2013…..not the wedding year?

Did y’all see this article that Men’s Warehouse is blaming poor sales year to date on “brides”.  I like that it’s blamed on the bride……not the GROOM that wears the suits.  By the way I don’t hear wedding gown shops complaining.

Men\’s Warehouse Sales are Down

Men’s Warehouse seems like they are a bit ticked with themselves.  I wonder if they know they missed the boat on what brides and grooms have been asking for over the last few years.  This has been ten years in the making.

I have clients looking for seersucker suits (over the last five!), navy jackets (over the last 12), gray suits, formal but informal.  It’s rare to see a wedding with tuxedos UNLESS it’s an evening wedding and formal.  The invite will also say  “black tie” to the guests.  The whole ‘rustic elegance’ has been catching on and clients are not looking for black tuxedos.

It use to be why would you rent a tuxedo on the most important day of your life (one of them most important days) when the bride is in the most expensive dress of her life (typically.)  Men’s Warehouse has long had ill fitting suits and depending on the shift of the day in a store you never know if it’s going to be an experienced employee or someone that is working there on their summer break.

Men’s Warehouse  should have treated their customers to an experience.  When they started giving a free suit with the rental of eight suits that was the turning point.  It made it feel cheap.  Clients want to feel special when they are already spending thousands of dollars on flowers, food, alcohol.  Who wants to throw an amazing party and show up wearing the worst looking suit in the room?  Think about it.

I don’t even have a dinner party without putting thought into what I am wearing.  I don’t want a pretty table, great food and amazing guests with fabulous dinner conversation…..with me sitting there in overalls or worse strappy sandals that you would wear tubing and a dress from Little House on the Prairie collection that makes me look like a sister wife.  No way!  So again, do grooms want to look boxy in a rented suit?  I don’t think so!

I hope they get it together and fast.  In this day and age you have to have great customer service!  You have to have a great product!  And you need to make people feel important.


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