The kids are picking out ‘craft’ projects for the summer.  I had to giggle that this was on idea.  They suggested if they got really good at them then perhaps they could sell them too.

Flower Twisting Craft Tutorial – Quick And Easy #iCraft - #MyValentine #iCraft Ideas:

This morning was a little tearful for the Bubba.  He got up late.  Dug his heels on on getting ready.

I could tell it was an ‘off’ day.  I brought up that it was his last day for lunch bunch (he gets to stay longer three days a week and have lunch and playtime.) He got the biggest crocodile tears in his eyes.  He said he wanted to stay the Little Bubba.

He visited his class for next year, yesterday.  He was all too familiar with the class since his sister was in there only a few years ago.  He is excited to be in there.  Excited to have the teachers.  It’s lucky for me it’s only a few doors down the same hallway where he’s been the last few years.  It’s really hard knowing that we are out of the preschool program now.  No more Mother’s day teas, little plays, volunteering in the class when they do work.  It’s always said to be bittersweet.  For me it’s miserable right now.  I’m going to miss the Bubba walking home with me holding my hand and telling me his stories of the day.

Yesterday Priss held my hand on the way home and told me not to sing anymore.  Which made me laugh til I cried it was so funny!

I can’t believe its a week away to summer kick off!  We are not having a summer full of camps.  I can’t plan camps in January like other mom’s do.  I like summer days where we can do whatever we want.  Go to the pool.  Go to the library.  Stay up late.  Or leave town.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for a child that gets out of school on Friday for the summer and on Monday starts a full summer of daycare, camps.  I think we all need a break.  Every mom I see right now says the same thing.  They are ready to end packing lunches.  Making sure there are uniforms and socks.  We are barely making it with our shoes right now.  I think on the last day we will burn all the tennis shoes.  There’s not a pair of jeans without holes in the knees.  Uniform shirts look like they have been worn and washed 200 times!

In other words.  Bring on the summer!!!!


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