Mother’s Day 2018 gift idea

At this point in my life, I don’t need a lot.  My list of needs is pretty simple:

Landscaping, garage organization, more closet space, healthy family, crown molding, bookcases, and a beach house.
I don’t ask for much!

I absolutely would rather own one nice bag as opposed to fifty cheaper ones.  Less is more.

Yesterday while shopping I saw these super cute glasses with rabbits on them.  My first instinct was to buy them for Easter.  But, as I held one glass in my hand I thought:
Where will I store them?
What do I do the rest of the year?  How can I use them again?
Why do I want these?

So I walked away from them.  It wasn’t exactly a big purchase at $4 a glass.  But, it wasn’t something that I had to have.  The same thing happened when I found pasta dishes in blue and white from Wedgewood.  I had pasta dishes years ago and got rid of them (they were from my single days.)  I reasoned that I didn’t need a dish just for pasta when I had all new dishes from our wedding that held pasta just fine.  For the last 14 years it’s been true too.

I’m going to spread my list out over various blog posts.

So stay tuned.  I have a small list of ideas.  I have a birthday coming up soon.  My little Bubba keeps saying he wants to buy the beach house for me and in his words “Oh and you need more Chanel.” He doesn’t understand why you don’t just buy a beach house and if he only knew how much Chanel I do need!  HA!

Stay tuned…..more to come.

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