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How to give……to photographers that do one of the hardest jobs!

One month to the day…..that I would use the organization Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep I emailed a photographer that I had worked with for years and asked if he ever worked with NILMDTS.  I heard about them in … Continue reading

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No words needed


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I am so confused……..

I just don’t know what to think y’all.  First of all.  Y’all know I love jewelry.  I love good jewelry.  I love when good jewelry happens for good people. So today this was all the buzz. Jenny McCarthy and New … Continue reading

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Kiki Is Getting Married

The groom to be is wearing Leopard print Keds, Skinny jeans in a light acid wash.  Black hoodie and a t-shirt that has the hand covers that reminds me of what us girls can buy for yoga. Kiki is wearing … Continue reading

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Easter’s on it’s way…..

I am bursting at the seams.  First of all, last night we saw one of the girls I use to babysitte for like…………too many years to add.  She was in town with her boyfriend and I swear I just about … Continue reading

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This and That and then some of this….

I realized yesterday we are only a week away from Easter!  With the weather being in the 70s this week, I am crossing my fingers for an Easter Sunday where my children really get to enjoy being outside for an … Continue reading

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I’m here…kind of sort of

Y’all I am slammed!  I can’t even keep up!  Well, I can keep up with work, projects, etc.,.  But, I can’t keep up with blogging.  I can’t keep up with laundry.  Why oh WHY don’t children automatically know that they … Continue reading

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