Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s I know.  When I think about how many new mom’s there are now that I had the pleasure of spending one of the days of importance (their wedding day) with… makes my heart skip a beat.

I am so thankful for the mom I have that has led me to become the mom that I am.  I think we take lessons from our parents and forge our own way.  Priss will say to other’s that I make holidays special.  I have my mom to thank for that.  For as long as I can remember she would make Valentine boxes with us for cards.  Easters would be a hunt for a basket.  Santa still visits us.  She would entertain when we were growing up and make a simple dish seem so glamorous just on how she served it.  Shrimp cocktail in an old champagne glass seemed so amazing to me.  She volunteered for everything at school.  Ran more fall festivals than I am sure she would like to remember.

I believe in living a life with no regrets.  But, yet I do.  I regret that sometimes I buy a piece of fabric that never is used.  Another picture from that never is hung.  I regret buying a pair of shoes that hurt after wearing for only an hour.  Sometimes the house isn’t as organized as I like because just as soon as I clean out closets, two children have grown again and I have to sort clothes again!  I regret that just as soon as I get my side of the garage cleaned up and organized that I am filling it back up with another project that will more than likely sit for months due to how busy we are with our children.

I DO NOT regret buying a house that was maybe a tad more than we planned on spending, affords us the luxury of a 3 minute walk to and from school.  That we can hear the church bells everyday.  I don’t regret attending every soccer, lacrosse, ballet, baseball, you name it extra curricular activity the kids have.  I do not regret being classroom mom to two classes this year, taking on two class creations, and giving my hours to fundraising for our school of wonderful teachers.  I do not regret the hours of helping an Elf surprise the kids each morning, or making a breakfast for a birthday with a pancake shaped into a number.  Setting every single birthday, Valentine, Christmas, Halloween, holiday in general table.  I do not regret the mounds of laundry that go neglected when Priss asks if I want to watch another episode of her favorite show with her.  I do not regret passing on events that I know would only bring stress to my life hence bringing stress to my family.  I am thankful for the husband that will encourage my event schedule when he knows it is going to fulfill me.  But, just as quickly says “we need you.  I don’t want you working on this event.” if it means keeping me happy and home.  I will never regret every single book I read at night.  How many times a day I brush everyones teeth.  Or how many times I run up and down stairs to find socks that match for school, uniforms, or jeans that don’t have holes in them.  I am so thankful for the many wonderful trips and family time we spend together.  I am thankful for this life of motherhood that I always wished for even as a little girl.  But, goodness who knew it could be this wonderful?  When I see the Bubba hugging his sister and saying “I’m going to hug your bones out.”  I know I’m doing something right.  They are both two sweet, kind, caring, funny children.  Bubba has started showing a comedic side to himself that has everyone in stitches.  Priss continues to be her patient self and such a hard little worker.  I feel very lucky.

I know there are so many celebrating today that may have lost their mom.  Or have not had the chance to become mom’s yet themselves.  I know it’s hard to see everyone celebrating.  I hope you find something today that brings you joy and happiness.

I think we are one of the few that do not have sports to deal with today.  I’ve heard some of the older boys moms mention multiple games today.   I am going to see what gardening I can get out of everyone.  It started off with the favorite tradition of cupcakes and coffee.  The sun is out for now and I plan on enjoying it as much as I can.

Have a lovely day where ever you are and whatever you are doing!


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