I didn’t win the house…….I am shocked!

I am so not happy I didn’t win the HGTV dream house this a.m. I thought for sure the doorbell would be a ringin’. But, nope.

Instead here is the winner:

HGTV Dream Home 2013 winner

A woman not wearing a ballgown in Tennessee

Fortunately while I did my hair and make-up this morning I skipped the fake eyelashes. I would have looked out of place for my visit to the zoo later in the morning. So I had decided against them.

She will of course be enjoying the beautiful house in Kiawah. That’s okay. I didn’t really want to live in Kiawah anyway. I mean it didn’t even have a beach view for goodness sake. It was marsh side. It had lovely furnishings. Plenty of space. But, I am still more of a Charleston peninsula kind of girl, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palm hostess in the making if you will. I need to continue with that plan clearly. So while the Kiawah house (for free) would have been wonderful, it also would have been a wrench in my plan.

Congratulations to Carole from Tennessee. I am excited for her and her family. She is a former Marine. She has a family that was in the military. And she will now use some of her cash prize to visit her son that is living in Australia. She sounds like a good mama and she is a Southern mama!

Doesn’t it seem like the winner is always from Wisconsin. It’s nice to see Tennessee represent! I’d have preferred Denver Colorado and it be me. But, whatever.

Hope you are enjoying a fabulous Friday. We certainly have. It’s GORGEOUS outside. We went to the zoo and met up with a dear sweet friend and her daughter. Priss was beside herself with excitement because this friend of mine is her past nanny. When I say she adores her, that barely even skims the surface. Last night she had picked out what she would wear, do, and say when she saw her “Sah.”

I can’t even begin to describe how happy it makes me (and hubby) that our child has someone that she thinks so fondly of and it’s returned in every way to this day.

On an odd note, there was a child that climbed to the top of the rhino exhibit and got in some how today! So it was a very lively day to say the least!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s day!


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