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Happy New Year!

You know how Pinterest always has those ideas for a DIY project for a holiday?  This year this seems to be the one that everyone has been into. As a girl that loves CHAMPAGNE I can tell you,  this is … Continue reading

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Party Punch

This time of year always makes me feel like I need to pull out the silver punch bowl and fill it with something yummy to sip on and it will of course give me an excuse to show off my … Continue reading

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Monday Sad Monday

I am sure there are so many people happy that Christmas is over.  I’m sure there are a million trees out the door.  Christmas has been cleaned up and there isn’t a sign to show that the holiday was even … Continue reading

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Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Merry. It is so small and yet describes the day so well!  I think I’ve sent that text a million times today. Y’all know I am a traditional girl. We dined on seafood for Christmas eve dinner. The oyster … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Eve

I spent my Christmas eve eve baking, prepping, cleaning, doing laundry.  Greeting company.  And then thinking that my night was going to be all about wrapping gifts. Instead it was me a wreck because elves needed to move and I … Continue reading

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Staying Organized for the holidays

I think I’ve had a lot of mom’s either think I was genius or over the top crazy with my organization this year. I showed one mom my Christmas shopping list and she said “It’s COLOR CODED.  I give up!!!!” … Continue reading

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Okay now I am in the Falalalala LA LA. La. Laaaaaaaaaaaa place

When I posted yesterday I was definitely thinking……..oh crap.  I am gonna work for the next four days. But, I decided so what and focused on the last few things I had to do.  I also did laundry non-stop.  To … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas week!!!

So excited that Christmas week is here!!!  Finally!!! The house is mess.  I haven’t grocery shopped or really even narrowed down a single menu item for the next week. I have guests floating in and out for cockails or just … Continue reading

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Christmas vacation! This and That

I have been debating removing all the greenery and replacing it.  Take it down.  Or let the dry stuff just be.  I just can’t get into fake garland.  First world problems!!!! This week we went to the production of Wonderbounds, … Continue reading

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I’m so fancy….apparently….

It was like a month ago when my friend said her son Mr. O said “Why is she so fancy?”  I think he went on to say everything is always nice?  I’m not 100% certain. Then yesterday a friends daughter … Continue reading

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