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Last night I was once again drawn into the movie “Something’s Gotta Give.”

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It is one of my favorite movies!  NOT because of the story line.  But, because of the set decor.  I mean every girl I know wants to be Diane Keaton in this movie (aside from being divorced, has to kiss Jack Nicholson, and gets her heart broken before she finds love with Jack N. )

She lives in a stunning house, on the beach, has a glamorous life of writing and has Keanu Reeves chasing after her.

In the movie when they have dinner she questions her daughter boyfriend at the time, JN, about his comments over Diane Sawyer.  While doing so she swirls wine in the most amazing glassware that is made by none other than Simon Pearce.

I have had a love affair with Simon Pearce for close to 20 years now.  The first time I saw it on a wedding registry I was in love.

The story of Simon Pearce is fascinating!  Watch below!


Maybe it’s an East coast thing.  I don’t know.  But, everyone I know always received a glass bowl as a wedding gift.  Glasses.  Then once a baby came along you gave that baby a glass ornament.

But, my favorites are still the glassware.  The Hartland collection to be precise!


Simon Pearce Hartland Collection

It is so rare that you find something that is modern and traditional at the same time.  SP Hartland glasses can hold their own next to the fanciest of vintage crystal, to just a table of nothing but plain white dishes and everyday silverware.

The feel of it in your hand is what makes this glass so amazing.  Every time I’ve ever had champagne for Champagne Sunday at our house, this glass just makes it feel like more of a special occasion.

Hartland Champagne Flute

Hartland Champagne Flute

I know not everyone enjoys crystal, china and silver like this girl does.  I think everyone knows I like items in my life that mean something.  I’m not a person that just goes out and goes shopping for accessories for my house.  I want the items in my house to hold memories, be special, useful, an heirloom from family or friends that have been gifted to us.  I like old things!

IN fact yesterday I was shopping for a friend that needs a little ‘ump’ for her house for spring.  I stopped by a consignment store to see if they had urns in.  As I wandered thru I noticed there was a baptismal gown in a shadow box up for grabs.  I was so sad.  Someone obviously either passed away, or someone inherited that special keepsake.  They decided to consign and take the money I guess.  I almost bought it just because I felt bad for whoever once thought enough of that little gown and the little people that wore it to have it placed in a shadow box professionally.  You should have seen the frame work!

My point is, in all this……most children in the future will not want their parents china, crystal.  They may!  But, I think we are living in a time where IKEA is winning out.  It’s not winning out over me.  I still set a table with silver on a Wednesday night.  We use china and crystal daily.  I’m actually about to give up paper napkins forever and go to linen always (but that’s because of this whole no more plastic straw thing we got going on.  Again another day people!)  I think a Simon Pearce  glass is even something a millenial could love.  It’s not too fluffy.  It’s handmade in the US.  It’s based on a Mom and Pop type business.  Ever single item is different.  Even if they look the same.

If you are looking to splurge on the mom, wife, sister, aunt, friend or baby mama (gotta cover everyone) then consider shopping on line with Simon Pearce.  I don’t think you will regret anything you buy!

A few new flutes are certainly on my list this year.  I think my hubby eventually would like to expand his bourbon whiskey glass collection with the Norwich.  Father’s day isn’t too far away after all!

I’ll have more ideas soon!

Cheers!  Literally.

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