This and That….and it’s February?

I am doing great when it comes to this Valentine thing this year.  Two kids have Valentine’s ready to go to school.  I’ve decorated with flowers and heart garlands.
I’ve bought the cards.  I’ve even wrapped the little treats the kids will get for the day.

We don’t do anything too big.  It’s more about just enjoying time together and I make the day all about hearts.  I turn every single meal into a heart if I can.

With a heart shaped cookie cutter the possibilities are endless! Cucumber for a healthy Valentines day:

Heart shaped Cucumbers for Lunch on Valentine’s day

So are you watching the Bachelor?  Those cucumbers remind me of the show, since the girl that is causing most of the drama so far is 24 with a nanny, that cuts up cucumbers for her.  It’s hilarious actually!  Unfortunately I am watching this season.  I am again, leading my league…of over 20+ people.  It’s insanity.  I can’t believe I started a Bachelor Fantasy League just a few years ago as a joke…..and this is how far we’ve come.  The pot is worth $$$$  And I have formal invites to send out.  I’ve booked the bartender, servers, rentals, and even have a start on my menu.

Nick is probably the worst Bachelor yet.  I think he is dull.  He has low self esteem and is in need of constant assurance from everyone.  It’s just one big bless his heart.  I don’t care for how much he talks about his ‘dating’ life.  As in how many women he has had relations with.  It’s so gross and tacky and just is so disrespectful towards the women and himself.

Either way I’m into this season pretty deep.  I think it’s the group in the league that makes it fun.  What better way to make January, February actually fun?  In Colorado it’s cold and if you aren’t caught up in ski season, it’s kind of bleak.  January and February for me is being caught up in homework with the kids, their schedules and slowing trying to get a jump on spring cleaning!  Fun right?

We are dreaming about the beach.  I think we dream about it every single day.  But, we are already thinking ahead to the summer, the spring, everything in between and after.  Last year spring break was spent in Punta Cana.  I don’t know that we will get to revisit there this year…….

Bavaro Beach,Punta Cana,Dominican Republic - the BEST beach in the Dominican:

Punta Cana beach walk

It’s hard to believe that we are closer to spring break than we are to Christmas at this point.  I am looking at summer camps, and cringing.  It seems like every year time flies by faster.

This week are experiencing spring like weather.  It’s amazing.  So it has me thinking about landscaping.  This is the year we are FINALLY going to get our backyard steps closer to the vision that I have been dreaming of for years now.  When we moved in we tackled just getting rid of over grown gross trees (cedar. YUCK!) and taking out grapevines, raspberry bushes that were over grown, and bushes that caused awful drainage.  I’m excited to finally get a privacy wall up.  Hopefully have all the gross pavestone taken away.  I don’t know what it is in Colorado, but it seems like everyone thinks you have to do this red/brown stone.  Our house looks Colonial from the outside.  We sit in a neighborhood surrounded by some really old historical homes.  Our street is a historical district that can be painful to make any changes to your home.  The pavestones just don’t fit in!  I’m dreaming of trees right now!

We want to make a plant 'fence' for noise reduction and privacy along the backyard. Prettier and less expensive than a fence.:

Looking for more English garden than rock garden.

Of course all this dreaming will come to a halt when it snows ten feet.  Not that it’s going to happen.  But, it is Colorado.  You never know!

Happy Valentine’s to all of you.  I am certain there are a lot of engagements to come over the next five days.  It’s the most romantic time of the year!

Valentine Wedding Inspiration -

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