What I learned in September….

I learned that the month passed by too fast!

I learned that not all gold spray paints are created equal and that there is one that I am so obsessed with that I am actually going out and looking for things to spray paint.  If you are a person that loves immediate results (like what a room looks like when you make a bed, or vacuuming…) then you too can get the same addiction I have.  Spray painting everything in your path.

No Pumpkin Left Behind

Why yes I am spray painting all my pumpkins…….for real!

I learned that not all fresh made pastas are created equal at Whole Foods.  I served paste with parmesan to my family and we all agreed it was not worth it!  Just because it’s in a cold case and packaged pretty and 8.99 for a small serving doesn’t mean it’s good.  Shocking, right?

I was once again reminded that you get what you pay for.  I bought cabinets on sale from Home Depot.  That was the easy part.  What has come since my September 1st purchase has been time spent delaying delivery since we were out of town.  Only to find out they canceled delivery all together.  Rescheduled delivery and they dropped them in my alley.  If you don’t live in Denver then you don’t know that we have nonstop roofing going on.  Hence lots of strangers coming and going. So when I got home to find all my new cabinets blocking my garage and had three different people ask if they could take my cabinets……let’s just say NEVER AGAIN.

I’ve learned that a schedule can be the joy of our household.  We have one night a week right now that is just insane.  It’s nonstop.  I’m racing all over town to get everyone in the right place.  But, joy of joys it’s become such a happier night knowing that we have to get homework done from 3:45 to 4:15.  We read in the car.  We do spelling on the drive home.  Thank you for the invention of an ipad!  It’s just a practice round anyway, but we are making the most of our time.  Religion has even made it’s way into our rotation.  The work book for religion is daunting to me!  But, so far so good!

I learned how to make the correct breakfast burrito.  I’m told they were good.  I hope so.  I know one thing for certain, the breakfast potatoes I made to go with them are now in my cooking rotation and will be for the next twenty years at least.

Breakfast potatoes…..its whats for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

I also learned that my kids are ready for card games and I am so excited.  We are this much closer to gin rummy tournaments and I am beside myself!

I can’t say I am happy that September is over.  We had so many amazing events last month. But, I am looking forward to a busy 31 days of October.  I’m ready for cooler weather (just not snow!)   I’m hoping we have a longer fall than summer.  Summer never seemed to kick start.  I do love crisp mornings and fall colors.  Everything is coming up pumpkin flavored too!

Happy Fall Y’all!


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It’s about to get PINK

I have ordered the wallpaper for the laundry room.  I am beside myself with excitement.

South Sea #wallpaper in #pink from the Resort collection. #Thibaut:

South Sea Wallpaper from Thiabaut

I also went ahead and ordered the wallpaper for my powder room since it was on sale!  I saved 30% on the order.

I am certain on the wall that faces out of the basement I can’t wallpaper.  So I may just have to paint it pink.  But, only time will tell once I start wallpapering.  Because yes, I am wallpapering it myself.  I have had the worst time finding someone to wallpaper and not charge an arm and a leg.  Our powder room is literally a closet.  It’s tiny!!!!!  And there is not really any wall space in there.  The least anyone quoted on that room was something like $1100.00 and that was not including the wallpaper.  I’ve been told for a room that has a window, door, a mirror that takes up one wall along with a vanity that I needed 8 double rolls.  There is NO WAY you can use that much wallpaper.  And for as pickie as I will be with how well the wallpaper matches……I just threw in the towel and decided I’d take on wallpapering one room myself.  Hence why I am doing the laundry room in wallpaper.  If I can’t accomplish it myself in a room that nobody but me myself and I sees….then I’ll revisit paying the $1100.00 to someone else.  I can’t even believe I’m considering wallpaper.  I have not liked wallpaper since 1998 when I wallpapered another powder room, kitchen nook, and one tiny hallway wall.  Everything comes back again!

