This week at RSVP Shindig……

It’s the final week of chatting with vendors for the wedding two weeks from now.  I am finalizing the schedule and making sure everyone has what they need at this point.

I am also ramping up for putting together *sigh* gift baskets.

These are actually boxes and I am pretty excited to see how they look once put together.  I have these yummy labels for them and super cute ribbon.  The goodies inside will blow the guests away.  There is so much in these things that I am actually worried I may run out of room. 

But, if I do I have a back-up plan since we have custom totes made as well. 

This bride has every detail covered and she as well as the groom have really put a lot of thought into the wedding and how to make it a lovely weekend for their guests.  From flyfishing and golf, to a dinner menu that makes me starve each time I look at it.  

This is what my foyer currently looks like. Sadly, this is only half of it.  I have a ton of other boxes waiting for pick-up at the destination wedding location.  

I think these photos are a good reminder of why you hire a coordinator!  🙂 


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