Happy Birthday Prissy Missy


Happy 7th Birthday Priss


I can’t believe it’s been seven years since this little girl made us a family!  She has been a delight in every possible way.  She has a big and kind heart.  She loves her brother and has patience with him when honestly, he probably didn’t deserve it.  She considers every person in her class her best friend.  She loves art, dance and soccer.  Priss is one of the best eaters to this day.  She adores going out to eat, and when asked her favorite restaurant it’s one that has white tablecloths and wine list.  She’s always been able to sit for hours through a dinner without the help of an electronic.  It’s pretty impressive.  Her teachers adore her and they all tuck her under their wings.  They all say the same thing, she is a hard worker.

She is a funny girl in the way that logic wins over fantasy for her.  She has yet to lose a tooth!  Last night when I asked if they children would rather do Disney or a beach trip, it was Priss that said absolutely the beach.  I love that girl!  I love that she still holds my hand walking home from school.  And sometimes I swear she would crawl into my skin if she could.  Most of all I love that she has such a free and clear love of God.  It’s so pure and sweet.

Today she is sick for her 7th birthday.  It’s really quite sad.  No skiing.  No trip to the American Girl doll store.  Dinner may just be soup.  It’s pitiful!  She’s watching Mary Poppins and her brother is not enjoying it at all.

She has barely been able to talk on the phone.  She already asked for a nap after she talks to her Nana and Pop Pop.  You know it’s bad when they ask for a nap!

I for the first time ever made her birthday cake.  She requested a red velvet cake.  I am sad to report though that organic red food coloring…..is not as red as it should be.  An entire tube and the cake still came out brown.  Yikes!

Happy Monday y’all!




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