I have a confession

 I don’t like Mama Mia.

I don’t like the songs.  I don’t like the oddly put together cherography.  I can’t stand the costumes. 

I’ve always enjoyed choregraphy that was more Bob Fosse and less disco.  Obviously Mama Mia is disco on stage or now on the big screen.

It also bugs me that Meryl Streep is singing.  When did this happen?  Who told her to sing?  Who told her she was a musical actress now? 

For the third day in a row all the news programs have had their love fest reviews of the movie that opens today.  Give me a break.  If it wasn’t Meryl Streep nobody would be on it like white on rice. 

I honestly don’t think that we should keep seeing Meryl jumping on her bed doing a midair split for a preview of this soon to be Tony nominee movie. 

It’s been bugging me trying to figure out where I have seen her daughter in the movie.  Amanda Seyfried.  I looked her up.  She’s the daughter on Big Love.  Type casting?  I mean on Big Love she has three moms.  Now in the movie three possible dads.

I am sure the movie is great.  I’m sure people will leave the theater singing.  Dare I suggest dancing in the lobby?  The only part I would probably enjoy is seeing the locations where they shot the movie in Greece.  The beach and Greece would be fine.

We rarely watch movies.  We never go to the movies.  So if I did choose to go to a movie it’s not going to be for a musical with messy choreography and from what I’ve seen sunburned actors.   Seriously.   Have you seen the previews?  I think some of them were over heated and burned.  They are all kind of red at some point in the face.  Maybe too much grappa or whatever the drink is.

Even the costumes have gotten to me.  But, from the previews I am shocked at how many actors are in it and SINGING.  What’s up?

If you go to see the movie and enjoy it I think that is great.  I will not judge.  Well, only a little.

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