Great weddings don’t just happen (slight soap box moment)

Great weddings don’t just happen they are planned…………..and designed!

Wedding design is thinking about all of the details, from start to finish. 

Some brides will pick a single color  to create consistancy across design elements. But in addition to color, there is the element of a motif or symbol that reflects the couples interests that may be chosen.  

In addition to creating harmony with decorative elements, there is then the the flow of the celebration itself. 

Will the musical selections played during the cocktail hour facilitate lively, boisterous conversation or quiet mingling? Is the formal, multi-course sit down dinner well-timed given your expectations for dancing to the pricey band that
you may have looked high and low for?

I think brides always need to step back from their decisions and think through the entire evening critically. How will guests feel after being in the evening summer sun? 

Great wedding design will translate into a graciously elegant event – one where all the details work together to create a classic and memorable celebration. 

Every piece of the wedding day planning puzzle has to do with one another.  But, the tricky part is to not over do any one element or to have something stick out like a sore thumb.  I was just saying yesterday that I don’t do a motif that is copied throughout the whole wedding.  I never want my clients to pick for instance a little dragonfly for the invitations then repeat it five other places in their wedding.  Can you imagine being a guest and seeing a dragonfly over and and over and over again?  I would not want them to leave the wedding celebration and remember my clients everytime they see a dragonfly.  To me that defeated any attempt at design.  I’ll just say it that is not wedding design as defined by a professional consultant either. 

I prefer when a guest leaves a wedding and remembers how great the band was.  Or how good the food was.  They remember the raw bar that was set up on the patio.  How beautiful the room looked when the doors were open for entrance to the ballroom.  Those are the moments that stand out.  

Have you ever heard a guest say “Oh my gosh the programs were to die for?”  They will remember if they had one or not most of the time.  But, they never remember the time that was taken to pick out the correct font, color, or paper.

Designing a wedding to be great is more than a color and a symbol.  I wish I could teach a seminar on this.  

Any and all budgets can do a wedding that are well planned and designed!

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