I can’t wait to have a room that is pink!!!!  Priss has a pink room, but it’s her space.  I want my own space that is pink and just for me.  Even if it is the laundry room slash craft room slash office slash hideout for me.  I may actually be putting a wine fridge in too.  I’m not even kidding.  But, more on that later.  I’m currently shopping for a utility sink that is worthy of the Queen’s palace.  I have to get rid of the gross plastic one that is from the previous owner.  I need something pretty!

If you have a pretty utility sink….please email me.


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Wedding week in Bald Head

I am in post planning depression!  I am already missing my daily texts and emails with the bride and her mother.  It was a very different experience planning this wedding because I for one was in Colorado.  But, they were family friends and it’s hard to be as strict when it’s friends.  However I think it came together and we all had fun together.  I as usual loved the thrill of the logistics.  I learned a lot.  Yes, I mean A LOT about Bald Head and how it works.  Planning a wedding from a far is always more work, but when you have to throw in a ferry, barge, and delivery schedules and an island that stops working at 4:15……unless it’s a restaurant……It gives you a whole new set of things to check off and stay on top of.

The joke while planning was that the minute you say Bald Head to a vendor, they automatically start working on how not to take your business.  I will state for the record that was very true.  I had a rental vendor tell me 6 days ahead of the wedding that they were not going to deliver.  I was in shock.  I had to find someone new!  It’s just a lot of work to get trucks on the barge and set up time can be tricky.

Now knowing what I know, I want another wedding to plan there.  I liked the challenge.  I think there are way too many brides going out there and winging it.  Hard work has never scared me.  I am that weird planner that likes more challenge because in the end I feel more successful and happy.  I loved hearing that guests said it was the best wedding they had ever attended.  We had a restaurant venue for the reception!  That’s huge to hear people felt like that!

The weather was perfect!!!!

The wedding party was fun and looked amazing.

And of course Bubba and Priss had the times of their lives being in the wedding.  The bride’s nephew Aiden was also in the wedding and Bubba quickly became besties with him.  Priss became the mother to all three ring bearers.  The littlest one being Wiley who was only 18 months old and did manage to get down the aisle….barefoot.

Bald Head Island 2015.  Navy, coral, ivory, pink and gold.  Pure perfection!

Bald Head wedding 2015 Pink, coral, navy, seersucker, Ralph Lauren loafers, monograms, Jack Rogers, Gold sequins, toile,……. pure perfection!

I can’t wait to see all the detailed shots.  Bubba and Aiden fell asleep during the mass.  It was hilarious.  I couldn’t see them because of where they were sitting.  I loved watching these three together.  They were so precious!

We are back to reality.  But, missing North Carolina, family, friends, and days spent riding around in a golf cart.  We had one rainy day and introduced the kids to Uno.  The kids have quickly become fans of the game!  I am so excited they are getting into games that we can all enjoy.  I’m  not a good Candyland type person…..I like a game with strategy.  It’s only a matter of time before the kids are ready for Rumikub (my family played for hours when I was growing up with my grandmother and Aunt Millie.)  I’m anxious to see if we become a Gin Rummy family with magnetic cards on the beach like another friends family that I use to go to the beach with.  If we make it to that status of gin rummy, my life will be complete!

I’ll most certainly be posting more photos later…….I am still in linen heaven after mixing navy, coral, toile and this fabulous gold overlay from Graceful Tables.  I worked with Jennifer out of the North Carolina office.  But, Ms. Jo Dermid is usually who I call to start scheming on linens first.  I love them so.  Ms. Jo and her daughter Amanda are Southern girls who know exactly what this Southern girl is always looking for!


Cake Table Bald Head Island 2015

Can’t believe a week ago we were there!  I love a wedding hangover where you would do it all over again and not really change anything!

