Something borrowed. Someone Blue

This morning I turned on GMA to see an interview with a bride and groom that had a wedding in California recently.  I believe in the last few weeks.

They had an uninvited guest who was caught on camera cleaning out their wedding gift cards.  

While I was watching all I could think was that the poor couple A.  can’t write proper thank you notes  B.  how terrible  c.  They didn’t have a coordinator or a good catering manager.

This past weekend at the wedding I had I took a bird cage for the cards.  The cards easily slide into the slots of the cage but it’s a pain in the neck to get them out.  I should know because once cocktails were over I went over and started pulling the cards.  

We were at a great venue.  I just didn’t want to risk leaving them even for a half hour.  There were other guests staying at the venue.  There was a restaurant that was very busy.  You just never know who is watching the gift table.  For the rest of the night I had guests still giving me cards.  But, the nice thing was that a half hour after cocktails the majority of cards were all tied with ribbon in a nice little bundle and stored in a bag that I had hidden when a hotel staff member came to take gifts to a private room for safe keeping.

Last summer when I was at Sewell for a wedding the catering manager had a staff member that she used to guard gifts and cards.  I had never had a catering company do that before in all my years of planning.  It was nice for me not to have to worry about the gifts. 

I think that sometimes brides try to skirt this security of cards issue by then just picking a box that locks or that is larger and would be awkward to steal.  It’s not that fool proof doing it that way.  We all have seen the stacked boxes with a slot in the top to look like a present.  Yes, it’s precious as precious can be.   But, it’s light as a feather and can easily be grabbed.  

In the case of this couple it was the little treasure chest box and this uninvited guest in a suit just flipped the top up and grabbed a few cards .  Then grabbed another hand full.  There were people that walked right by him that you can see on the security tape.  He knew what he was doing because then he acted like he was licking the envelope.  Of course he walked away with the card!

This person interviewing suggested that their guests would replace the cards.  I doubt that very much.  Maybe the people that wrote checks.  Maybe the people that gave gift cards if they could trace their numbers and have the cards stopped as you can do.  But, the people that gave cash.  Perhaps a few.  For a young couple that are just starting out the money from the wedding is their dowry so it’s really sad that they had that taken from them by a complete stranger!

I am so glad they had this story on the news this morning.  It’s such a good reminder!  Lock up the cards!

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