I’m as pleased as punch…..

I’ve been giving a job to decorate a little office for the hubby. I haven’t even seen the space. But, I know how it’s all going down. He keeps saying that perhaps I should go see his office. I reply yeah yeah. It’s gotta window, some corporate grade carpet, a faux wood desk, and a door. That’s all I need to bring my vision to life.

I don’t think his office can be painted. So with my luck it’s industrial steel grey. Oh dare to dream.

I am however planning some chairs for his office. I am going to spend buckets of money on the fabric that I will put on them. That’s right. Buckets. I want to be realistic. I live in Denver we don’t have fabric shops like we do back home. So either you go into a showroom and have it shipped to you later. Which is so dingy. When I am ready to have something made I don’t like to wait.

Or I can go where some o the fabric is over priced and a season behind. I will not mention names.

Either way I have my heart set on a plaid of sorts. I found this chair that I never imagined I’d consider. But, I am looking for a challenge of not just reupholstering something but I want to paint it too. Clearly. I am taking on more than I should.

This isn’t the chair I am doing. But, I look at this one and it’s half the price and think……..maybe we should just consider country French for hubby?

Cane Chair

I could order and have delivered to his door (that I have yet to see.)

Something to consider.

I just love cane chairs. I think it’s a Southern thing. I have been looking for a dining set for years to spray paint white. (Shout out to Jenna T. in Raleigh that did so and then covered her seats in PINK y’all!!!!! Her husband is an ex football player at NC State. Just by you reading that line you should know to genuflect as if you were at mass. Her house is decorated in pinks and if her hubby can take it….well I think any many should be able to deal with it! She’s my pink decorating idol.)

I am off to freeze this morning for a little bit. Then home to watch the play by play television by television lined next to one another non stop reporting of the Golden Globes today. I have such hope today that it’s going to be a spectacular show. I can’t wait to see the girl power hosting entertainment. And I can’t wait to see who’s winning in categories for things that I never watch and I probably didn’t even know existed.

I’ll be enjoying bubbly of course. It is Champagne Sunday after all!


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  1. I’ll be breaking out the bubbly as well. And I bought bleu cheese. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it will be consumed. Yep, going to be a good time tonight.

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