Wedding Bliss!

Last night I had a fabulous meeting with my new September bride. It is always a relief when you feel like you are on the exact same page with the bride.

Not only did we hammer out all the minor details but we have major vendors taken care of. In fact she hired my favorite florist on the spot and I know that she is going to be so happy with everything Laura comes up with.

I know I shouldn’t name drop brides but I will only call her H and I love her. She is not only a delight to be around but since she is a good friend who is marrying one of my husbands very good friends. She is laid back but knows what she wants. I definitely can speak for everyone in our group of friends when I say that we are all so happy that she is going to be a permanent addition. Today as I typed up their invitation order I got teary eyed. I’m so sappy but I can’t help to be so happy for them.

Today is another busy day of getting plans finalized for August brides. I am going to have to get new lodging taken care of for a few of my Vail girls. Construction is running smoothly and I will be the first to say they are on schedule as they have said they would be. Unfortunately the construction near the hotels that were booked a year ago are now getting the brunt of the work done.

My main goal for today is to make sure that Bride S is happy and satisfied with her plans to date. She has been in school, moved, and out of state for the majority of her planning. She is such a great bride and I want her to be nothing but stress free for the next 40 some days until her wedding.

Off to run errands and battle the traffic surrounding CHCC for the LPGA!

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