Tommy Bert bag and getting ready for Mother’s day

I think everyone should have a daughter for more reasons than I can even begin to describe.  Especially when she is so girlie that sometimes I don’t even know if we are related.  My husband says constantly that our daughter is going to make me look like a tom-boy.  Which is kind of funny because while I definitely have done my share of work on our house (hauling bricks, hanging drywall, painting, scraping paint, pulling up flooring, tearing down walls and destroying things I don’t like in our while my hubby was at work with a sledge hammer I still love a cute skirt, heels and pearls.  And of course pink.) 

Having a girl that has wrapped her father around her finger so very early is pretty funny to watch.  Last night was one of those times that I just had to giggle.  I heard my daughter asking her ‘daddy’ to help her find her baby’s blanket.  My husband actually pursued the search like he was looking for something he needed as well.  They went out to the car.  They went upstairs.  They looked in the baby cradle.  The search was on.

After a solid ten minute search my daughter comes in shaking her head and shurgging her shoulders. The drama is coming I can tell.  But, before she can fully launch into her story my husband appears shaking his head and saying that he even looked in my Tommy Bert bag.  I’m thinking what?  Tommy Bert?  Who is that?  He says kind of aggravated with me my black bag.  The one I had that night at dinner.  Oh……you mean the Tory Burch?  Hilarious! 

We had a busy weekend.  It flew by.  It seems like we didn’t stop for a second.  Yesterday I was able to catch up with a childhood friend that lives here in Colorado.  She has just had her first baby.  We took lunch up and spent a few hours with the new little family. 

I flipped our calendar page to May yesterday and noticed that the 5th was marked for company to arrive for the upcoming weekend.  I had thought for the last month we had guests arriving on Thursday.  I called and in fact it is Wednesday.  I am glad I asked.  I would have had company standing around the airport looking for me and I wouldn’t have been there for 24 hours! 

I am so happy to say that I am done shopping and planning for my mother’s Mother’s day gifts.  I just have to wrap everything now.  I’m pretty excited because this year we have cards that say Nana on them.  Hallmark has literally made cards just for my life that are fitting.  There are Nana cards.  Pop Pop cards.  It’s great!  I bought every single birthday card I could find along with Mother’s and Father’s day cards.  I love it.  They even had little signs and cute gifts now with Nana on it.  I sent out a mass email to my girlfriends that have a Nana and Pop Pop in their family.  Which is basically everyone I know.  Funny because everyone says they never planned to be called those names. 

I have been helping a past clients husband via email this week (and phone calls)  prepare for Mother’s day for his wife.  It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since they got married.  It’s been a really difficult year for their family.  My past bride (she loved pink more than Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias) was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer last spring.  Over the past week I have had time to reflect on her wedding, their relationship and to think about her as a mom.  I feel so fortunate to be able to do something for her right now even if it is only ordering gifts, and making reservations for their family.  I take my clients privacy to heart.  I know Pinkie Lee (my bride) doesn’t like people fawning all over her.  She kept her illness a secret for quite a while.  Which would be exactly how I would have handled it.  She was one of the first brides that I had as a client that just wrote a check and said ‘plan it.’  I knew her taste.  I knew her style.  She trusted me.  e would call once every few weeks and we would discuss wedding plans for all of ten minutes and laugh hysterically for thirty.  I cried on her wedding day like a baby.  I was beyond touched to get the call from her husband a few weeks ago.  I feel honored just to be asked once again to help during one of the most important times of their lives.  I always feel like that when a bride and groom ask me to be involved in their wedding day.  This is going to be a wonderful Mother’s day weekend for Pinkie Lee.  I was able to get a florist to recreate a few floral surprises for her.  I also booked a little getaway in North Carolina for the family.  I had to pull some strings but I was able to get tickets to a concert she wants to attend and I even got her backstage to meet the ‘talent.’  Her husband doesn’t even know yet.  He is going to be shocked.  I’m excited to hear how the weekend goes for the family.  I know it’s going to be fabulous. I planned it!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Take time to reflect on the joys of your life. 

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