Current mood…..

On this snowy winter morning.

I don’t like snow.  I hear people talk about the amount of ski days they get in with such pride.  Snow days on the slopes do not impress me.  We were having drinks a few weeks ago and the stranger next to us struck up a lovely conversation.  Right up until he told us how many days he skied in 2016.  My hubby was polite and said some encouraging words.  I started mentally rearranging my laundry room storage.

It’s like if I were to brag about how many beach days I got in.  I never would do that.  It’s just odd ball.   It  wasn’t until I moved to CO that I heard people talk about how many days of skiing they got in.  And in a former life I actually use to go on ski trips with a group of friends.  I never would have thought that I was supposed to say it was a good year, I got in x amount of days of skiing.  Who knew this was a thing!  The older I get, the more  I hate being cold.  The older I get the more I realize silence is golden.  A cup of coffee or a good class of wine while reading a book is divine.  Helping Bubba with getting one tiny piece of Lego back on his current set that he over looked…..can be rewarding.  Having Priss quote from Gone with the Wind is a whole new level of parenting!  Especially when she said she can’t wait to read it one day!

I have a list of projects for 2017.  I’m hoping I can get at least half of them completed.  Here’s to making home where the heart always wants to be.  This day has me thinking of spring because I’m already feeling anxious and behind on things I need to do!

Cheers!  Stay warm!
For the record I’m a zero on ski days.
Zero on beach days.



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