I am so thankful that my children were able to spend time with this family that meant so much to me when I was growing up.  The mother of the bride welcomes my children in her heart just as any grandparent would.  It made me stop and do a double take when the father of the bride had Bubba sitting on his lap during one of the dinners last week and was talking about skiing.  It was so cute and sweet.  Bubba has such a big personality that when he warms up to someone they are forever his friend.  It was a bittersweet trip!  For the first time in a while…..I really wish we could move back.  Or at the very least I NEED A BEACH HOUSE.  Why oh why am I still not winning the lottery?

One thing for certain, wedding planning is in my blood.  And I realize that I’ll never get away from it.  I’ll be 80 years old still telling brides what they should and shouldn’t do and cooking up new ideas.

Cheers y’all!  Happy Weekend!!!!


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Thirty years ago today!!!!

THis little show debuted.

Golden Girls

Thirty years!  September 14, 1985 was the first episode that aired on NBC.

So how about that for some random trivia?


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Foodie idea for the next event you host

Now that almost every circle of our friends are going gluten free or have had to go gluten free, I find it harder and harder to make sure I come up with creative ideas for cocktail parties, after school playdates, dinner parties, etc.,.

One thing almost all gluten free people seem to love is a potatoe! Potato.  Whatever.  Fry it, bake it, boil it, mash it, smother it in cheese or leave it plain.  Most people love potatoes.  I know I do.  I wish I didn’t!

Remember the mashed potato bar?  It was super popular in 2003.  We didn’t have one at our wedding b/c it was popping up at almost every wedding at that point. I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes that may be attending our wedding.

The mashed potatoe bar has been phased out…..and in those martini glasses now you can find a french fry!

Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake: Yum...That Is All: Part 1: Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake: Yum...That Is All: Part 1

French Fry Buffet

Now I think you could do this at home on your own if you had say a dozen guests or less.  I’d still fry the fries.  But, I’d do ahead and keep warm.

Otherwise hello turkey fryer plus a caterer.

You could do so many amazing dips too!  Mustard, ketchup are obvious.  But, ranch (a fave for my kids of course) mayo (the French eat fries like that).

But, get crazy. Truffle fries!  Truffle dip!  Horseradish.  Chilli.  A cheese type sauce.  I mean the ideas are endless.  Or make it into a meal and let people smother them.  Provide a fork and I ‘d suggest not having super long fries for that.  Bite size please!

The following picture makes me a bit ill….but imagine this for a Super bowl party?  Or tailgating?


Fry Bar...kinda like build your own baked potato with FRIES!: Fry Bar...kinda like build your own baked potato with FRIES!

French Fry build your own bar

I was talking to a friend (she’s 70) that said when she was growing up that her daddy use to make the best fries.  SO good that people would request them at all their family parties.  She said they had a french fry bar with sauces like pimento cheese that her granny (she cracks me up because she still says granny and it sounds elegant when she says it) made from scratch.  Another popular dish at her family home.  They would do a white bbq sauce too.  She made me hungry just hearing all about it.  She is one of my favorite people in Denver.  She always has a story about food!

If french fries are not your thing….

And remember everything old is new again.

Why not do a salad bar?

When I go to Canyon Ranch, the thing we love the most is the salad bar.  Yes, I  have to make it myself.  But, it is so awesome to know I am making a healthy salad and I didn’t have to cut one dang carrot, cucumber or even tear apart a piece of lettuce!  Winning!!!!

Food Bars: The New Wedding Craze Slideshow | Slideshow | The Daily Meal: Food Bars: The New Wedding Craze Slideshow | Slideshow | The Daily Meal

The Modern Day Salad Bar

I don’t think a salad bar would be beautiful at a wedding if it looked like say the salad bar at Pizza Hut buffet.  I wouldn’t suggest a sneeze guard take on the salad bar.  But, I would get a creative caterer that liked to mix handmade wood bowls with clean round containers!

Check out Fresh City for a delicious catered salad bar for your next office lunch!: Check out Fresh City for a delicious catered salad bar for your next office lunch!

This will not make you the hostess of the year if you style your bar like this.

This is more my speed!

