2013! We’re here………

Y’all we have taken the trees down. I was super sad. And I could tell my husband was too because he must have taken a hundred photos the 24 hours prior to the tree coming down. For me I am struggling with it coming down since it went up to distract us from the reality that we would not have a baby with us this Christmas.

Life keeps moving along. We are looking forward to so many things in the upcoming year. I know that we are still going to have sad moments. But, I am thankful that we have gotten this far and are still standing. We are stronger as a family and for that I thank God.

Today I was trying to keep the Bubba occupied for a bit and decided to go through photos on my computer to organize and get ready to make an album with.

I am big on poems, quotes etc.,. I like having a family quote. Our motto if you will. I usually scream it at the top of my lungs to my children when they are fighting over something like a pair of princess shoes. “We are a kind and loving family………” I will not bore you with it.

Today I told my husband that we need a new quote or line for us. Another motto that isn’t as serious or detailed. My suggestion:

LIFE: It’s what we do between beach trips.

Oh my goodness gracious do we take eight million photos while on our annual beach trip. One thing I have decided to change in the next year for our trip: Bathing suits. We are all going to have at least ten different bathing suits. We all look the same in all the photos because we all wear the same suits for the most part. Me in my big black glasses. Hubby in his blue trunks, visor. Bubba in his shark suit. The only one that changes it up is the Priss because Nana shows up with a few new suits for her and then of course I pack a few for her that are always……….pink.

This coming year buying swimsuits is pretty mindless and frivolous. But, it’s a must!

Maybe it’s the cold weather. Maybe it’s the need for a getaway. Maybe we are looking for seafood that didn’t have to be flown anywhere (just driven over from the dock.) Maybe it’s just that we love love love the beach. Who knows! What I do know is that I am ready for a beach trip. It’s not going to get here fast enough!

So one of my top resolutions of the year:

1. Take more photos at the beach in new surroundings.

2. Get new suits. Stat.

Other resolutions to come………still working on those. Something that will include world peace, cooking French food from scratch, and no doubt learning how to sew better. I think that shall cover it. Right?

Ms. Shindig



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