Stamp it Up

I always forget that I SELL THESE!!!!

I love a good stamp for sending out invites, Christmas cards, notes, or even just for marking a book that I don’t want to lose.

I just ordered all new stamp plates.  I love PSA because they have made it so that we don’t have to replace the entire stamp.  Just the face plate.  They are sticky and they come off very easily.  I also ordered new ink to go with them.

I can get a little crazy with ordering stamps.  I have return address stamps for the family, each person in the house.  Then I love stamps that say “a gift from Bubba”  or Priss.  You get the picture.

I ordered the Jacobson, Lindsey, and about three others!  I can’t wait until they are here!  If you need a stamp let me know.  They are pretty inexpensive.  I like that they are so convenient too!

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