You know why I love my Montana bride?

 As do all her other vendors…………

Because she has been in the dark for quite a few years now about something.

That’s right she didn’t even KNOW that Jessica had a book out on getting married.  My bride saw it for the first time yesterday.  Anyone that is in the wedding planning business has had at least one bride a year since 2002 ask for their wedding to have some if not all the elements that Jessica and Nick had for their own special day.

As she sat and looked at this book yesterday while we had a decor meeting it made me realize why she is probably one of the favorite current clients for all her vendors at the moment.  She hasn’t been sitting at home for the last six years with a highlighter making notes of how she can save on food (serve chicken) and spend on flowers instead. 

Seriously.  That was advice from Jessica herself.  Because if you choose only to spend fifteen thousand on chicken for your guests, you definitely can have thirty thousand in flowers.  It’s just that easy!

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