintz?

This is more me:

love the double welt; gathered corners too; and love the box pleat trim on the draperies and duvet

Floral? YES PLEASE!!!!

So I have spent the last day now scrambling to find a designer at two different stores that I like and trust to my taste to help me.  That in itself is hard.

We are dreaming of……………..

Cooper River Bridge Charleston, South Carolina    (aka Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge)  Architects: Donald MacDonald

Take Me Home……

Cooper River Bridge Charleston, South Carolina    (aka Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge)  Architects: Donald MacDonald

Take me Home

Home is where the heart is, right?  My heart is always there.  I think it’s interesting that my children feel the same and my husband says daily he can’t wait to get there.  Serenity now!

I need to slice, dice, clean, sweep, windex.  Oh the fun things.  But, I am excited about our weekend ahead!

Happy Friday y’all!


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