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I loved this article by Veranda.  First of all for Colorado they named Palace Arms as the most romantic restaurant.  I would agree.  It’s not the cheapest.  But, it’s so special.  White glove service.  I’m kind of surprised that we never hear mention of it more often as a top choice for people that plan to propose.

Palace Arms Brown Palace

Cozy Booth space

My husband I find ourselves quite often at the Brown Palace after a night downtown.  We stop for a drink at Churchills just next door.  It’s a cigar bar.  I hate the smell.  But, it’s so old school it just makes me so happy to be there.  It’s cozy as well.  We always meet someone new when we are there.  Oddly no matter what day of the week (usually a weekend) or time we stop in on the way home we always end up in the same seats.  May it never change!

I really enjoyed this list due to the restaurants that I know my parents have visited.  There are a few old school ones.  When my parents were dating my father use to pull out all the stops.  He always has loved a good meal, good cocktails, a nice glass of wine with dinner and then he never ever ate dessert.  EVER.

Enjoy reading.  Just in time for Valentine’s day!


Most Romantic Restaurants in the US

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