It was like a world gone made at the SAGS last night.

I love January.  TWO awards shows.  It’s just a great way to pass the time when it’s cold outside and you are stuck inside with kids due to flu season.  A bottle of wine and the remote and we are good to go.  Only this year I really didn’t drink wine.  Water.  I’ve been so parched lately. 

It’s like everything is backwards.  Instead of wine I drink water.  Instead of Tina Fey being in the ugliest dress she was one of the best.  Instead of Beyonce ruining the night for me it was a Kardashian.  Well, that is pretty typical right?  If they had a small hand bag it was wrong or if they didn’t have a hand bag it was even worse.  It was kind of a no win situation last night. 

I’m never sure why reality t.v. stars people are in attendance of events like the Oscars or Sags.  Either way let’s just remember "there is always purple."

Purple is in my opinion ALWAYS the last resort color to wear on the red carpet.  I think purple is one of the ugliest colors for anyone to wear usually.  It’s rare that someone looks good in purple.  Usually only women with dark skin should wear purple.  Kim Kardashian definitely has olive skin but this was not working.  And what was up with the hair?  It was like she had her hair done and then she pulled the dress over her head and pulled all the hair out.  I will ignore that she was wearing shoed dyed to match because I’m sure they were expensive shoes (from the Jessica Simpson line.)

Winona was not doing it for me last night.  This dress by Ferretti was not a fave to me.  I don’t like the different textures and how it is cut.  Then the black bag was obviously chosen to go with the raccoon eye liner.  It just was not good.  She looked like she was ready to hit the ice at Disney on Ice as the part of the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty. 
Amy Adams looked tired.  Doesn’t she have a nanny or something?  As a mom she looked amazing from the neck down. But, the hair in a ponytail with the Herve bandage flow dress was not my fave. 

Jane Lynch to me looked good.  I don’t think this dress was the best idea ever designed.  But, given that Jane Lynch is not a girlie girl I thought it was nice she wore a dress.  The color I love because my cousin had this color for her bridesmaids in 2000 when she got married.  It was a Vera Wang two piece and I loved it.  I wore it again later for another wedding I was in.  I think the billow mushroom on an angle could have been taken off and just a full skirt.  But, I think she looked great.  Even her accessories were on the money. 

Natalie Portman is the envy of all pregnant women now.  She looked really good last night.  She had been looking kind of puffy there for a month or two.  Last night she looked amazing in the Azzaron dress.  Love the Greek goddess look of fertility.  So she had her own guard last night just for the jewels.  2 million dollars worth from Tiffany’s.  YUM

Mila Kunis hit a homerun last night in this fabulous fabulous Alexander McQueen maxi dress. She had a simple Cartier bracelet for her accessory.  No bag though.  She was one of the first people I watched on the red carpet coverage and I became obsessed with finding her person that was holding her bag.  Where was her lipstick?  A quarter to call home in case her date got fresh with her?  These are the things I worry about. 

Since we are talking RED let’s just go thru the list of all the red dresses from last night.  Or as I like to call it "Sunday Bloody Sunday" being acted out for the 2011 Sag Red Carpet walk

Julianna Marguiles looked good for an opera opening.  Or for taking over for Vanna White.  But, for the red carpet not so much.  This looked so odd on her.  Being a YSL I was kind of sad. 

Edie Falco clearly thought she was attending a party with the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I think she would have been the belle of the ball if she was hanging with Teresa or Caroline. 

Christine Baranski and Tina Fey looked like they shopped for the same bag.  Kind of funny actually.  Tina Fey got it right in Oscar.  I still think it was kind of an orange red.  But, she looked good.  Finally. 

My favorite of the night, or one of them

Angie Harmon was the Penelope Cruz of the carpet last night. This is Monique, but so Oscar like at the same time. 

Another fave and not a gown

Julia Bowen in Valentino.  I love this look.  I think it’s so different for the red carpet and it was a hit. 

Part II later……

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