So I don’t know why, but whenever I meet someone new around the holidays I do love to poke and prod and find out what their traditions are or as you basically will hear me say “So what do y’all do for Christmas?”

I love hearing what people do from Christmas eve day to Christmas and beyond.  Do they travel?  Do they do presents the night before?  Do they go to church night before or day of?  Do they stay in pjs all day and play games?

But, I think what I love to hear most is what their food traditions are.  While shopping at Williams and Sonoma this weekend I realized I am officially one of those ‘foodies.’  I hate that word.  But, I guess I love food.  I love to cook!  I thought up until yesterday that I really didn’t need anything from WS.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  About two minutes in I found two new copper pots, a few Le Creusets, a knife, spoons, a cookbook or three (which is a big deal for me since I am very picky about cookbooks) and then basically five new appliances.

It was nice to add something to the Christmas list since my hubby has been asking what I want and I literally haven’t had anything on my list.  I always feel like I have everything!  What else is there?  Well, shame on me because what there is could be a nice red glass barset……just to kick off the list of ideas.

Christmas we have our ‘set’ menu.  But, I do try to change it up a tad from year to year.  I don’t like being in too much of a routine.  Christmas morning though we need easy because the older the kids get, the quicker they want to get to the gifts.  We get up and look at what is there under the tree.  Only look.  Then we try to figure out what could be in our stockings (because everything is wrapped.)  Then we eat.  My children have to eat first thing in the morning and I have to make sure they get protein or it’s a melt down.

So of course being from the South I love a good ole breakfast casserole.  Something with cheese, obviously!

I have to make French toast casserole.  It’s our fave.  It’s sweet and smells so amazing!

If you are looking for an amazing recipe then check out this one from Cookin Cowgirl

Because we are Big on the Pig in our house.  Shout out to the Piggly Wiggly!  We also have bacon and sausage.

Southern girls always make hashbrown casserole with the frozen potatoes, cheese, onion, sour cream, butter, corn flakes, and some kind of ‘cream of’ soup.  It is what it is.  I don’t make the rules.  I just follow it and eat what I am supposed to.

This year I am really trying to add a green to the plate though.  I’ve always thought it’s odd when people have a salad at brunch.  Brunch to me is supposed to be eggs, mimosas and strong coffee.  So to suggest breakfast with a green is a big deal for me.  However, I am anxious to do a vinagrette salad I think.  At least that is the plan so far.  Christmas morning I may give up on that idea.

What do you eat for Christmas?  Do share!!!!  I want to hear.



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2 Responses to Tradition

  1. Dana says:

    hey- the best cookbook I’ve gotten lately is called “Keepers”… I use it several times a week. Check it out!
    we do a breakfast strata and mimosas on Christmas morning!

    • Nicole M. says:

      Oh I need to look at that one! Strata!!!! I love it. I need to make sure I make it for dinner sometime. 🙂 I saw this cookbook the other day called Collards and Carbonara. It actually looked pretty good!

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