Mother’s day idea…….

As promised… is another Mother’s day gift idea that I love!

Right now I am totally obsessed with linen cocktail napkins.  I was going to say cocktail napkins in general.  But, that wouldn’t be correct.  I am on a collecting frenzy of cloth ones.  I don’t know if it’s due to size.  Or how easy they are to wash and then iron!
Maybe it’s just that you can pick from so many amazing ones from etsy alone.


Cocktail Napkins via AnnThomasMonograms on Etsy

Monogram is my preference.  But, I’m just as happy with something simple

LemonDaisyDesign on Etsy

I keep saying I’m going to make life simpler.  But, I don’t seem to make laundry simpler.  I still have individual hand towels in the guest bath and even the kids bath.  Germs are everywhere just like Jesus!    I feel like it keeps us at bay with sharing colds.  I don’t know.  I also just hate using community towels.

I know paper guest towels and paper cocktail napkins are not the end of the world.  There is a lot of debate over paper vs cloth.  Just like diapers.  My thought over why I was never going to do cloth diapers….was because I was never going to do cloth diapers.  I know lot’s of people do.  But, the bucket of dirty diapers waiting for pick up.  Or me having to wash.  No thank you.

I love that when I have a guest over or even when it’s just my hubby and myself a cocktail on a Wednesday night can turn into a special occasion just based on a napkin!

I used a set for our Easter table this year.  I left the crystal coasters that hold iced tea for fun napkins this year.  I’m still on a navy kick which is easy to mix and match white, pink, green with on an Easter table.

Cloth napkins in general are my favorite.  You never run out.  At least I don’t.  I’ve recently figured out a better way ironing.  I wash the napkins, lay them on the dryer to air dry.  In Colorado that goes fast!  Then while still damp I fold them.  Pull the wrinkles out if possible.  Then stack.  When I get around to ironing, I literally iron them as I had folded them.  I do big squares.  That way in the future if I end up doing a different fold it’s not as hard to work with.  I know this sounds like work, and it sounds like a hassle.  But, it’s not!

Cloth is better for the environment.  That’s my biggest driving force for making the transition.  Also, when you plan events for others, and always take notice of the details, you sometimes (or I sometimes) worry I’m not paying attention to the details for my family.  So that’s why I use the china, the crystal, the silver.  I set a table with linens.  I don’t want to wait for company to enjoy!

I love that a linen cocktail napkin will be around for a while.  Just like a dinner napkin.  The other day I pulled out a white napkin that had paint on it.  I know exactly how that paint on that napkin and when.  It was 14 years ago!  When I hosted a baby shower and people made onesies as a gift.  The napkin is still good.  I turn it over and hide a warming brick in a basket for bread when needed.

I do not hoard napkins.  I actually do clean out once a year.  Because they do get stained and they do get worn out over time.  Then that gives me an excuse to do buy something new!

I dare anyone to shop for cocktail napkins and not enjoy it!  You can spend hours on Etsy!  I may have a list of ten I want for myself!






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