I interrupt this Oscar recap to say……..

As a Carolina girl that grew up watching Andy Griffith every day after school…………..I was none too pleased when they forgot someone very important last night in the recap of those we lost this past year.

Andy Griffith

He deserved at least a ten second spot. I believe you either remember everyone or you remember no one. End of story. I’m tired of this debate each year by this so called Academy. Whoever is deciding these things is not getting it right.

So, I just want to say I personally will never forget Mr. Andy Griffith. He did sitcoms, but later he did a few spots in movies as well like “The Waitress.” There are not many people left in Hollywood that were like Andy Griffith. He was a self made man in acting. He came from a time when you didn’t get to act because you had a reality show or signed up to dance like a star.

If nothing else he should be given props for all he did to the seersucker suit.

In a day and time when someone like a Kiki Kardashian would get an entire segment of the show in honor of her memory (and the legacy of just what a sex tape and a pimp for a mother can do for a girls career) it makes me angry that Mr. Andy Griffith didn’t get even a mention. It’s sad to me and hurts my heart a lot. Growing up in North Carolina you learn to love Jesus, respect your mama and daddy, drink sweet tea year round, and always ask yourself “what would Andy Griffith do?”

There were so many talented people that were mentioned. Still key ones were forgotten. I can’t imagine how that decision could have even been entertained, much less followed through upon.

In the famous words of Andy Griffith……to the academy I say “You beat everything.”

Just my humble opinion.

And in

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  1. This is why I love you so much.

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