Y’all it’s summer and you can tell by my lack of blogs.  I don’t have the time to sit down and put anything to paper (computer).  Our days are filled with playdates, pool time, summer workbooks, reading (oh are we reading!) and doing next to nothing when there is nothing else to do.  We have seen so many friends this summer (which is great since it seems like we wait to catch up with everyone towards the end of the summer.)  It’s been one of my favorite summers yet.

The kids are also enjoying music lessons this summer.  I’m not certain I will ever enjoy the Bubba playing his guitar.  But, here’s hoping!  We have lemonade stand plans.  Camping trips, and bouncy castle parties on the calendar.

After years of getting landscaping quotes….I finally have found my very own guy to do everything I ever dreamed of.  It’s been life changing in my house!
I’ve dreamed of brick borders and English gardens in our backyard forever.  In Colorado everyone always wants to give you flagstone (I despise flagstone) rocks, roses that grow between rock gardens and fruit trees I’ve noticed.  I have constantly asked for designs that remind you of an English garden and never had anyone give me a plan that fulfilled those plans.  I finally started working through a design on my own, but the labor has been the difficult part.  Hubby doesn’t have time to do borders of brick, and I certainly didn’t have the time myself.

Herringbone Brick walkways and stairs Saratoga | Yelp:

Enter Landscaper T, and he’s been the best!  I never thought I’d luck out and find someone that got what the vision is and do it!  I’m currently waiting for our fish pond to get a whole new makeover.  Believe me it’s been an eyesore!  We also have way too many fish.  So if you know anyone looking to stock a pond, send them our way.

We are dreaming about our vacations to come.  Although this summer is again a summer where Hubby has staff out and that means longer days for him.  So our summer travel plans have kind of been cut to a minimum.  Luckily he is his own boss….so we can make up for it later in the year with a fun trip!

I’ve been busy filling out my new agenda!

I love a LP agenda.  I am feeling pretty happy about how organized I am for the next year or so.  I am so old school that I still do a wall calendar.  It’s the only way I can keep on my husband with keeping up with our daily schedules at home.

Our summer has been a little different than what I thought it would be…..due to a car accident the day after school let out.  We are all fine.  But, I have landed in weekly physical therapy appointments.  Plus I  have a car that need repair and it’s been a pure headache getting insurance companies to do what they are supposed to.   I fear for the day my children are driving and hope before then we become a country that doesn’t text and drive….and all become a hands free country.  Not just a few states.  I absolutely despise people that can’t just drive  And this includes friends these days.  I’m sickened that there are people that are either so important in their minds or that they think they can’t go five minutes without checking Facebook.  I’m over it.  And I’ve always been reluctant to put my kids in other peoples cars that I know text or spend a lot of time on social media.  But, now I am definitely being a bit more vocal on it.  Let’s just say the gloves have come off over this topic and it literally added insult to injury when it happened since I rarely even talk on the phone while driving.  Let alone sends a text while driving!  Never.

We bid a fond farewell to our favorite tennis court last week.  The JCCs tearing all the courts down.  But, we were so lucky to get one more week in.  It’s going to be a few years before they are back.  
Summer is keeping us busy.  I can’t believe we are already this many weeks in!  I so wish it would slow down.  I love having the kids home (still.)  The five year old has started the whole talking to just talk habit.  Sometimes it’s cute.  Sometimes Priss and I look at one another and pray he stops soon.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!


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