Bachelor Recap Week 2

Week 2 definitely didn’t disappoint.

Olivia……..trying to catch flies


There was a competition that was based on high school, bobbing for apples and jumping hurdles. Some how it was a tad bit porn-y.  But, Ben seemed into it.

Because I’m kind of scared of Jubilee…..I’m going to start pulling for her.  This is based on her calling Lace a skank and blaming her for all the wrongs in Jubilee’s own life (and that says a lot because she’s an orphan from Haiti and she was actually fine with that whole thing.)

Becca was once again talking about letting her guard down.  Blah blah Becca.  I want her to make it to the end again so we can see if her sister has gotten any better after last season, when she kept throwing the virgin under the bus.  If you didn’t watch last night find it and watch the part where Becca jokes about Ben taking his shirt off.  I swear they both paused and contemplated it.  Either way Ben’s happy she didn’t meet her biggest fear (which as it turns out was marrying the last Bachelor and moving to a farm.)

As some of you know, there is someone in our fantasy league that will be working alongside Lace.  By working I mean our leaguer works. Lace just be acting cray. This is very exciting news and definitely gives us as a group, major street cred.

Lace took time to take the bunny out of the boiling water to tell Ben she isn’t crazy.  Because we all know when you are not crazy you make sure you continue to tell everyone you are not crazy… a crazy way.  To stress it even more make sure you are drunk.  With crazy eyes….that apparently have the ability to make babies since she said that she had locked eyes with Ben….and they were practicing free love.  Oh Lace.

Caila reminds me of a Disney Princess.  She won the prize for being the first one in a hot tub! And concert points to see some guy that I have never heard of.  She deserved points for acting like she knew who he was too.  It was some guy that Ben loved.

Ben found out that he has one baby mama amongst the girls and seemed really into it. She has the voice of a Disney Princess.  I’m going to pretend he came up with the whole idea to make sad little hair barrettes for her daughters.  Either way it was really considerate and now I may actually buy into this whole nice guy thing. Jen F (from our fantasy league) has been saying he is a great guy after her whole chat fest with him last fall at the Tay Tay Swift concert.  I think she may be right.

Olivia…..loves her some Olivia.  She and Lace need a show together.  At one point she told the other girls that they could go and have their time now that she had hers with Ben.  It was very ‘release the hounds’ how she stated it.  That girl is nothing but giving.  I died when Lace (drunk) asked to see Olivia so she could ‘get to know her’ which was code for her telling her to step off and quit stealing Ben and in her own way told her to flip off all while Olivia either is too smart to fall into the drama or didn’t know what Lacey was saying.  Either way I hope they have to duke it out for Bachlorette next season and then let ABC sweep in and give it to Caila.  I like the idea of a Hunger Games type competition to land the role of Bachlorette.

After last night anyone with Lace is still doing well.  I feel like next week could be the end with her.  Last night was pretty uncomfortable and funny all at the same time.  Many highlights (my cocktail)  many low points (having to pause the show to watch Clemson vs Bama….and then see a bunch of football players crying as if they were a bunch of girls on the Bachelor.)

The wildcard last night was worth 15 points for the person that had to be bleeped.  Ironic it was the school teacher that won that one!

I really think Jojo, Becca, Caila are going to go far.  I’m wondering what will happen with the Lauren he gave the picture to.  There’s 5 of them so I’m still not certain which one she is……


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