Happy Mother’s day!

I had a delightful Mother’s day.  Breakfast in the morning made by my hubby and daughter.  Then after a quick little tour to show my parents two houses that we love we came home to a relaxing afternoon.  We luckily had been to church the evening before. 

My husband and father made dinner for us.  And I got to take a two hour nap.  It was so nice.  I was showered with gifts.  I guess most women hope for jewelry (which I received from my parents) but this year I asked for cookware. No really!  I did.  I have wanted to toss out my current cookware for at least a few years now.  It’s been used!  I received from my in-laws when my husband and I were still dating.  It is worn out.  So I have been thinking that I would like copper pots and pans.  I did my research and the only thing I keep hearing from people that is a negative is that you have to clean it.  Who cares is what I saw to that!  I love to polish silver.  So is polishing a copper pot going to be that much of a struggle for me?  I think not!

I had shopped Williams and Sonoma for quite a while trying to decide which copper pot I wanted the most.  I thought it would be better to start off with one piece to see if I like it or not.  I unfortunately cook with one type of pan the most.  It’s not a pot or a skillet.  It’s more of a casserole dish.  It must weigh about thirty pounds.  One little pan.  I am so excited to use it.  I am trying to decide what I want to cook first in it. Maybe penne with vodka.  Or chicken piccata. 

I hope I like this pan as much as I think I will.  I have high hopes.  I’m excited to see how it heats. Supposedly on gas it’s the only way to go.  Since I am not exactly a short order cook I think it’s worth a try for the price.  On the other hand.  Oh good grief.  If I like these pans I dread what it will cost to get a collection of pots and pans together. 

In my true cleaning out mode personality, I loved taking down two pots and pans and their lids from the rack tonight.  I think I am just going to put them straight in the recycling bin.  They are so scratched now. 

I am dreaming of having a kitchen one day that looks like this (kind of)

Except I want a different stove.  And Julia Child drew lines on her peg board that showed exactly where her pots and pans went. When the pot or pan wasn’t hanging in it’s place I’d freak out from that outline of a pan. 

So my Mauviel copper pot could be the start of a very expensive habit.  I guess it could be worse.  I could have a habit of loving art or expensive designer shoes.  Oh wait.  Okay it could be worse.  I could not cook at all.  Or be a bad cook at that.  Then how would I keep up with Gweynie P?  She says to cook for those you love!  Sometimes you just need an expensive pan to get that meal on tha table right?

I hope it doesn’t spoil me to the point that I never want to cook in anything else again.  But, I am willing to take the chance.



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