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This and That on a Friday

Know how when I have a list a mile long I find twenty other things to do?  Well, that’s why I am blogging!  I have a ton of stuff to prep for dinner.  I need to quickly clean and I … Continue reading

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I type as fast as I can…..

I don’t know when I have enjoyed a summer as much as I have this year.  I think it’s in part because the children are more self sufficient.  Just last night they both begged to take showers.  Not the usual … Continue reading

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There is a saying about when your friends love your children.  This picture speaks a million words and one.  The joy of the Bubba being loved on by my friend Jennifer.  Jennifer has been my friend for so many years, … Continue reading

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Botox and Boots

Oh, wait it was the Country Music awards (CMT) last night.  But, believe me.  There was plenty of botox and boots. While I was entertaining an outdoor party with non-stop rain!  Yes.  I sworny.  It has been sunny every single … Continue reading

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