I wonder if balloons will make a come back?

I can remember attending a few weddings in the 80′s that used balloons for the main decor.  

There is a trend in clothing that what goes out of style will be back in style again. 

Sometimes that is true for decor.  I mean look at the love of the monogram in the last few years.  That was something you would see at a very traditional wedding fifty years ago.  Then Martha Stewart shows it and suddenly it’s everywhere!  

So can the same be said for a balloons?  I wonder if Martha will display a balloon centerpiece that has been made out of special laytex imported from Portugal and then incorporates fruit in an urn some how.  You know how she likes to combine different textures.

I saw this photo and that is why it has me thinking about balloons.  I look at this photo and just see this beautiful tent that was not cheap that started out with potential.  But, then someone added the balloons.  

It’s really quite sad to see this tent treated this way.  I love to redo someones design choices usually.  So I of course have picked new linens.  A sheer chair cover that only goest over the back of the chair.  There are tons of flower options for the tent.  Then a few topiaries in the corners of the room.  I’d do this more of a Gatsby garden party.  In the end just ditch the balloons and it’s improved 100 times over.

I pray that balloons are not going to be in style again at a function other than a small childs birthday.  Oddly why is it that nobody thinks twice when they see a balloon at an 80+ year olds birthday?  8 or 80 it’s fine.  But, anything in between gets a raised eyebrow.  Ever noticed that?

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