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Well, I did watch. Only because I don’t know. I had nothing else to do? I’ve been so exhausted lately. I gave up wine for Lent. Technically you can skip out on that on Sundays. I didn’t do that yet on a Sunday. However, I did have a glass at the awards dinner for my husbands company last week. I didn’t even finish the glass. They were serving this:

SO I kind of felt like I HAD to drink it.

Oddly I don’t miss wine like I thought I would. I don’t feel any more spiritual though either. I continue with my 40 in 40. Priss helped clean her clothes out the other day. She saved items for Baby C. Then she gave items to charity. Of course the next morning I had to go thru that pile of clothes for charity to find leggings for school. The uniform will not come soon enough. Let’s just say that.

Okay so back to the worse haircut in the country since Kate Gosselin.

He was not all that. Why did these girls fight over him? Because he may have some earning potential? I don’t know. The hair is terrible. He’s dull. He is probably the most boring person to be around if you knew the truth of the matter.

Saying to one girl you fell in love with her and didnt pick her is heinous. Just heinous.

I am also tired of watching girls cry and blame themselves. Honey you can and would and should do better than getting a guy from reality t.v.

Let’s talk about this dress too while we are at it.

This dress was fine for a night at the opera. This dress didn’t belong on the side of a mountain (fake snow thrown about. Did you notice that set design for the final rose?) And then a green cape. Um No. It didn’t work. It was bad styling. Did Katie Holmes dress her? I have to wonder.

Courtney intrigued me at the end. Last week at the women tell all recap they laid into her. She was crying. Now we know why even more so. Because Ben had dropped her. But, they are together. They just took a break? I don’t know. I don’t care. She was on the show with the girls because she was trying to make it better with Ben obviously. I think he deserves her. Everyone warned him. He didn’t listen. So enjoy Ben.

When Ben described how Courtney made him feel so special and good I wanted to shake him. Um yeah she did. She is a manipulative hooker! She doesn’t have any friends. GUYS listen up. When a girl comes along that comes WITHOUT any close friends other than maybe one or two she met in the last year (and how close does that really make her to them) and your family is kind of skeptical and your life is starting to take a turn…………RUN. Just run. I would like to know what her real relationship with her family is. The only thing this relationship had going on was ‘free love.’ When a girl goes skinny dipping on t.v. with cameras all around her………..she is just from the wrong side of the street and she is not going to do anything for you in life other than create chaos and misery.

The same goes for girls. If your family or friends are wondering about a guy that you are dating don’t do it. Dump him. I had a boyfriend once that nobody liked. I tried to make it work. It was so ridiculous on my part. I admit it. I wasted too much time.

If you have to say a person is different with you alone than when around your friends or family it’s not good. If my family had said they didn’t like my husband then I would not have ended up with my husband. Luckily they all love him. Even my husbands parents voiced that they liked/loved me. I still have this note that my father in law wrote to me once (my in-laws split the card and wrote me a note) and he said he thought I was good for my hubby along with a few other things. It was super sweet. I saved it (of course) and read it about once a year.

When Courtney got out of her white cape (which was actually okay and she should have kept it on!) I thought she was something from the Matrix movie on the side of a mountain. Again. On the side of a mountain! I was looking for Keanu. I mean what was this about? She wore gloves? Leather. It was just too much.

My husband said he thought she was a model slash actress because she certainly seemed to be acting a lot. HA!

Chris Harrison should take over where Oprah left off with daytime television. He asked some hard questions. To the point. He said “so nobody likes you.” On and on. Hello! He is my interview hero. Put him on Bobbi Kristina Brown Houston next time. “So Bobbi K there is a photo of you snorting white lines up your nose. You tweeted it wasn’t what it looked like. So what was it then?” I am serious. He is good! Oprah is a big fat fail. If that had been Lindsay Lohan she would have gone after her in a second. The interview she did the other night was so dull. So one sided. So licking boots of the Houston family. I was hoping she was going to say “why didn’t you all hold Whitney accountable?”

They will never make it down the aisle. Ben and Courtney I give six months tops.

Emily is starting her show in May as the Bachlorette. You know I will watch that. I still wish she and Brad would be together though. She will never end up with someone that would love her as much as he did. End of story.

Meanwhile did y’all see this hot mess on Ellen? I didn’t watch. Just saw the buzz.

Jessica Simpson

She was talking about how big her baby is going to be. Yes, probably when you have carried a baby for 17 months. It’s going to be big. She has been pregnant forever. I am so over this now.

She also weighs at least 180 lbs. It’s insanity. I think she is eating for five people. Only to get a contract after to lose weight with a Weight Watchers spokesman job. It’s really insane to think that. But, I do. Sorry. I don’t know a single pregnant person that wants to gain that much weight. She is over the top here. The heels are not good given the big ole bump. ANd the leopard? Her mom needs to take over her wardrobe again.

She called her live in love a “baller” and that is why she will have such a big baby. It was very tacky actually what she said. I give that relationship about six months too after the baby arrives. I think she will be too happy to be a single mom. Why doesn’t he rush out and get a job doing something? That would get on my nerves pretty quick. I can’t imagine having a guy around like him all day.

I can’t wait for this baby to arrive. It has to be soon. I would hope because those heels are not going to be able to take much more!


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