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4 months from today………..

we will all be waking up to Christmas morning. Just think about THAT this first morning back to school. Spring is supposed to be a time of “new beginnings”.  For me I think it’s fall now that I will have … Continue reading

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Summer love

Oh goodness y’all.  Today is pretty much our last day of summer.  I am so sad. I enjoyed sleeping in until 8 this morning.  Priss met me in the hallway as I went downstairs as she too slept in.  Next … Continue reading

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How to survive an affair in your marriage the right way….

DON’T FLUSH THE RING DOWN THE TOILET. DON’T THROW THE RING INTO A BODY OF WATER. DON’T well I think anything after that you can probably find the ring again.  Basically just don’t do anything rash. Like oh I don’t … Continue reading

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What we love right now!

So I had seen this recipe on pinterest forever.  The other morning when I made my first of my three runs to the grocery store for the week I decided on a whim to make this.  Luckily I even remembered … Continue reading

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So excited!!!!

All my life……….all I ever wanted to be: A wife A mother A juror (don’t ask) Wedding planner A godmother and last but not least an aunt. I am finally a Kiki (we don’t just call ourselves aunt.  I have to … Continue reading

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How to have a Catholic wedding ceremony with added traditions

Catholic wedding ceremonies are typically more detailed if both the bride and groom are Catholic.  If one is not then you usually do not have a typical hour long ceremony that has Communion.  Catholic weddings are always in a church. … Continue reading

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Is it weird that I am already planning for Christmas?

So just before I left on vacation I saw someone post a little clipping that said “Only 24 weeks til Christmas.” I did my Scarlett O’Hara and thought “I’ll just think about that tomorrow!”  Because in all honesty 24 weeks … Continue reading

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