So excited!!!!

All my life……….all I ever wanted to be:

A wife
A mother
A juror (don’t ask)
Wedding planner
A godmother and last but not least an aunt.

I am finally a Kiki (we don’t just call ourselves aunt.  I have to be called Kiki!)  My brother and his wife have welcomed a precious baby boy.  He was 8 pounds and one ounce.  He was one week and two days past due.  Just like his cousin the Priss was! We are all so excited.

My brother and his wife have wanted kids for so long.  So this is just such a blessing in their lives.  I can’t describe how happy I am that my maiden name will be carried on.

Priss and Bubba stayed up waiting for a photo when he was born and it was met with awwwwwwwws.  I let them talk to their Uncle Joe so they could hear the baby crying in the background.  It’s amazing how a baby crying sounds so precious.   I’d say his lungs are just fine from the sound of it.  Also, why is it that you laugh for the first few weeks when babies cry.  It’s so sweet.  When they are two and it’s 3 a.m. it’s not as cute for some reason!

I have a nephew that is 5.  So it’s not like this is completely new.  I remember holding him when he was only a few days old and wanting to just take him home with me.  He was so sweet.  It put me in the baby mood asap!  But, he does not call me Kiki.  Being a Kiki is a Southern girl thing.  I can’t even stand it.

I can’t wait to see this sweet boy.  I think we’ll be getting back on a plane very soon to go see him.  Our extended vacation didn’t prompt him to arrive while we were only a few hours away.  He’s just my favorite because if it had not been for his impending arrival we would not have stayed for three weeks.  I would probably not have flown alone with two ‘childs’.  We discovered that while we miss Daddy/Hubby we can survive and our routine was pretty laid back!  We missed him, but we miss the beach the minute we have to leave.  It’s a circle of madness!  I tell ya.

Either way I have a nephew and the kids have a new cousin and we are all in a giddy state of happiness.  We get photos daily and it’s oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhs  and awwwwwwwwwwws.

Bubba thought we were ‘getting this baby.’  That was a hilarious conversation.  He thought he would appear on our doorstep.  Bless his heart.  So we will just have to do the reverse and show up on his doorstep!

Cheers y’all!  I’m a Kiki.

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