Love is in the air…………..

This year was a very slow year for us to attend weddings.  Which I am not complaining about.  One year I had thirteen to attend myself as a guest.  Two years ago we were busy going to our friends weddings together.  Last year I had a cousin get married and we had a few friends get married.  On top of the four dozen I had booked as clients. 

This year I think we only have one friend who is getting married.  They chose to do a destination wedding in Mexico which is neat.   

In one day we had a friend announce an engagement and another send a save the date!  I don’t think anybody knew he had proposed even!

My husband has a ton of single friends and I only have two left now.  I am wondering if 2008 could be a busy year of weddings for us again.  I am kind of excited about it if that’s the case.  Of course I’m not sure if I can attend given clients wedding dates being reserved.  But, I love how attending a wedding helps bring friends together that may not see one another due to living so many states away. 

Plus, let’s face it.  I love any excuse to shop for a new outfit at Kannon’s for a wedding.   It means a trip home to NC and shopping trip to Wendell to see everyone.  I love it!

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