This is a fantastic idea to serve at a baby shower!: This is a fantastic idea to serve at a baby shower!

Different heights would make this amazing. But, as is it’s pretty great!

I am ready to have a party now.  I may just host a fry, salad bloody mary party.  Or a champagne cocktail bar.  Or a popcorn bar.  Ice cream bar.  Good grief.  There are a lot of bar ideas for a party.



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Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Today is Coco Chanel’s Birthday.  132 years ago she was born to a woman that was unmarried, and working as a laundry woman.  She would have been 132 today if she could have possibly lived.   Her parents were nomads so to speak.  Coco’s mother died very young and Coco was sent to live in a convent.  Later in life Coco would change her name (she was born Gabriel)  She would claim she had been born ten years later, and that her family was a bit more romantic than they actually were in their daily lives.

One of her famous quotes is that “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.”

She truly did.

Chanel is a household name in this household.  I don’t feel embarrassed by that because Coco Chanel was a woman that was controversial, over came many obstacles and never cared what anyone thought of her.  She was set on being who she was going to be.  She was going to be successful.  And she was going to have her way.  She stuck to her guns and surrounded herself with people that were true and loyal to her.   I think that is rather  admirable.

Chanel gave the world many things.  Perfume, little black dress, jewelry, notice of camellia, the Chanel suit, and the Chanel bag.

One of my favorite quotes from Coco Chanel will forever be

“I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all.”

I feel that way sometimes.

Best Coco Chanel Quotes | Marie Claire

Pashmina, pearls, white gloves! Classics 50 years later!

You know the one thing that I love is that as Coco aged, she aged!  No botox.  No face lift.  She was herself.

She was distinguished.  She had a distinct look that made everyone stop and take notice.  Not only of what she was wearing, but of what she had to say.  She was a “make your own fun in life” type of person.

I wonder who will be the Coco Chanel of Prisses generation?  I don’t know that we see that feist.  Time will only tell!

Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Coco Chanel in her infamous tweed suit, pearls.

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Find your stone

Not many people know ……..I am a HUGE Kathie Lee fan.  I have been for like twenty years!  Or more.

If I couldn’t watch the show, I’d tape it when she was on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.

I read her books, followed everything she did.  I wanted to be a nanny for the Gifford family, I wanted to be a mom like her, I wanted to be an adoring wife like her.  To sum it up, I wanted to be a big ole donkey girl scout! If you don’t know that phrase or are not familiar, you can read here. Only a true fan of the Sugarbaker sisters get it right off the bat.


The Giffords

We’ve all watched to see what Kathie Lee would have to say when she returned to her morning show.  I was not surprised to see her return so early, because if you read her books you know she has a really strong work ethic.  Plus a strong faith.  She is never a victim and doesn’t make it about her.

Kathie Lee talking about Frank on her return to the Today show, August 17th, 2015.

I thought her comment about being graced by God spoke volumes this morning.  When we lost Cooper, almost three years ago, so many people would say they knew I was angry with God.  I never was.  I’ve said this before on here.  I thanked God for his graces.  Losing a child is perhaps the most painful thing I could ever imagine.  But, God graced us even at that time.  I believe that in my heart.  He continues to grace us daily in our lives.

Kathie Lee showed her own grace this morning and it was a reminder of how much your faith in God (if you have that faith) can help you in such painful times of loss.  I never push God or my beliefs on others.  But, I really feel badly for people that don’t have a faith that can help them in the darkest of days.  Believe me I have seen dark days.  God gets me thru them.  When I am feeling lost,  I stop and pray and meditate.  I write letters to God and put them in my bible asking him to take care of what I can’t control or understand.

Kathie talked about Frank and the stone.  Watch the video for that explanation.

