Mother’s Day

It was such a great weekend.  Yesterday we woke up to rain.  Then it slowly turned to sleet.  Then of course if you are in Denver you know what came next and continues to bless us.  Gotta love spring (or lack there of) in Denver.

It was the BEST day though.  I was showered with cards, flowers, a few gifts, and a day of pampering.  My hubby cooked all day.  Then dinner we enjoyed with friends as the hubbys cooked.  Dinner was one of the best short ribs ever.  I literally could eat a bowl right now!!!

The best part of Mother’s day is that it just makes me stop and think how very fortunate I am to be a mom!  There are so many women that on Mother’s day feel the pain of wanting to be a mom but have not received the same gift.  I do not take for granted being a mom.  I relish every moment.  Even when I go to put make up on and some how my Priss knows at that exact moment to show up and get in between me, the mirror and my make up case…..I think “She will not be here when she is thirteen.  Enjoy it now.”  But, who knows.  Maybe she will be.

When I came down the stairs yesterday to be told by the Bubba “happy mudders day” it just melts my heart.  I feel so lucky!

It was a quiet day due to the snow.  But, it was so nice to enjoy a day with family and friends.  It was a fun day of relaxing!  I even got a mini nap in prior to dinner.

What a great start to the week (snow and all!)


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