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Not many people know ……..I am a HUGE Kathie Lee fan.  I have been for like twenty years!  Or more.

If I couldn’t watch the show, I’d tape it when she was on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.

I read her books, followed everything she did.  I wanted to be a nanny for the Gifford family, I wanted to be a mom like her, I wanted to be an adoring wife like her.  To sum it up, I wanted to be a big ole donkey girl scout! If you don’t know that phrase or are not familiar, you can read here. Only a true fan of the Sugarbaker sisters get it right off the bat.


The Giffords

We’ve all watched to see what Kathie Lee would have to say when she returned to her morning show.  I was not surprised to see her return so early, because if you read her books you know she has a really strong work ethic.  Plus a strong faith.  She is never a victim and doesn’t make it about her.

Kathie Lee talking about Frank on her return to the Today show, August 17th, 2015.

I thought her comment about being graced by God spoke volumes this morning.  When we lost Cooper, almost three years ago, so many people would say they knew I was angry with God.  I never was.  I’ve said this before on here.  I thanked God for his graces.  Losing a child is perhaps the most painful thing I could ever imagine.  But, God graced us even at that time.  I believe that in my heart.  He continues to grace us daily in our lives.

Kathie Lee showed her own grace this morning and it was a reminder of how much your faith in God (if you have that faith) can help you in such painful times of loss.  I never push God or my beliefs on others.  But, I really feel badly for people that don’t have a faith that can help them in the darkest of days.  Believe me I have seen dark days.  God gets me thru them.  When I am feeling lost,  I stop and pray and meditate.  I write letters to God and put them in my bible asking him to take care of what I can’t control or understand.

Kathie talked about Frank and the stone.  Watch the video for that explanation.

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on giving Priss her own voice.  Her own place.  Reminding her that she is good at what she is good at.  I love that this year she didn’t want to do swim team (the popular choice for almost everyone of her friends.)  She wanted to do her own thing.  At first I worried I wasn’t being a good mother and forcing her to do swim team. My husband reminded me if swim team is her thing later in life, she will make it her thing then.  It is not going to make or break her swim career (that I am 110% sure she will not have) if she isn’t on swim team at our pool at the age of seven.  Some of her friends love swim team.  But, Priss doesn’t really find it interesting.  We will go with that!

We’ve been trying to some what teach that she can make a positive difference or a negative difference.  She can be the difference of a friend at school having a good day or a bad day.  She can choose to be kind or she can choose to be mean.  I constantly tell her to be part of something positive.  Don’t be part of the problem.

I think the casting of the stone….finding your stone is perfect timing for us.  Where are you going to throw your stone?  What mark are you going to leave in this world?  Watching Kathie Lee was a good reminder!  Find your stone!


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