I’m ready for summer!

This weather is such a downer today!  I am ready for warm weather to come and stay!
tidal pools #southcaroina:

I am ready for a beach trip.  I’m ready for everyone to sleep in.  I can’t wait to have lazy mornings (although we will have to do workbooks and such.)
I’m ready for bike rides, days spent at the pool that go into the night.  Dinners in the backyard with friends while kids run screaming through the yard.  Too much rose while lounging in the backyard.  And that moment I actually will get excited about packing lunches again for school.  I’ve said it before I am that weird mom that loves having kids home.  I love when we make our own schedules and actually have a break from the day to day homework, errands, activities.

Only a few weeks to go!  Come on summer…..and sun!


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