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Holiday letter writing help

I was just browsing thru this morning when I came upon this letter!  It’s a hoot!  Especially if you are a Gone with the Wind fan as yours truly is!  In fact Wednesday started out just perfect when my sister … Continue reading

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Thanks and Giving

I wanted to wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Yesterday while running an errand I let someone get in line in front of me.  He had one item.  I had a cart full.  As he departed he wished … Continue reading

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Only one month to Christmas!

Color me some kind of excited! One month!  I was at the post office yesterday buying stamps and about died when I saw how many people were mailing gifts already.  YIKES.  I am behind.  I sometimes have a few little … Continue reading

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God, save fashion!

I’ve never been into that other phrase “God Save the Queen” This morning I was tickled pink to hear on the news that if reporters want to question the Prince and Duchess during their visit to the US, then they better … Continue reading

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Why don’t I watch more movies?

My hubby and I are the WORST about watching movies.  We never go!  We rarely watch them at home.  Every year just before the Oscars I debate seeing at least one movie that is nominated.  I even pretend that we’ll … Continue reading

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A lot of times you see things that are styled just for a photo shoot.  In reality it could never work for an event.  This photos is some what like that….. I see those candles and immediately think about a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving craft….

I wish I had thought of this years ago! This is so cute.  I am actually about six months behind on hand prints of the kids.  Add it to the list of things that stresses me out.  But, then I … Continue reading

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It was a gorgeous weekend!

Not here in Denver.  From what I hear.  But, in Las Vegas where we were it was swoon worthy weather. We were able to get away for a few days with friends in Vegas thanks to my friends BR, AM, … Continue reading

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Host a get together for fall

I love hosting parties.  Sometimes I wish there was more time in a weekend to see more friends. I saw this cute little idea on Pinterest.  I love an easy party to host.  This could be as complicated or uncomplicated … Continue reading

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Goodness, Thanksgiving seems like it’s months away.  Yet, it’s only a few weeks.  There is so much going on between Thanksgiving and now that I fear I’ll not be able to plan like I typically do. In truth I really … Continue reading

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