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Are you ready for some turkeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My day went something like this…….. Kids out the door (lunches packed.  I mixed up for the first time ever the lunches I found out later.)  Shoes, backpacks, projects, hurry hurry hurry!!!!!! Sat down for coffee (that was yummy, but … Continue reading

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It’s not too late… can still organize

I can’t believe how many of y’all are in the same boat with me……feeling over whelmed and already behind for the holidays. I thought I’d share a few tips while there is still time. I just went through all our … Continue reading

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Do you say dressing or stuffing, and do you have a silver pattern?

Warning…..random thoughts for the day. I spent five minutes debating that over coffee this morning that Thanksgiving is not actually two weeks away.  How can that be? I grew up in a family where we talk about dinner at breakfast…..and … Continue reading

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Caviar Server….

We were in Las Vegas a couple of weekends ago (I wish I was still there.  It was the perfect weekend with friends, weather, relaxation, great meals, a show, and just enough time for me to win all my money … Continue reading

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This and That on a Monday

We survived the weekend.  Which last Wednesday I was wondering how it would all get done.  We had two school parties, a huge neighborhood party, soccer games, ballet, a costume party and in the middle of all that I had … Continue reading

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