As the Rolling Stones said “I am the little red rooster……….

too lazy to crow for days.”

Oh Jennifer.

Back in the Day with the other half of Gelina

So when I saw Jennifer take to the carpet with Justin (who for some reason I don’t really think he’s an Oscar attendance type guy.) I thought oh red……..she’s making up for the past on the carpet. This was a very defining carpet look for her back in the day.


Amazing how she hasn’t really aged. Don’t you think? Of course let me point out that last night when she was on stage (again why was she there presenting? I didn’t get that at all.) She has had one too many bumps of botox. Someone needs to stop that freight train before she goes too far. *cough* COURTNEY COX.

Look I think she was beautiful. But, this dress was a bit dull. I think again the song fits this best. She’s the little red rooster. Too lazy to crow. Too lazy to even get a new look. She’s bored with us. She just wants us to continue to watch her movies. Because at this point she is just waiting in line for her lifetime achievement award. She is to the academy what Tori Spelling is to a Lifetime movie. She’ll keep making them. People will talk. But, nobody will be that impressed.

If there was a time machine I would say use it for the Oscars. Because if a winner is just going to come back and present us with a half up half down look of nothing then save the time. Give the Oscar to someone that will at least make a scene like one of those Real Housewives from Bravo. At least give us drama on the carpet. The stepping on of trains doesnt’ do it for me any longer.

Exhibit A


Marcia Gay Hardan

Marcia won in 2000. She’s back on the carpet to remind us she’s still here. I’d do the same. But, if she isn’t going to say something totally off the wall and wear a dress that looks like something from Ru Paul’s closet, then just keep her at home. She didn’t serve a purpose. She couldn’t make best or worst dressed list even. Good Lord.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals: Olivia Munn  Marchesa

Olivia Munn in Marchesa

Olivia Munn. Again WHY was she there? She is on a sitcom. She’s not the star even. She has done some film but wasn’t in anything noteworthy. Even this dress was odd to me. The style seems better for someone much older. This reminded me of a cross between a showgirl in Vegas and a mother of the bride dress. It looked like she was wrapped up in it. I kept thinking about how when you put on hose and you get the leg turned around and you can’t figure out how. But, one leg is on fine so you don’t want to take them off completely and start over. So you go thru the entire day with your hose wrapped around your leg like you have a python on you. To me this is what that dress looked like it was doing.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals: Sally Field

Sally her

Sally Field is just too precious. I love her. It made me sad she didn’t win. She has had such an amazing career. I thought this was a beautiful dress on her. I love the detail of the layers. The only think I didn’t like was the bodice. Otherwise this was perfection. I would love to see this in a lighter color. If you did this in a light pink, cream, gray…….it would be the perfect dress for a 2nd wedding. Someone that had been married and still wants to have the big wedding but has the sense to know they shouldn’t be pulling out a tacky ball gown for the 2nd time around. I loved this dress. Sally Field is not too lazy not to crow! She cared and for that I adore her more.


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3 Responses to As the Rolling Stones said “I am the little red rooster……….

  1. You’re smoking crack. Jennifer’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. But I love understatement. I would remarry in a dress like that for sure! haha

  2. Nicole says:

    HA I did say to a friend that if it was in cream, white silver, etc.,. that is her wedding dress waiting to happen.

  3. I hated this dress. I liked the one she wore when she was making out with that guy in the longest most boring opening ever.

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