Event and Design meets mother of preschooler


Okay so only for the second time does my child have to take a snack. The first snack I will admit was kind of flashy. Kind of over the top. But, geez look what I do for a living.

And in a way what I do for a living made me do the snack bento box. Not for the reasons you would think. I had an event coming up. I just needed a break from it. I had to find something new to work on. For some reason whenever I am swamped I look for something else to add to my list of things to do. It’s kind of a problem. Well, some would say it’s a problem. I say it’s me being me. The typical person that takes on everything I can. I also wanted to actually have a memorable first snack with my child. She helped make it. Believe me nobody will ever forget our first snack in this family.

The first snack we will talk about in detail because it’s already been talked about in detail by people outside our home and school. Word got around. A family member emailed to tell me she had heard about it. Hysterical! Should I worry when the teacher said “you are on our radar.” Radar for what? Creativity? OCD? The next Martha Stewart? Candidate to be medicated?

Oh well, I rocked it. I used items I had left over from other events. We have no allergies in my daughters class. So peanut butter, honey, wheat, and chocolate were involved. It was a dream come true.

This week it’s close to Halloween. The colors of the week are brown, orange, yellow and red. Fall!

We have to take drink and snack. I decided milk. Not just any milk. Mummy Milks. I wrapped 19 boxes of milk to look like mummies. I hope these kids ‘get’ it. If they don’t nobody will ever tell me. I mean they could be blown away. But, they are 3. I doubt it. And honestly I don’t really care. It’s just fun to do something cute and send it in. By send it in I mean having my husband haul it in each morning at drop off. Again, a dream come true.

The snack……well let’s just say it’s one piece. It will have brown, yellow, and orange on it. Can anyone guess what I am making? I’m sure you could if you tried. I mean what Caroline is making. She’s my helper!



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