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Don’t y’all miss Oprah’s favorite things?  I do!  Or maybe I miss the dream of being on the show and winning all her favorite things.

I definitely believe in living with less.  But, I definitely believe in living with things I love and things that are good quality.  I hate spending money on things that don’t last.

In our house there is one hairbrush that is coveted.  It’s been around at least for eight years now.  It’s just as good today as it was the day I bought it.  Priss uses it daily.  It hits the hardwood floors at least once a day!  If that doesn’t tell you how fabulous the quality is, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

Mason Pearson brush.  Worth the hype!

You’ve seen the Mason Pearson brushes I am sure!  You’ve heard the name.  You’ve probably read about the hype.

Everyone wonders, is it worth all the hype?  YES.  I know you have read a review and wondered “is it worth the price?”  YES.  It’s worth every penny.

Priss loves the hairbrush because it is the only hairbrush that does not and has not ever caused her to cry about tangles.  I had a few mom friends say something to me about her long hair and doesn’t she cry in the morning.  I didn’t even know what they were talking about.  But, then I remembered that was my childhood!  I cried every single morning getting my hair brushed.  Of course I sleep in such a way that I truly look like I have a birdsnest on my head in the morning!  As a child it wasn’t any better!  I know for certain this brush has been the reason behind Priss loving her long hair and me not minding her having long hair.

There are tons of sizes to pick from.  We have the medium one.  If you are doubting this brush then start out smaller.  It’s not as expensive and a great introduction.  But, word of warning, you will certainly go out and get the full size soon after.  That is how much you will love the brush.  The full sized brush is 205.00 last time I checked.  I am actually putting the full size on my list of gift ideas.  I always forget about it when Christmas rolls around.

I kept seeing the knock off brushes and I actually tried to buy one to keep as the ‘travel brush.’  It was not even close to the same.  It was not worth the 20.00 I spent.  You got what you pay for is all that I could think about while breaking my hair with that brush.

This is one of my favorite things ever!  Try it!  You will love it too!

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