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It’s been a crazy few weeks. A week ago we were all glued to our televisions obviously. This week I have spent too much time reading about these two bombers and their families on line. Are you like me? I see a headline on homepage and I want to read it. But, I know that if I click on it I am adding to it’s popularity. I just don’t think we should have some of these stories making news. Sometimes I don’t think we should give some of the headlines traffic via the web.

I am still a bit mad about myself for even caring about this

Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy “Miniature Jay-Z” Carter are in France for the Mrs. Carter world tour this week, where they continue to disappoint in the fashion department. Miniature Jay-Z is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, which I am pretty sure is a felony in Paris. If it’s not, it should be.

Bey, JZ, and baby in Paris dressed incorrectly

The popular story yesterday was that the Carters went to Paris and went to lunch and had the kids there and they and the kid had on jeans. Which I don’t like babies in jeans. I think it’s so uncomfortable to look at. Of course don’t go by me. Priss never owned a pair of jeans until she was 4. True story.

Now given that Paris is the fashion mecca of the world and it is 2013 jeans are becoming more of a staple. Still why not dress a bit nicer? Just a tad. Since when do t-shirts seem okay to dine in? I mean collared shirts people. Come on. Plus, Beyonce wears gold sequins to grocery shop. So why wouldn’t she bling it up for lunch.

Again. I am disappointed that I even clicked on the link (cut and pasted photo too.)

The fever has hit our house. I mean my brother and sister in law were fans first. Then my mama and daddy got into it thanks to my brother and sister in law. After hearing about it forever we finally tuned in one random Sunday night. From the get go….we were hooked. I think you all know what I am talking about, Jack.

Happy Happy Happy

We were counting down the days to the finale. We recorded it. We watched it together. Duck Dynasty is hilarious. It’s also probably the only show other than Dancing with the Stars that we can watch as a family without worry of bad language, inappropriate subjects.

When I watch Duck Dynasty I feel like I am watching people I know from home. One of my favorite things to tell people that I meet in Colorado over drinks or dinner is that when I was in high school they (finally) had to make it a rule that boys couldn’t bring guns to school in their gun racks any longer. I grew up in tobacco (and sweet potatoes) country. Everyone hunted. Where I grew up everyone is very Godly too. My favorite is that Phil and Ms. Kay live in what must be an added on modular home (not to be confused with a mobile home.) She has a big ole Viking sitting in her kitchen. That cracks me up!

I guess we were not the only ones watching this week. The show had 8.9 million viewers? And the buzz is they beat out American Idol. Well, DUH! Who wants to watch American Idol when you can watch Si being Magnum PI?

The most beautiful person in the world was crowned. So you all know how I felt about that when Gwenyth Paltrow started appearing all over my news feeds. I did show some self control. I never once hit the link to read about it. I do not agree with this choice. I think she is very pretty and thin and a great mom. I think she is way out of touch with how most of us live. She has a clothing line that sells a t-shirt for 250.00 I can get the same one at TJ Maxx for 12.99 True story. And for someone with such a pricey clothing line she herself usually has on a pair of jeans from off the table at Saks and I never think the shirts are all that amazing.

The only wedding related news I really paid attention to this week was Melissa Gilbert. In our house we are reading all (and I do mean alllllllllllllllllllllllll) the Little House books right now. II’d rather have been a settler on the East coast near the beach than what the people of the mid-west did. Oh my. It sounds dreadful. My husband says the exact same thing and his family is from the mid-west. There was a story the other night and a neighbor of Laura Ingalls was walking home at night with just the moon to guide them. Can you imagine?

So Laura Ingalls Wilder got remarried. Not to her ex-husband that I swear she married and remarried ten times in thirty years. She married Timothy Busfield at a private hotel in California.

Red Wedding dress

Everyone was talking about her dress. I think it was rather beautiful. It was a second marriage for both. They have five kids between the two of them. I like this trend in gowns right now. This red was the perfect red for Melissa Gilbert too.

We have been seeing this more and more. When I got married I thought about doing a light pink dress for a bit. But, at the time it was hard to get a pink that wasn’t going to come off like a baby pink. Now we see the muted hues of pinks and peaches and they are stunning.

Reese Witherspoon wedding to Roth

Reese did it perfectly a few years ago. Of course she too was in the news a lot this week. Oh my!

Happy weekend everyone! It’s going to be gorgeous in Denver. I hope we get to enjoy a bit of the weekend. It’s going to be a busy one that is for sure! But, we will be together and that makes me happy happy happy!


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