Confession….I’m watching Bridezillas


Just wow.

I can’t get over how these brides act on camera.  I had the show contact me last year for brides.  They give a pretty sweet video of the wedding if you allow them to tape you.

But, I didn’t have anyone that acted like the brides on the two last seasons.

When the show originally started I admit I loved it.  It had a different feel.  The brides were in NY and it was on the heels of 9/11 so for the most part they all were still taking the vows to mean more than a day that was an expensive party.

Now for some reason they find a lot of brides in Texas. 

Tonight there is a bride named Danika.  At least that is the way it sounds.  She is having a Hollywood theme wedding and didn’t ask friends to be attendants.  I don’t think she even knows that a lot of friends were thrilled they didn’t graced with that job!  She is a hand full.  The screaming at the friends is just too much for me.  I can’t imagine hanging out with someone like that.  But, that is just me.

I think she is the one bride that has a coordinator so she does get credit for that! 

I love that the church coordinator threw attitude at her.  Then the bride uses the F word in church.  Who does that? 

The other bride is on her bachlorette party calling her fiance.  I don’t understand why couples call one another on their bachelor party nights.  I was too busy to worry about where he was and what he was doing.  As usual a bride is upset because she thinks she hears a stripper in the background.  Oy vey! 

None the less.  I secretly can’t stop watching. 

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