Making a Home

I just loved this article so much I had to share.  I am forever asking parents that have children that return home in a healthy way how they did it.  Don’t we all know a family that seems to  have it together?  I have clients that have a blended family where everyone gets along.  To the point that sometimes I think the mom would like it if they all decided not to come back for Christmas.  She says the shopping takes  her months.  She is so funny!  FOr years I have always stopped and asked “Now how did you make such a happy family happen?”  Where they like to travel together or spend time together.  Where everyone respects one another but are not on top of one another.

Last week something came up about how much time I’ll want to spend with Priss when she gets older with kids.  It was such a weird question.  I told her I would be like our friends mother who is like a grandmother to everyone that knows her.  She never intrudes and never has a bad thing to say.  You just want to be around her all the time.  She’s so fun!  She loves to sit on the patio and have wine, but is just as likely to jump at a two mile walk.  I think everyone wants to be her.  She also reads a ton of books and always has the best recommendations.  Her kids like having her around as do their spouses.  But, she will be the first to say it doesn’t just happen that everyone is happy in their family.  She says years ago when her kids were little she laid out in her mind what life would be like when her kids left the nest.

This article brings some of her points full circle!  Such a great read and one to revisit I am certain over the years as your kids grow up.

building a home your kids want to come home to


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