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on giving Priss her own voice.  Her own place.  Reminding her that she is good at what she is good at.  I love that this year she didn’t want to do swim team (the popular choice for almost everyone of her friends.)  She wanted to do her own thing.  At first I worried I wasn’t being a good mother and forcing her to do swim team. My husband reminded me if swim team is her thing later in life, she will make it her thing then.  It is not going to make or break her swim career (that I am 110% sure she will not have) if she isn’t on swim team at our pool at the age of seven.  Some of her friends love swim team.  But, Priss doesn’t really find it interesting.  We will go with that!

We’ve been trying to some what teach that she can make a positive difference or a negative difference.  She can be the difference of a friend at school having a good day or a bad day.  She can choose to be kind or she can choose to be mean.  I constantly tell her to be part of something positive.  Don’t be part of the problem.

I think the casting of the stone….finding your stone is perfect timing for us.  Where are you going to throw your stone?  What mark are you going to leave in this world?  Watching Kathie Lee was a good reminder!  Find your stone!


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My fern obsession…..

The obsession continues.

My Fern

My sweet little fern in an urn for 2015

Last week we were gone for a few days (some of you know I was at the Broadmoor last week.)

We came home to a few surprises.  For one the fish pond had only a foot of water in it.  I screamed when I saw it took off across the yard.  I scared Hubby and kids  to death.  I thought for sure I was about to see a pond with nothing but dead fish.  Luckily they were all still alive.

Nothing like flushing over 600 gallons of water down……or somewhere.  We still can’t figure out what is going on.

Then the fern actually shot up another few inches and it actually a lot bigger than what this photo shows.

It’s our last week before going back to school.  I am sad.  It went too fast.  We will be back to a schedule and having to get up and out the door again.  Bubba will not go to school five days a week.  Still half.  Luckily since I think he will be exhausted going five days.  And I still am not ready completely to be free of kids til 3 p.m. each day.  I’m  sure when a year from now rolls around I could feel differently.  Everyone says that they get so much done.  I can’t wait to see.

The best thing that happened this year was that we have  a cleaning lady that literally deep cleans every single visit.  Not even literally.  She does.  So I can’t wait to see how much time I have for other things now that I don’t have to clean my house eight hours a week.  That seriously was how long it took me!

I will be spending my first week with the kids back in school, finalizing linen, rentals, decor for a September wedding.  We are still waiting for RSVPs.  I would die a thousand deaths if I had to be chased down for a wedding response.  I feel bad for the mother of the bride that is having to, in some cases call strangers.

Happy Monday!  We are going to enjoy the last day of summer vacation of not having to do ANYTHING.  From here on out it’s birthday parties, company, shopping for ballet shoes, shoes for school and trying to organize for our first day.



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I love pretty

Magnolia blossom bouquet

So simple, so elegant SO SOUTHERN

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Summer means wedding season….

I can’t believe how many people have gotten married this summer.

And I’d like to see more details please!

Vanessa Williams


Jennie Garth and Adam Abrams…..look at those cute little trailers!!!!


Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line…

Tyler Hubbards wife is starting her own fashion blog.  I can’t wait to follow it!
Hayley Stommel seems pretty interesting after reading a brief bio on her.

Duck Dynasty: Mary Kate and John Luke Robertson Share Wedding Photo

John Luke and Mary Kate…..the flower crown……

Kim Coles Wedding photos

Kim Coles…..and that wedding bracelet of flowers!

Kim Coles will have two weddings.  This one in the photo above was her first ceremony.  I love that she wore this bracelet of orchids for the entire day it seems.  It was light and flowy.  Just so pretty.

I love pretty weddings!  I think Jennie Garth’s is the one I love seeing because she seems so happy.  If you were a 90210  junkie like i was, then you probably followed the saga of Dylan and Kelly.  Jennie Garth met her 2nd husband and had three girls.  All seemed so sweet until the divorce.  I’ve of course been a fan of her on Dancing with the Stars.  She seems really shy and that she probably doesn’t love the spotlight.  I hope this marriage will be her forever love story.  I am a big donkey girl scout that loves fairytale endings.  Can you tell?


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