Forget about Webb Simpson…..let’s talk about his better half!

I am enthralled this a.m. with the name Webb. I guess because a certain boy named Webb won the US Open yesterday. Congrats Webb. You deserve it. After talking about why winning would be his way to give back to Arnold Palmer after being on scholarship at Wake Forest I wanted him to win!

Of course as always we have to see who the blond (because they are ALWAYS blond) behind the man is. I didn’t see his victory on television. I was in bed at like 8:30 last night. But, I still googled it this a.m. Webb has been married to Dowd Keith for only a few years. I knew I loved her the minute I saw her wedding write up. So proper. So so Southern.

I found this little gem though!

Dowd Keith Simpson

I am loving this dress. I am not usually into this much frill. But, the way it was photographed…..and given the gorgeous model……well come on. This is stunning. The photographer is Missy McLamb whom I loving. I love her work. I also love that she seems to have some really unique brides and weddings.

I would love to see more of this wedding. So if you have any links please share.

Happy Monday!

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