My funny story of the day

My parents are here visiting.  I got to do something today that I never get to do.  I slept in!  My dad "Pop Pop" spent the morning entertaining Caroline after my husband left for work.  When I got up coffee was waiting and my dad wanted to know what he could do for me for the day.  That’s a treat!  My mom offered to clean.  It’s been nice just to have an offer.  I forgot how much they always help when they are here! 

Nana just took Caroline upstairs because she had a surprise for her.  When they reappeard downstairs Caroline was carrying four new outfits.  Her face was priceless. They were still on the hanger so she was able to twirl them.  My mom told her to look in the pockets of one of the dresses.  Caroline without missing a beat said "oh there is a cash in there."  Mind you she had not even looked.  She was correct.  My mom always folds cash up and puts them in new purses for her, pockets of dresses, and the latest the purse of a new doll she had in her Easter basket.  She is now walking around saying ‘Look at all this cash."  It’s funny how early they learn about money now.  She had change last night in her little puppy purse from my mom and we were saying we can’t even remember what you do with change.  It seems like change is only for a meter.  Or you dump in a machine at the grocery store and try to collect a bit of cash.  Remember when you use to have to roll your own change to take to the bank?

Now I don’t want to point out that I don’t believe I ever had cash in any of the pockets of my dolls or clothes when I was growing up.  But, I can’t complain because my parents do spoil us.  We still get little cards with checks for holidays and such.  So it’s not like we are forgotten.  It’s just funny how your parents are a little different with their grandchildren than they were with you.  I am not saying I was ever cheated of anything.  Except a new car when I turned 16.  I got a used car that could be heard long before I arrived.  My principal and vice-principal once joked that I should cut the top of it off and plant flowers in it.  It was a tank.  Not the cute white convertible I had pictured for myself.  Or the Scout.  Oh how I wanted a Scout.  I still do.  I know one day my husband is going to get one for me as a ‘surprise.’  The real surprise will be that it’s going to be his and I’ll get to drive it here and there. 

It’s nice having family here visiting.  I get to share mother’s day with my mom for the first time since becoming a mom.  My dad said that my mom’s gift is another piece of jewelry.  She has not picked it out yet.  I suggested that we go shopping while she is here.  My dad said do and for me to pick something out for myself.  Done and DONE!  Don’t have to ask me twice. 

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