Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This week we’ve been trying to get dinner finished early and ready to bed even earlier.  Everyone is still really dragging from the vacation hangover.  We thought for some reason we had a three hour time difference.  It was only a two hour.  DUH.  But, that’s vacation for you.  Do you ever really know what’s going on if all you plan to do is relax?

We ate fairly healthy on this trip.  In the Dominican they are not very dairy heavy.  It’s for the most part I’d say clean eating.  Now I didn’t try the goat on the menu.  We did eat a lot of lobster.  Like Hubby has the story that he ate three lobsters.  Someone asked while he was there?  Ummmm no, at one dinner.  I am not a big lobster fan typically.  I’ll eat it.  But, I find it to be hit or miss in taste.  The lobster we had was amazing.  I too had a few while there.

Coming home I’m trying to get back to really clean eating for us.  Monday morning came the obligatory Whole Foods run where I brought home two huge bags of just fruit and fresh veggies.  Why is it after vacation you crave broccoli?  Or is that just me?

But, in all the clean eating I’ve had to have something on the menu almost every night to keep the Bubba fed.  He’s our picky eater.  He could and would live off mac n cheese if he was allowed.  He loves a pasta.  He loves a cheese sauce.  He’s not a big meat eater at all.  But, he will eat salmon.  Loves broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Last night was the first night that he actually has eaten everything we had on our plates except for the tomatoes.  Which I don’t fault him b/c I am not a fan of tomatoes either.  I eat them.  But, rarely do I think they are that great.  Our neighbors use to bring over bowls of their cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden and THAT I did love.

This has been a menu in our rotation for years.

Grilled Chicken with Tomato-Avocado Salad Recipe

Grilled Chicken with Tomato and Avocados

I went into the store yesterday with not a clue what I would make for dinner.  I had a raging headache to boot too.  I’ve had a sinus infection since flying home!  When I walked in and saw all the cheap avocados (which always means when a fruit or veggie is cheap it’s in season and you need to eat them)  I thought of this recipe.

Corn is not in season.  So I skipped that.  I added black olives to the plate.  I did roma tomatoes and I tripled the amount of avocado on the plates.  I wish I had used an entire large onion.  I used half and everyone wanted more.  I didn’t think Bubba would eat it…..

For this recipe you do make your own ranch dressing.  I tweak it into my own recipe because rarely do I have buttermilk on hand.  Last night I did sour cream watered down with milk.  Same thing.  I didn’t have cider vinegar and used champagne vinegar.  I didn’t have parsley and nobody missed it.  If you have the time to blend the dressing it’s great.

If I had company I would make the french bread on the grill.  But, it was just us.  I had whole grain left from two nights before when all we ate was avocado spread with soup.

When I sat down to dinner Bubba had already started eating before prayer….which is a huge no no in our house.  He said “Mommy YOU HAVE TO TRY the olive in the ranch with avocado.”

He devoured his plate.  Everyone was happy b/c for one they all get to make their own little bites.  My kids love ranch.  Which is NOT something to brag about!  But, given that this is a healthy meal, I’m fine with it.  The plate is really pretty too.  I don’t mix everything together.  I separate it on the plate and then lightly drizzle ranch on top of it.  They don’t get as much of it as they think they do.  Priss said last night it was a really colorful.  It was!  Green, red, purple, black, white and the chicken with the seasoning… is pretty!

I only wish corn, tomato and avocado season hit at all the same time more often.
Can you tell we are dreaming of summer?  This is such a summer meal.  I can’t believe it’s April.  The next two months are packed with soccer, soccer, lacrosse, ballet, school festivities.  I don’t know where this year has gone.  This year has flown by more so than any other.

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